1. Gigi says

    Indeed. He’s in a tough spot. A spot in which he needn’t be if he weren’t trying so hard to turn the United States into Rethuglistan.

  2. Brian says

    Really Kirk? That’s what you think this is about? Two words? Yeah, the two words were horrible. But to think this man is in the position he’s in, yet thinks that the female body has some built in mechanism that makes her not get pregnant from a rape, that’s what this is about. That wasn’t an unfortunate choice of words, that’s a flawed way of thinking. And that’s even aside the debate of a rape victim being forced to carry her rapists baby.

  3. Blake says

    Hey idiot, you are going to be remembered as a homo-hostile tool! So why does reputation matter to you?

  4. Kenneth says

    What’s wrong Kirk? Were you afraid your ignorance and irrelevance weren’t well enough established?

  5. peterparker says

    I would really like to put my cock in Kirk Cameron’s mouth if only to shut him up for awhile.

  6. peterparker says

    I would really like to put my cock in Kirk Cameron’s mouth if only to shut him up for awhile.

  7. luminum says

    Two words, sure. But what explains his utter lack of education about basic human biology? Humans aren’t kangaroos. They can’t magically pause their pregnancies on a whim.

  8. MaddM@ says

    it’d be nice to know if republicans are really adept at reframing arguments or if they’re really that stupid…

    Surely no one would be upset because a man on the science committee lacks some basic knowledge of human anatomy and physiology

  9. Rob says

    As Rachel Maddow so clearly demonstrated Akin’s comment was in a long line of teh disgusting Reublican rhetoric of tyring to blame the victim and claim if she got pregnant then it wasn’t “real rape” and she got what she desrved. So, yes, fine – let’s judge Akin by his whole career – that whole career of wanting to refuse abortion for victims of rape and incest. It curdles my stomach.

    Besides, wht’a Kirk doing jumping into this, I thought he was packing for the Rapture?

  10. says

    Huh ?
    “Two words”…….I thought what I heard was nonsensical medical theory coupled with an attempt to undermine the definition of rape in common law that has stood since long before the USA was even founded or ‘discovered’.
    What part of “rape” needs redefinition ?
    Especially by maggots such as Akin and Ryan .

  11. rick says

    How did he “use the wrong words”? Akin made an absurd statement about a woman’s reproductive capacity shutting down in the case of “legitimate rape”. That is just untrue and he should have known it. Kirk now joins Victoria Jackson in the washed up pseudo celebrities said outrageous things category.

  12. says

    Obama is right “Rape is Rape”; Rape: “take away by force”; Democrats in the closet rapists?

    Akin makes one mistake and told to drop out, while most make a dozen mistakes and told forgive them. But Todd Akin that didn’t rape is worse than the rapist by many.The Republicans are lately being guilty of hypocrisy. Anyone casting the first stone?

    People are swayed by what the media says and for the GOP to not have a backbone speaks volumes, and can be seen as worse than the Democrats. The GOP burned many republicans by pushing for the most far left candidate in the presidential race, and they are burning the rest of their base to not be united like the Democrats.

    Even some top left leaning news sites are making rape jokes which that is considered perfectly acceptable to them? Hypocrisy.

  13. Jack M says

    Just what Akin needs, Kirk Cameron to go on TV and defend him. They are both headed to obscurity on a speeding rollercoaster.

  14. Andy says

    Who are the people who are putting this no-talent has-been on the air to spout his irrelevant opinions?

    While we’re at it, let’s find out what Tina Yothers thinks about climate change, who Malcolm Jamal-Warner is endorsing for president, and Tootie from Facts of Life’s opinion of the Higgs Boson particle.

  15. XYZ says

    Back in his glory days, he was a pain in the ass and made a lot of troubles to those who was working with exactly due to this sexual orientation. Big trouble trying to follow nature’s call and trying to play straight for the sheeple….