1. danielw says

    I’ve always liked these two, individually and together, but I like them even more now.

  2. Caliban says

    Hmmm. In the movies I’ve seen him in, Dax Shepard is usually cast as a smarmy jerk, a bad guy. I know actors aren’t who they play but when you see someone in that type of role often enough you start to think of them actually being that way. It’s nice to know he’s actually a great guy.

  3. Icebloo says

    I don’t believe any of these straight people who say they won’t get married until gay people can get married.

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie said the same thing yet I am betting they will be married before the end of the year.

    Charlize Theron said she was not getting married because gay people could not get married than a few months later she changed her mind and she wasn’t getting married because she had never seen a successful marriage so she didn’t see the point.

    They are all liars. They are just using the gays to get our money.

  4. Wil says

    What’s with the Pitt/Jolie bashing? They aren’t even married yet. This is the sort of highly subjective editorial tone which makes me wish Andy didn’t pass the reins.

  5. Otkon says

    She is an absolute doll despite her seething hatred of a certain late night gay robot skeleton. And he’s kinda cute in a dopey surfer sorta way. They’re good folk.

  6. andrew says

    I’ve loved her since Veronica Mars and now I love her more – I just hope they stick to it.

  7. testington says

    I adore her, she is a doll! I followed her on twitter for a while and she is very active in support gay rights and animal rights, awesome gal.

    In Brad and Angie’s defense they did say more than once that they would only get married if their kids wanted them to, they said that like two years ago.

  8. bornready2 says

    OMG! I posted before I had seen both clips! She is the CUTEST thing ever with her obession with sloths… LOL

  9. SR says

    I’m glad that they are nice enough human beings that they support gay marriage, but they are still annoying. (And as Nico said, insufferable.)

  10. mynameisstolen says

    There was a blind item a while ago that pointed to them being already married but hiding it.

  11. says

    Good for them.

    If interracial marriage became outlawed…. 90% of people would NOT getting married and many would question the principles of those who would. Gay marriage not being legal is a national travesty and more people should be invested. Passionately so.

    I salute these two beautiful actors

  12. andrew says

    Their heart is in the right place. They are good people. But the idea that they won’t marry until gay people have the right to marry is just silly. Why not refuse to eat an adequate diet until all the children of the world are properly nourished?

  13. grant says

    They’re choosing to make a statement which just might make people who never even considered how wrong marriage inequality is to actually think about it. That’s a good thing.

  14. Blake says

    I do not see the point of them or others not getting married until equality is achieved.

    It is a sweet gesture, but there are better things they could do to support the cause.

  15. daws says

    Omg, bring back Veronica Mars! Kristen is awesome and that sloth video is sooooo adorable! I’d probably have the same reaction if I ever see a gibbon. Kudos to the cute couple :)

  16. says

    Howdy Dax and Kristen. We’d like to host your upcoming wedding @ our Deep in the Heart of Texas (Brownwood) Deli. We’ll take care of the food, the flowers and the venue. Maybe Tom Ford, Brownwood/Texas inspired designer, can take care of the attire!

    We honor Andrew Wilfahrt by working for marriage equality every day!