GOProud’s LaSalvia Says Romney Will Bring Gays Jobs, Dates: VIDEO


It's clear by now that marriage equality is not high on GOProud leader Jimmy LaSalvia's list of political priorities. LaSalvia said in Junes that liberals and Democrats talk about the issue because it's a welcome "distraction" from more bread and butter concerns.

CNN's Piers Morgan wanted more explanation, though, and asked LaSalvia, "How can you really support a ticket which is so resolutely opposed not just to gay marriage but to most gay rights?: In response, LaSalvia offered this:

Here's the deal… The answer is you gotta have a date before you get married. Everyone knows you can't get a date without a job. … Gay Americans are living in the Obama economy and that's the reality that all voters are facing when they go into the voting booth.

Odd, I know unemployed people who go on dates. They're not fancy dates, but they are dates.

Watch video of LaSalvia's remarks AFTER THE JUMP.