Harris Poll Shows Obama Support Slips 6 Points Among LGBT Voters

ObamagaypinIf President Obama thought coming out for marriage equality would clinch the LGBT vote, he thought wrong. A new poll shows support among self-identified LGBT voters has dropped by at least 6 points since 2008.

Via The Washington Blade:

A new national poll of likely LGBT voters indicates that support for President Obama has dropped to 67 percent, a decline of at least six percentage points since 2008.

Gays and lesbians, same as all voters, are most concerned about the economy, jobs and unemployment, according to a Harris Interactive poll commissioned by Logo TV released on Aug. 21. Only nine percent of us rank “gay rights in general” as being most important, with marriage equality rated that way by a mere six percent.

While two-thirds of LGBT voters plan to vote to re-elect Obama, nearly 1-in-4 would be more likely to vote for Romney if he held the same positions as the president on same-sex marriage and other LGBT issues.

It’s possible, notes journo Mark Lee, that this decreased support for Obama among LGBT voters may be that many LGBT people are small business owners and that only 35% of small business owners are backing the president’s reelection bid.


  1. Homo Genius says

    I think it also depends on the age range of the respondents. Boomers, IMO, are likely to not care about “rights” and what not as much as younger gays.

  2. Jerry says

    I genuinely wonder what these LGBT people think Obama might have done for them that he didnt. And how much they think Romney might do for them in return.

  3. Jakeinlove says

    Homo Genius makes perfect sense. I live here in AZ and it’s amazing to see how many Republican Gays that don’t like Obama here.
    I think they suffer from sun-stroke because they’re more worried about their family’s money, meaning what they stand to get as inheritance, more than actual rights for themselves. Oh there’s that other thing (whisper: he’s black).

  4. Brendan says

    Maybe it’s me…and it well could be, but… How is it that an LGBT person would not think about their rights as Americans as the most important issue. It can affect every other aspect of their lives, especially in states that do not protect them from discrimination.
    Your personal economy, your job and your taxes are all affected by your rights, or lack thereof.
    I do agree with some of the fiscal conservative concepts that are normally the mainstay of Repulican politics (but Mittens and P90X Ryan are nuts and too far right for me), but I will NEVER vote for someone who does not believe that I am an equal citizen of this country.

  5. Alex Parrish says

    This result is counter-intuitive and does not state a margin-of-error or sample-size. A poll commissioned by LOGO is somewhat suspect in its sample population anyway. I am dubious of this result.

  6. johnny says

    IF the question was posed with the qualifier:

    “more likely to vote for Romney if he held the same positions as the president on same-sex marriage and other LGBT issues”

    …then it’s an idiotic poll. We all know that’s not the case, so why even ask that kind of question?

  7. Luke says

    @Homo genius, you got it twisted genius, it’s the other way around. Older gays are MORE likely to care about our rights than younger gays because they have been through much worse discrimination than we face today.

  8. AJ says

    I agree. It’s a stupid misleading question. This hardly warrants as news. Mittens and p90X are such nutbags I am not above punching any of my gay friends in the nose if they even DARE to tell me they are voting for them because of their “money”. Obama ain’t perfect, but he’s not Satan either. And let’s not forget that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was repealed on his watch. If McCain had been there, it would NEVER have happened. Mittens, P90X and the Tealiban will have us in camps before they’re done.


    I’m a democrat not because of gay rights issues (although, of course, that is my #1 deciding factor at the moment) but because of the rest of the platform. Even after the Supreme Court affords us our dignity (gee thanks), I will still vote for the party which supports social services, women’s rights, environmental protection, gun control, universal health care and all the other non-gay things that I believe a decent human being should support. I think these important issues are getting overshadowed by the sensationalist pearl-clutching tactics of recent politics.

  10. say what says

    Harris poll is a freaking internet poll

    = BS…seriously an internet poll is the source

    ROFLMAO bad reporter bad bad reporter No one ever uses an internet poll….they always get freeped and no real reporter ever sites an internet poll. The Washington blade needs to fire the guy

    Nate Silver has Obama 300.04 electoral votes (need 270 to win) and romney at 237.6 with romney to win all 3 fl, va, and ohio yet all 3 are Obama ahead

    Nate has Obama at 70.4% chance of win if election today and the dem convention bounce hasn’t even happened yet

  11. Alex Parrish says

    I repeat — but this bears repeating: A pole without a sample-size or margin-of error is automatically suspect. The fact that it is an on-line pole would lead one to believe that the results are subject to trolling/spamming as well, and there is no mention of any safeguards in the article. This news is a non-starter and should be ignored.

  12. say what says

    I messed up on 1 part

    the incorporated ins ingapore

    that was a company harris acquired in 2007

    LOL I need coffee

    but Harris is an internet pollster = LOL

  13. rick says

    It is beyond my comprehension that any gay or lesbian person would vote for Romney, or not vote for Obama. I guess if you have Romney type money you’re somewhat shielded from discrimination, but don’t be so sure. As “DisgustedAmerican” said, my rights are more important than anything else. If you have no rights, what difference does anything else make?

  14. antb says

    thank you Say What and Alex P for clarifying what this poll is and where it came from.

    Andrew B, why is a non-credible poll worth littering up the page, exactly?

  15. Derrick from Philly says

    When it comes to the economy I’ve never heard Romney explain what he would have done differently over the last 3 years. How he could have gotten us out of the mess his party left us in. (‘course I couldn’t stand but so much of those dreadful Republican debates) Do any of his supporters who come here to this blog have any idea?

  16. MarkUs says

    Gee, successful businessgays who don’t want a friggen socialist with his hands in our wallets. What a concept.

    Racism racism racism racism racism racism. Did you know Chris Matthews has now stated saying “Chicago politics” is now racist? It’s all the libs have left, and they are panicked. But guess what, name calling? We don’t give a sh!t.

  17. MarkUs says

    As I’ve stated before, history will record “They think they worked so hard! They didn’t build that!” and his mocking tone was the point of no return for him. He slit his own throat. Un-re-electable. F-U, jackass.

  18. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    They may have gotten the current percent right (67%), but this article is wrong about a drop of 6%. That would mean that Obama got 73% in 2008, which is not true. Obama got 70% of the LGBT vote in 2008, and this is well documented. That means there has only been a drop of 3% from 2008.

    @ Markus: F-U yourself, jackass.

  19. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    @ Markus,

    Here is Obama’s original quote, jackass:

    “If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.”

  20. says

    President Obama supporting marriage for our community was a massive blow to the mentalities of the gay white boys who simply cannot fathom that a black democrat with a foreign-sounding name officially has done more for them than their own white families and communities ever have, or ever will.

  21. Vlad says

    And Obama was completely right that no one is entirely “self-made.” But many Americans consistently refuse to listen to any basic logic that contradicts their delusions of “individualism.”

  22. This is not a poll says

    This is not a poll, it’s panel. The participants are identified and they elect to join the panel. While Harris believes its data from this panel represents the broader community, Harris concedes in its marketing material that this may not be the case. The best thing we can say about the data presented here is that it represents the views of the panel, not the wider community.

  23. Dana says

    There is no such thing as an “LGBT voter” because there is no such thing as LGBT. There are LGB voters and there are trangender voters. Lumping them together as if they are one is a fraud.

  24. Johnny says

    Nobody in their right mind would vote for Obama. Most gay rights are legislated at the state level. The country is going over the financial cliff and soon. Romney knows how to write policies that will lead to job creation. He is a proven and outstanding businessman. Go see the movie 2016: Obama’s America before you vote. If you want to vote for Obama after seeing that documentary, then you are most certainly devoid of common sense.

  25. krystoff says

    It’s also possible that some GLBTs, like me, are disappointed with Obama’s record concerning environmental issues. His approval of the southern half of the Keystone XL Pipeline was a HUGE and irreversible mistake…and that’s just the most recent dropped ball. His negligence on environmental issues made me look seriously at the Green Party, and come to find out their support for GLBT rights/issues is spot on. Why play by the two party rules? If anyone can make a third party fashionable, it’s the gays.

  26. says

    “Romney knows how to write policies that will lead to job creation.”

    You mean the policies that got us into this huge recession?
    And why doesn’t he tell us what those policies are?

    Under Obama, some 4.5 million private sector jobs have been created in 29 months. That’s not bad. And no doubt much better than if Republicans had been in charge. It’s only their obstruction in Congress that has prevented the recovery from working better.

  27. Icebloo says

    This is exactly the reason we have almost no legal rights in the USA. Gay people are STUPID. We don’t deserve equality until we have educated our own community.

    Obama has been THE MOST pro-gay President in history and STILL the self-hating gays, the racist gays and the plain stupid gays will not support him.

    Some people are just not smart enough to be allowed to vote.

  28. Icebloo says

    @ SAM – I too would love Hillary to run but she will be too old. She has been talking about retiring soon. America messed up big time when they didn’t elect her President. Unfortunately they believed the right wing media machine. Let’s hope they don’t get sucked in again this time and vote for rabid Romney.

  29. Jack says


    If nobody is entirely self-made, then let the people who want to try to be self-made fail, and everyone else can band together and raise themselves collectively and sing kumbaya.

    Or, people will voluntarily help each other out, leading to the same success, and be much happier than if the government forced them to help each other out inefficiently, wrongfully lining the pockets of the political elite and well-connected in the process.

    Freedom to choose never hurt anyone. Lack of choice leads to inefficiency and unhappiness.

  30. Ken says

    “Most gay rights are legislated at the state level”

    How can people be so ill informed as to believe this? Just look at the marriage issue. DOMA is a FEDERAL law. Same sex marriages in states are almost worthless until DOMA is repealed. In the end most of these issues will be decided by our Federal Supreme Court. What would the court look like today if Obama had lost in 2008? There would be a zero chance Prop 8 or DOMA would be ruled unconstitutional.

  31. andrew says

    Any LGBT person who doesn’t vote for Obama/Biden is in my, not so humble, opinion a self destructive fool. It is the modern democratic party, with all its flaws, that has fought the good fight for workers & union members, African Americans, women, the lower and middle classes, immigrants, Hispanic Americans and last but not least LGBT people. The republican party has been draged kicking and screaming to reluctantly support some of these folks while constantly trying to protect the privileged upper classes. Its a no brainer folks: OBAMA/BIDEN.

  32. EchtKultig says

    JakeinLove and HomoGenius are right on the money…no pun intended. I know a number of 50+ gay men who consider themselves “libertarian” and/or Republican. They are coupled and happy with their domestic arrangement, they don’t see marriage as being as big an issue as younger gays do.
    And yes, a lot of them also don’t like Obama because he’s black, just like the 50+ heterosexuals who consider themselves members of the “tea party”. They are financially well off and consider “protecting” their assets more important than protecting their rights. They forget that if it weren’t for taxes they’d be living in a 3rd world country…but…oh well. Proof that gay and lesbian people can be just as stupid as anybody else.

    FWIW, I haven’t used a land line in 6 years. And I’m in my 30s. Did this poll manage to reach anybody in their 20s?

  33. EchtKultig says

    Ohhh…now I see it’s an online poll. That’s even worse, statistically speaking! I’ve never seen one targeting the gay community, and if I did I’d ignore it.

  34. TSG says

    At 51 yo, I’ve seen enough recessions that I know that nothing the government does is going to fix the economy. It will fix itself when people get enough confidence to start spending money. I vote based on my rights and other social issues that the government (for better or worse) does have influence over.

  35. andrew says

    @Icebloo: “WE have almost no legal rights in the USA”, Other than Little Kiwi you are one of the most intemperate posters on this site. Other than some Western Democracies in what country would you as a gay person choose to live?

  36. andrew says

    Little Kiwi use to spend his rants accusing his opponents of having no balls, because he thinks courage is located in the testicles. Now he is spending his bile attacking the family’s of gay folks he disagrees with. He is as loathsome as Rick, Ratbastard, Jason and all the demagogues who rant, left and right, on this site.

  37. Macmantoo says

    As a 65 year old gay guy, my rights are at the top of the list. Economy will straighten itself out but rights as a gay has been ONE HELL OF LONG TIME COMING.

  38. andrew says

    Little Kiwi and many other ranters on this site constantly refer to Mr Obama as a “black president”. That is an insult to his Irish American mother who bore him and to his Irish American grandparents who helped raise him. He is a mixed race man with Africa and Europe deep in his DNA.

  39. says

    Obama is a poor president and not worthy of relection, and I say that as someone who voted for him previously. Many of the people here supporting him and demanding you do too because of gay rights are NOT even big on gay rights themselves. many of these posters have posted anti gay viewpoints. So which begs the question, are they now using gay rights as a means to manipulate you into voting for Obama? I feel it’s mainly black gays telling us to vote for Obama because he’s black, and sorry, I’m brown (hispanic) myself, but black gays are usually the most resistent and indifferent toward gay rights. and they just want to see Obama reelcted because he shares the same race as them

  40. says

    I’m voting for Romney. Change & Hope was all silly talk, and frankly, Romney is playing conservative to get his base going, but I don’t believe he’s THAT conservative. Go romney!

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