1. Michael says

    So should it be “devastated DEMOCRATS”?

    I fear this election, if it’s as close as people think it’s going to be, will be stolen by the GOP because of these harmful laws. This will be about the last election that the GOP can rely on it’s white-voter-base anyway.

  2. dave says

    It’s not unreasonable to demand proof of identity to receive a ballot. How else do you prevent fraudulent voting? How do you stop people from voting twice or foreign nationals from taking part in an election that they have no right. Photo ID is the only reasonable solution.

  3. Guest says

    @Dave –

    First, there’s no evidence that voter impersonation fraud exists at any significant level.

    Second, this isn’t about voter ID laws. It’s about voter registration procedures.

  4. Alex Parrish says

    In-person voter-fraud is so uncommon as to be almost non-existant. This is a solution in search of a problem. It is actually blatant voter-supression and the courts are finally beginning to weigh-in on it, beginning with striking–down Texas’ new law today.

  5. Guest says

    So this begs the question: What is it about the way Republicans are getting registered to vote that enabled them to keep occurring at the same level? Clearly there’s something different about either the way R and D voter turnout groups operate, or something different about individual R and D voter registration behavior.

  6. says

    When a “voter fraud” case came up in the WA State gubernatorial race, brought by Dino Rossi, he found one of the most conservative venues. And still, the judge tossed the case with prejudice—that means there wasn’t even enough evidence of fraud to come to court.

    Why do conservatives think it’s OK to lie?

  7. elegir says

    Question for an American reader: Do people who registered in 2008 need to re-register in 2012 again? If not, then clearly the extra 100,000 Dem registrants in ’08 (thanks to Obama’s popularity) don’t need to reregister – explaining part of the precipitous drop.

  8. Ken says

    I’d be interested in seeing this graph carried back a few more years and one that shows trends in states without the more restrictive laws. Democratic registration surged all over the country due to the unpopularity of George W. Bush in 2004 and 2008. I changed mine from Independent to Democrat in 2004. Now with Obama in charge and the economy so bad in Florida, you’d expect a Republican surge. I don’t buy that this is due to the new laws.

  9. LincolnLounger says

    If you don’t believe voter fraud exists, I invite you to come to Illinois. Perhaps Alexander County, where there are more people registered than citizens who live in the overwhelmingly Democratic county. Or maybe the documented cases of fraud in Metro East area of St. Louis. Or we could travel north to Cook County and Chicago.

    So “burdensome”. So “onerous”. So vicious. What a load of crap. Try to get through life without an i.d., but somehow preserving the integrity of our electoral process is just a racist plot by the GOP. Funny how wide majorities in polling support it.

    Let’s just call this what it is. Democrats want lax and loose laws so they can keep felons and non-citizens to continue to try and steal elections. That’s why they howl in protest at these common-sense laws.

  10. Guest says

    Lincolnlounger, you’ll have to do better than that.

    1. There are probably more registered voters than citizens in many jurisdictions, unless a registrar makes a particular effort to identify and remove deceased voters. Those numbers by themselves don’t tell us anything about voter fraud.

    2. Are there any documented cases – and if so, how many – of *in-person voter impersonation fraud* in Metro East St. Louis? I googled quickly and didn’t find any. Maybe you know better?

  11. Kevin says

    @Lincoln as a proud resident of Illinois please stop embarassing us with your conspiracies. Facts show there are few to 0 cases of reported vote fraud in Il.

    Poll Taxes are illegal. Requiring an id that can cost upwards of $75 in some states is a poll tax designed to stop the poor from voting.

  12. andrew says

    Make no mistake about it the republicans are in the process of stealing this election. I think that they will likely achieve their goal. Even though I am a pessimist, I did respond to a letter I received today from Bill Clinton and sent a $200.00 check to “Obama for America”. I sent a check for $100.00 to the Obama campaign about 2 mos ago. Thats not a lot of money but it is close to the best I can afford. I would encourage the progressives who post on this site to flood the Obama campaign with as much money as they can spare. So that the progressive agenda continues.

  13. Icebloo says

    What do you expect ? Lazy and stupid Americans have stood by and let this happen in 17 states ! We have let the right wingers take over our courts so that even if we sued these corrupt officials and lawmakers we would not win because the Judges are all right wing too.

    Until lazy, stupid Americans STAND UP against this corruption nothing will change.

    Get off your asses, stop being brainwashed by TV and get out there and demand change !

  14. Bill says

    These numbers from the Jacksonville TImes Union are pure bunk and are a result of sloppy analysis. They do not represent the change in the number of NEW registered voters, but are merely the differences in total voter registration by party during the period. As a result, not only do they include new voter registrations, but voters who have left the voter roles for any number of reasons, such a moved, deceased, etc.

    If they had taken the time to look at voters who’s voter registration shows as during the period in question, they would have seen much different numbers:

    No Party: 211,359
    Democrat: 200,629
    Republican: 168,841
    Other: 26963

    Yes, the change in absolute voters by party should be a concern. But it can’t be laid at the feet of new voter registration, as Democrats are clearly outnumbering Republicans, as usual.

  15. Guest says

    Bill –

    Where do your numbers come from?

    Assuming your numbers are correct, someone still needs to explain what happened to 189,264 Democratic voters in the 2012 period. Clearly something changed.

  16. says

    There are a coupole of big lies in operation here.

    Lie 1. People can’t get id cards. They sure can get them to cash checks and do all sorts of things. Getting one is not difficult.

    Lie 2. Voter fraud is insignificant. When Acorn (or whatever their name is now) is registering Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse at non existing locations, it’s a problem.

    Lie 3. Voter registration is guaranteed, somehow the republicans sabotaged it. Acorn sabotaged itself, and the democratic party relied on them.

    Lie 4. Bush stole the election from Gore. If you go back and look at the results of the after election count by a liberal newspaper by the most extremely generous method the democrats were asking for, Bush actually GAINED votes, leading by 1600.

  17. Gregoire says

    Also, people confuse ‘proof of identification’ with ‘photo ID’. Everybody except the homeless have a proof of ID. Only those with cars have a photo ID. The state provides non-drivers photo IDs but you need to have a reason to get one. And if you’re elderly in a nursing home, for example, why have one?

    I think much is being made of this issue, however the fact remains — putting a requirement between a person and their most fundamental right has never been a good thing.

  18. say what says

    Dave the appeals courts are giving the repubs a way out but they refuse to take it

    supply free ids and free transportation to get to ids

    otherwise a poll tax

    something makes me think you care less about voter fraud and more about voter disenfranchisement

  19. says

    Voter fraud has never been an election deciding issue. This voter ID thing is requiring a “government sanctioned photo ID” which a hell of a lot of people do not have. They have other forms of photo ID, just not “government sanctioned” ones. This is the problem.

  20. LincolnLounger says

    Documented cases of election fraud in Illinois:

    I don’t have the time or energy to find the many documented cases of election fraud in Chicago and Cook County, where the dead enthusiastically vote Democrat early and often.

    Never mind that many of these states that now require i.d. to vote will allow voters to get an i.d. for free. Everybody has an i.d. or they couldn’t bank, fly, or get through life. It’s just that it makes it more difficult for the cheaters.

  21. andrew says

    @Icebloo: have you contributed any money to re-elect democrats this November. You can send your contribution to: Obama For America, PO Box 802798, Chicago Il 60680-4263

  22. Guest says

    Lincolnlounger, those aren’t responsive to my question: Do you have any documented instances of in-person voter impersonation fraud?

    That’s the only kind of vote fraud addressed by voter ID laws.

  23. V-8 says

    I don’t understand why groups supporting Democrats do not make “registration drives” where they take people without cars/money to get a driver’s license at their expense… is it illegal to do so?

    would an NGO giving money to people be illegal? I just see a lot fof complaining about these laws and a lot of litigation, but why is nobody willing to work around it as well?

  24. Derrick from Philly says

    It’s not as easy as simply registering and getting a photo voter ID card. Some states(like this sh.t azz state that I live in) have burdensome requirements to get the photo ID card–one of which is a birth certificate. Many elderly people and inner-city young people DO NOT HAVE A BIRTH CERTIFICATE. In many instances it cost money to attain a birth certificate. That makes the Republican voter ID laws a POLL TAX.

  25. TampaGary says

    what concerns me the most is the absentee ballot that allows a voter to mail in his ballot. Where is the photo ID there? They claim they match signatures….I guess Florida has hand writing experts on its staff. This is where the fraud comes in, dead people voting, multiple voting in various states, etc.

  26. A Learner says

    to Lincoln
    Quotes from the 2 links you included to “prove” voter fraud
    1) “During a three-day evidentiary hearing in June 2001, more than a dozen witnesses testified they were paid to vote and that vote-buying and vote fraud – particularly among absentee voters – was prevalent during the primary election.” So your first link was to two kinds of fraud, vote buying and fraud in absentee voting. No evidence that persons not eligible to vote were attempting to vote at the polls.

    2) “Prosecutors said the defendants schemed to buy votes with cash, cigarettes and liquor. Their case rested largely on secretly recorded audiotapes in which the defendants could be heard talking about paying $2, $5 or more per vote to get key Democrats elected in East St. Louis.” So this one was voter fraud as vote buying, not voter impersonation.

    These are examples of voter fraud, but not the kind of fraud that Voter ID’s will stop.

    IF there is evidence of the kind of voter fraud preventable by voter IDs, please produce it.

  27. dorothy says

    this is ashamed and i can’t believe this, how can the courts allow this to happen in 2012 this is not the 60’s. People need to get out with their signs and let the world know what happening in FL. maybe that will create some attention on the situation.

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