1. jason says

    London is not a gay-friendly city. You might see two men walking down a street hand-in-hand in perhaps one or two gay areas but generally it is a gay-hostile city.

    As for gay marriage, why have the supposedly open-minded Brits been so late to accept it? There are 6 states in the USA which have had it for at least a couple of years.

  2. G.I. Joe says

    Don’t feed the troll (=Jason).

    It’s nice to see Johnson so firmly and clearly for it, although he always seemed gay friendly. Another conservative for marriage. I’m not conservative but I think it’s important.

  3. Diogenes Arktos says

    The Brits have had civil partnerships equivalent to marriage since 2005. The problem with allowing marriage is the establishment Church of England and the repercussions it would have throughout the Anglican Communion. The Anglican Communion ranges from a liberal US church (The Episcopal Church) to a very conservative set of African churches such as in Uganda. (Remember Uganda? A couple of years ago it wanted to make homosexual acts a capital crime.)

  4. Siobhan says

    Jason..The USA may have a small proportion of states that allow civil union and in some cases marriage to same sex partners (I don’t like using the term gay marriage because it differentiates it from conventional marriage) but there is NO federal recognition for those unions meaning it is pretty much null and void when it comes to equality. The UK however does support and afford its citizens rights equal to those rights of people in conventional marriage even though the union is not called marriage. As for London not being a gay friendly city I cannot confirm nor deny that claim but the USA is by no means as a whole a gay friendly country, and a lot of states because of their political affiliations and religious views continually fight to deny gay people equal rights, and have a high amount of hate crimes perpetuated against the LGBTQ community. One of the things the UK can be proud of as a progressive country is that it doesn’t align itself with religious beliefs to deny a minority equality under the law.

  5. says

    @ Siobhan :
    I totally agree; London is a hell of a lot more gay friendly than many parts of the USA.
    And no, “gay friendly” is not defined as being able to hold hands walking down the street !…..for phuck’s sake !
    And when the USA adheres to the norms of recognition of foreign marriages there will be some semblance of a gay friendly USA, but while this country still thumbs its nose at foreign marriages the USA cannot be described as gay-friendly.

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