Human Rights Campaign Directs $1 Million to Four States with Marriage Equality Ballot Measures


The Human Rights Campaign is sending $250,000 apiece to Maine, Washington, Maryland, and Minnesota to help with ballot measures in each of those states, Politico reports:

The HRC funds, which are being unveiled Monday, are $250,000 apiece for Maine, Washington, Maryland and Minnesota, all of which have ballot measures in November on gay marriage.

Officials said there will be more spending coming, and that it makes the total spent by HRC in 2011 and 2012 on marriage-related efforts to $4.8 million.

"These ballot measures are the critical issues in November for our community, besides re-electing the president" and a small handful of specific races, said HRC's Michael Cole-Schwartz. "And part of why they're a big deal is because our opponents have rightfully had the talking points that all of these states have banned marriage for same-sex couples (in the past)."

Maine is the only state with a ballot measure that would legalize same-sex marriage. Washington and Maryland are fighting repeals of laws passed in 2011. And Minnesota is battling a consitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage.


  1. anthony says

    @Tom, where’s your evidence for that? HRC has a field department that gets involved in every ballot measure and has done so for many, many years. Additionally, the HRC PAC regularly gives money to candidates and groups, and has done so for many years. I’m not sure what the basis for “it’s about time” is. This is a normal part of the work HRC does.

  2. PDX Guy says

    Looks like the new leadership at HRC is slowly pulling its collective head out of its collective ass. I am still not ready to support them in anything yet, since their main objective for years has been to suck up to the DC crowd rather than really work for equal rights, but will continue to watch.

  3. NVTodd says

    YOU can donate to help make Maine the first state that passes same sex marriage by popular vote. This is the second attempt, last time the difference was a mere 6,000 votes in a state of about a million people…

    PLEASE get out your credit card and donate today and help counteract some of that Mormon money flowing into the state, again.

    The last defeat was SO CLOSE and SO CRUSHING. This is a big deal, and YOU can help make history…

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