1. ggreen says

    Rachel gets to the point and makes clear the hypocrisy of the entire Republican party. Something the beltway gasbags would never do. Could you imagine Wolf Blitzer doing something so outrageous?

  2. Nick says

    Wolfie would know how to practice journalism if he was given a road map.

    Rachel and Frank- always a good interview.

  3. Dearcomrade says

    Akin needs to stay in the race. He is Claire McCaskill’s best hope of holding her Senate seat.

  4. say what says

    and the repub platform draft signed off by romney ryan has a call for an amendment to the constitution outlawing any and all abortions with no exceptions even for rape

  5. says

    If you get pregnant, you were not raped because a woman’s body rejects rape sperm, thus there need never be a rape exception to the abortion laws; any pregnant woman claiming rape is lying – she really wanted it. – the mainstream Republican view as exemplified by Akin (& endorsed more quietly by Romney & Ryan)

  6. jamal49 says

    Rachel Maddow, I love you. No b.s. No making sh*t up. Just the facts, facts and more facts about the GOP. Too bad more people like the LogCabinettes or the GoProudGirls or Jason or Rick or all the other republicon gaytoadies don’t watch you and learn. The GOP is poison. The GOP is a cancer on the American body politic. The GOP is a conglomeration of sedition, treason and hate. I pray this country will be saved from the GOP’s perfidy.

  7. Scott says

    Rachel Maddow is a national treasure. Between her, Chris Hayes and Ezra Klein, I feel REALLY good about progressives’ partisan pundits. Are Hannity, Limbaugh and Coulter really in the same league? I think not.

    By the way, don’t overestimate the Missouri electorate. The first post-legitimate-rape poll of his race shows him STILL AHEAD of Claire McCaskill. It’s near time to write off Missouri as red and focus on turning some states with burgeoning Latino populations (like Arizona and Texas).

  8. theotherlee says

    This is just another reason why I love Rachel Maddow.. and also why I HATE the Republican Party.