HRC President Explains FRC’s ‘Hate’ Status as NOM Fundraises by Accusing ‘Gay Activists’ of Attempted Murder

Human Rights Campaign PResident Chad Griffin writes an op-ed in the Washington Post discussing the Corkins shooting and why the Family Research Council is labeled a hate group:

GriffinIt is not unexpected that, when such incidents occur, people want to understand them and question why someone could be so callous with human life. But the logic that the Southern Poverty Law Center or LGBT organizations are to blame is preposterous, outrageous and irresponsible. No matter one’s political views, we can all agree that acts of violence are never justified and should always be condemned.

Designating the Family Research Council a hate group has nothing to do with disagreements about marriage equality, nondiscrimination laws or any other policy debate. The real issue is the Family Research Council’s well-documented and continuous pattern of hateful rhetoric.

For a long list of FRC's hateful rhetoric, look HERE.

Griffin concludes: "We welcome the calls for reasoned discourse about LGBT equality. But that discussion must be predicated on truth, not demonization. No right-thinking person can believe a difference of opinion is license to do harm. At least on that, all of us can agree."

BrownMeanwhile, the National Organization for Marriage is fundraising off the shooting, using the line: 'We're not going to allow gay activists to get away with attempted murder!'

Writes Jeremy Hooper: "He is seriously laying the attempted act of one crazed person at the feet of me, you, and anyone who debates on the side of civil marriage equality. That is not an overstatement. Brian Brown, National Organization For Marriage president (i.e. the man leading all four state ballot fights), just said "We're not going to allow gay activists to get away with attempted murder!" as if that is what "gay activists™" want/seek. His attempted conflation is as obvious as it is dangerous and it is outrageous! Oh, and by the way Brian—virtually every LGBT activist I know is either fine with or insistent that Floyd Corkins' act of violence be investigated as a hate crime! Remember, we are the ones who argued in favor of bias-motivated crimes being investigated for what they are. FRC is the organization that vehemently opposed the idea!"


  1. says

    I’m starting to think the shooter was planted by FRC/NOM so they could play the victim role for once. They really are getting tons of mileage out of this.
    Do they not see the irony, that their own hateful rhetoric could be linked to anti LGBT violence on a daily basis?

  2. ncman says

    What took HRC so long? They should have been out there with this the same day that Tony Perkins was out there blaming gays. HRC should have been on TV just as often and speaking just as loudly as FRC and NOM have been since last Wed when this happened. There was no reason at all for HRC to let the right wing have a 6 day head start on framing this story in the news media.

  3. MaddM@ says

    It’s because the HRC is lazy, they know that they are the unofficial mouthpiece of all queerdom and no one else is going to be in competition to take that place so they lollygag around about stuff like this. They should have come outbefore this got big with a very direct and clear condemnation, not wait a week

  4. simon says

    They are asking people for only $50?
    They should have a fund-raising dinner at chick-fil-A with a performance by Kirk Cameron. At least the “donors” get something back.

  5. KT says

    Its great the HRC finally got around to doing something though. Too bad Dana Milbank and the conservative columnist whose name I can’t be bothered to remember already published two columns last week challenging the “hate group moniker”. Better late than never I guess.

  6. Rob robertss2009 says

    Look for more and more “attacks” on bigoted hate groups like the FRC and NOM by “gays” … Their lies and demonization are no longer working, so all they have to play is the “victim” card and they get great mileage out of this. Brian Brown and NOM are sad, impotent and pathetic.

  7. Diogenes Arktos says

    “[A]ccording to numerous press reports, … Corkins spent his formative years in a conservative Christian school with a very strict anti-homosexual policy.”

    Why has the Religious Right ignored this?

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