Guilty Plea In Anti-Gay Michigan Hate Crime Case

StophatingThe prosecution didn't need to rest in the case against 36-year old Everett Dwayne Avery, because Avery admitted yesterday that he indeed attacked another man for being gay.

Justin Snow at Metro Weekly provides the details:

Everett Dwayne Avery of Detroit admitted to striking a fellow customer in the face in a Detroit convenience store in March 2011 because of the man’s perceived sexuality. Avery's assault resulted in numerous facial injuries to the victim, including the fracturing of the victim’s eye socket.

In a statement released today, the Department of Justice confirmed that the 36-year-old Avery had pleaded guilty to the federal hate crimes charge.

Avery is scheduled to be sentenced Nov. 28 and faces a maximum of 10 years in prison.

"Hate-fueled incidents have no place in a civilized society," said Thomas E. Perez, assistant attorney general for the Civil Rights Division. "The Justice Department is committed to using all the tools in our law enforcement arsenal, including the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, to prosecute acts of violence motivated by hate."

This is the second such case to be tried under the 2009 hate crimes law. The first, out of Kentucky, is ongoing.


  1. Kevin M says

    I say this as a biracial man, but we as a black community really need to start adressing some of this anti gay – hip hop fueled, street cred fueled, machismo fueled- hate happening in our streets. Enough is enough, and it’s enough of calling everyone racist who dares point out obvious observations. Black straight men overwhelmingly have an issue with overt hommosexuality. Most straight men do, but pretending like it’s not less tolerated by black men is just fooling ourselves, and HURTING OUR OWN GAY BLACK BROTHERS AND SISTERS. I say this as one. Here in Atlanta, a young black gay boy was beaten to near death by a group of black men. That wasn’t some isolated incident either. The black gay community actually defended the attackers, and worked with their lawyers to get them off!! Much to the dismay of the young black gay victim. I mean really now.

    I’m sick of black LGBT ignoring this. It’s HURTING US. and the not so rich gay blacks who can’t afford to just “move outta the hood” they just have to live in daily resentment.

  2. says

    @ Kevin M
    I applaud you for speaking honestly and from the heart, with matter of fact personal experiences.
    You’ll be called all kinds of names, racist and a sell out, but your truth was spoken and that’s all that should matter for you.

  3. Austinite says

    Before someone states we don’t know the attacker was black, actually back in 2011 his pictured was posted. And he is. Does that make his crime any worse or better? no. But it does reaffirm acknowledging a larger problem that often goes ignored because we’re told to shut up and ignore it, or risk not being politically correct. Even if it comes at the cost of consistently losing gay lives.

  4. Mendoza says

    Here’s a question that many of my middle eastern, asian, hispanic gay friends and I discuss…

    If the gay community were to target the black community in as many anti black related hate crimes, as we read the black community target the gay community in anti gay related crimes in…would the same gay black individuals who demand we not point out black homophobia, also ignore gay racism? I mean, gay black folks call gay people racist for REACTING to growing epdemeic of blacks attacking us throughout this country. Us even pointing it out or wanting to dicuss it gets us called racist. Imagine if we were behind as many anti black hate crimes as black are behind anti gay hate crimes.

    The same people trying to silence you and call you racist for daring to even discuss black homophobia, would be out with torches calling for the execution of all gays. And if you don’t think that’s a double standard, you need to open your eyes. The black gay community has decided they will ignore or defend black homophobia and non black gays have NO right to react to black homophobia.

  5. IonMusic says

    Amen! well said. Had not thought about it that way. I hate that we’re told as a community we’re not allowed to have an honest and real conversation about homophobia that’s specific to different demographics. I find it calculating that the black community constantly requests white people to have an honest and ongoing conversation about race and racism, but the gay community is not allowed to ask the black community for an honest and ongoing conversation about homophobia in the black community.

  6. Yelp Fanatic says

    Everyone and anyone who doesn’t put their head in the sand toward homophobia within young, black, straight men will be called a troll. So this whole powow is a moot point. These topics always end with a majority of African merican posters logging on, refusing to admit there’s a problem, call you a racist for pointing out the problem, then say you’re just trolling. So you all are just wasting your times. Better to have these conversation with your circle of friends. I know I do. Enough with playing stupid. Time to get real.

  7. Traveler says

    From my experiences; yes, homophobia can be found in every group of people, Asian, white males, white females, islamic, jewish, but there’s varrying forms of homophobia, and sorry, but the truth is, for the most part black homophobia consists of a homophobic mentality that is far less tolerant of even the presence of gays. That to me is worse than just denying me gay marriage. To actually attack me physically for assuming I’m gay is beyond homophobic, it’s intolerance for gays.

  8. BenR says

    LOL, I love how MOST comments here have said “You’ll be attacked by EVERYONE for saying X on this site!” and yet no one has been attacking anyone for saying X.

  9. BenR says

    LOL, I love how MOST comments here have said “You’ll be attacked by EVERYONE for saying X on this site!” and yet no one has been attacking anyone for saying X.

  10. jason says

    Black music culture – which is supported and financed by liberals – is extremely homophobic. Unfortunately, we in the gay community have failed for many years to criticize this culture because we didn’t want to be seen to be anti-black.

    This state of affairs demonstrates that we have allowed political correctness to dictate our responses to society. We fear attacking a black homophobe, we fear attacking a female homophobe…all because we don’t wish to be seen to be racist or misogynist.

    I often get criticized for pointing this out but I’ve had enough, truth be told. I will criticize anyone and everyone who demonstrates homophobic attitudes. I will call out blacks, women, straights and, yes, fellow gays.

  11. KL says

    Well Said Kevin M. Brutally honest but brutally accurate. I wish more black LGBT were concerned and involved and making that mental shift within their own happen. It can’t come from asian, arab, latino, caucasian, indian LGBT. It has to come from within.

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