1. Taylor says

    I grew up there…not surprising at all. It’s an affluent school district in a very right wing Republican county (are there anything else in Kansas?). Rednecks and Christianist abound!

  2. Miche Rutledge says

    That part of Kansas City is mostly upper middle class conservative evangelicals and like-minded people. I’m not surprised it happened there. The whole metropolitan area turned from a great fairly liberal city with an active, thriving gay population to really hateful conservative “Christians” who made the place unlivable. But it was worse in the Kansas and Missouri suburbs and exurbs, like the Blue Valley school district in Eastern Johnson County.

  3. secret identity says

    I hope this is a federal civil rights suit. Until such time as those responsible have to pay and pay substantially I fear this type of behavior will continue and one day lead to someone’s death.

  4. KuMiCu says

    I think if more victims and their parents across the country start suing schools and wining lawsuits you can bet your a$$ that schools will start taking bullying seriously & boot the bullies out. Also now that the bullies are 18 or older now, start naming names and posting pictures at their colleges…..Let’s bully them back. These bullies need to be arrested (last time I checked assault is illegal no matter what) and that will get the school and the parents of the bullies in trouble as well.

  5. Justin says

    All these school districts understand is money. Every single school that tolerates this sort of bullying needs to be the target of a lawsuit. Only then will they do anything about it.

  6. Matt says

    I really feel for this guy! I was harassed a little in HS but NOTHING to this extent! HS is difficult enough with all of the standard stuff adolescent kids typically go through but to have to deal with conditions like this makes me sick to my stomach! I hope he wins his case. He’s clearly a strong individual for standing up for himself by voicing how he was treated and by filing this lawsuit. Stay strong and best of luck!

  7. FT says

    Students and parents need to check their state’s Ethics Code for Teachers. Some states will remove the teaching credentials for ethics code violators. If students and parents start winning ethics violations and hitting people in the pocketbook, adults will step up and do their job and stop this crap. Go after the credentials of teachers, vice-principals, principals, and superintendents. It will no take long for the word to get around that unethical behavior will not be tolerated and a change between accepting and not accepting responsibility for the safety of all students will become the norm.
    Sue the bastards into submission.

  8. kujhawker says

    @taylor you must not have driven 30 minutes northwest of where you grew up. Where you would have discovered not every county is right wing republican. I grew up in Douglas County home of Lawrence Kansas. A blazing liberal blue dot in a sea of conservative red.

  9. Taylor says

    KUHAWKER……I know all about Lawrence, I spent many an afternoon and evening there with friends, I actually lost my taste for beer there having spent one too many hours in the local pubs.

    Unfortunately Douglas county is the exception not the rule and 1 out of 105 counties doesn’t change the fact that Kansas is so far to the right in it’s politics that it seems to be taking steps back to the 19th Century.

  10. MaddM@ says

    Just an FYI to anyone reading this that may be suffering similar assault(s)- go to a doctor and have your injuries documented, with photos if possible. A burn on the hand from it being held on a burner can be examined, documented, and photographed so when the lawsuit happens you can submit stronger evidence for your case beyond a he-said-she-said kind of deal.

    I hope this guy gets his therapy bills paid for with some extra for pain and suffering…however I think the school should have to pay more than that to establish a neutral party type of group that can do bullying investigation since this school clearly demonstrated it was not able to do it’s duty to this student and provide a safe learning environment. If instead of bullying this had been some kind of poisonous gas leak that was interfering with this guy’s education, heads would have already rolled and been displayed on pikes as examples.

  11. says

    I also grew up in Overland Park ( 99th and woodson) Then we moved to the North East where there is actual “intellectual thinking”.. I moved to OPKS in the mid 60’s from Michigan and was beaten up for having “long hair” It touched my collar and was over my ears !

  12. Bill says

    TERRIBLE! Anti-gay bullying affects gay people throughout our lives. It’s disruptive at a critical time in gay people’s formative years and can lead to gay people not being able to go to college, get a good paying job, being able to effectively interact with other people etc. I hope he wins. It’s ashame he had to do this on his own when no one had his back.

  13. andrew says

    The law suit is a good move. However, don’t stop there. Get yourself into a good MMA or self defense class, so that you can kick some bully a$$. The one thing that all bullies have in common is that they want to hurt people without being hurt themselves. If they think that they might actually get hurt, they usually don’t bully.