1. jason says

    Yawn, yet another female hack extending her marketing into fragrances. Almost all of these silly females are doing it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: these women are multi-media attention seekers. Most of them don’t give a rat’s about our rights. They simply want to make money.

  2. Rrhain says

    Hate it. Not because of any animosity about Lady Gaga (ahem…Jason) or insecurity in my masculinity (ahem…Rick)…but simply because it isn’t a good video.

    No structure, no point, too many quick cuts. It has no connection to the item being sold or the emotional reaction the product is trying to evoke. The only connection to the product itself is the fact that it is black, but the imagery of the black goo gives the impression that applying the product will leave a black stain upon your skin.

    The whole concept needs a rewrite.

  3. Miguel R says

    RRHAIN- Agreed- This video wants so desperately to be “artsy.” But a bunch of hot bodies in black leather and black oil isn’t artsy. There must be an idea. And as you rightly point out, there are too many quick cuts. That shot where she is walking between two lines of hunky men should have been the basis of the commercial. It should have had a single shot, which could have been interrupted by quick cuts. Of course, this would have risked being too similar to her much more successful “Bad Romance” video. But cannibalizing your own work (or that of Matthew Barney) is much better than pretending that exploding sunglasses is somehow interesting.
    My advice to Gaga- Hire some people whose concept of art is not limited to the display window at Barney’s; or embrace campy vulgarity. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  4. redball says

    @Miguel…well, it’s a variation on her themes of fame, the fear of fame, and the different types of monsters that personify the fears and personal struggles of the artist seeking fame

    i love that she continues to develop the ideas that connect her oeuvre, adding layer upon layer as the years go on!!

  5. Christopher says

    Hey dummies, read the title:




    It has quick cuts because it is the teaser trailer of the full length campaign

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