1. Jimcracky says

    Just something to keep in mind about Chick-fil-a’s “record day.” It was one day. They have lost a good chunk of a generation indefinitely, and perhaps forever. They are only beginning to feel the long-term hurt this “appreciation day” will do to them. Slowly but surely, the victory is ours because we have the moral high ground.

  2. Troy says

    What shocks me is that the pastor of arguably the most powerful Southern Baptist Church in the nations just said he believes that the Supreme Court will strike down all laws prohibiting same-sex marriage! THAT is the headline here. Who gives a crap if he himself is willing to perform the ceremonies?

  3. says

    I cannot believe how the – Sorry for having to quote Sarah Palin – The “LAME STREAM MEDIA” and apparently everyone else, have let Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin set the narrative on this issue.

    The FACTS are, the gay community has been boycotting Chick-Fil-A for well over two years, not because of something some man said two weeks ago. This is not about someone trying to squelch someone else’s right to free speech.

    This is about a company using its profits to give well over 2 million dollars to organizations that the Southern Poverty Law Center has deemed to be hate groups. Such as the “Cure The Gay” groups.

    My question is would all these people be lining up to support this company if it had given over 2 million dollars to another hate group such as the Arian Nation?

    Well, after looking at these crowds, maybe they would!

  4. RHR IN TN says

    Most polygamous relationships I have read or heard about are heterosexual (keeping in mind that most are built around the man having multiple wives and the women are not married to each other.) I apologize if this is not the case…just what I have seen. If this is the case, then wouldn’t the true first step of the slippery slope to legalizing polygamy be heterosexual marriage? I don’t see where the gays have a dog in this particular race.

    Also, the IRS has set up the tax laws to easily enable them to extend benefits to two people. I could understand that re-creating all those existing laws to accommodate more than two people could be a hardship on the IRS, but gay couples can be covered by the existing benefit laws as they are written.

    This argument doesn’t seem to hold any water from a logical standpoint. It has always sounded like a desparate argument to me.

  5. John M says

    I agree with Steve on this, I used to love Chick-Fil-A, I still am tempted to get some nuggets when I drive by one of their stores but when I found out about all their anti-gay activity years ago I stopped eating there.

    Yes the marriage equality comments raised knowledge of their beliefs a little bit but their opposition to marriage equality is the least of my concerns as far as their repugnant anti-gay activity goes.

  6. says

    Why doesn’t she have the integrity to be honest about what this is ACTUALLY about? Not “free speech” but a man donating money to designated hate groups. It’s not about free speech, at all, nor the sharing of an “opinion” – but about financially funding bigotry and institutionalized prejudice.

    Shame on you, Megyn Kelly. This is not a first amendment issue.

    And it’s not about “traditional marriage”, either. It’s about anti-gay bigotry.

    Kelly, you’re a hack.

    And to the millions who celebrated their bigotry by induldging in fast food – congrats. You’re bigots and part of the USA’s obesity epidemic. Rock on.

  7. mike/ says

    first, the ‘slippery slope’ argument Jeffers uses that it would be the next step to polygamy is always a bad argument; besides, if he is using the Bible as an argument of ‘one man, one woman’, the OT is rife with not only ‘sanctioned’ polygamous ‘holy’ unions but also concubines.

    second, and as a religious he should be aware of this, Matthew 19 has been proven by research to have been added 200-300 years AFTER by the catholic church when they decided what could be canonical and what could be gnostic.

    these people do not know their own beliefs nor history…

  8. rick says

    I agree with Troy’s observation. It was interesting to hear the pastor say that he believes all laws against marriage equality will be stricken down. As Jon Stewart said, we’ll get marriage and those supporting Chick-Fil-A will get type 2 diabetes.

  9. Dastius Krazitauc says

    She did a good job framing that question, but allowed him to not answer it and change the subject to polygamy. So the bad journalism canceled out the good.

  10. RWG says

    @RHR in TN: You said, ” gay couples can be covered by the existing benefit laws as they are written.”

    You could not be more wrong! The Congressional Budget Office did a study and concluded that 1138 specific rights, benefits, privileges and immunities available to married heterosexual couples are denied to same-sex couples. Those 1138 include the right to sponsor a foreign-born spouse for immigration (a very big deal!) The IRS will not allow legally married same-sex couples to file joint returns, costing those couples hundreds of thousands in lost tax benefits over their lifetime. Edie Windsor alone lost $373,000 in estate taxes she otherwise would not have owed if equality was available to her.

    You assertion that same-sex couples can gain equal treatment under existing laws is dead wrong.

  11. Brett says

    @ Littlewiki

    The first amendment covers and protects hate speech. Neo Nazis, The Klan and especially any organization espousing racist, predjudicial and hate filled speech under the guise of religion is protected by or most important amendment. I wouldn’t want it any different, because then we get into what’s covered and what is not, in that situation you just might find yourself on the wrong side even if you are morally right.

  12. busytimmy says

    Hey, you know if you go look at Chick Fil-A’s nutritional info, some of what the serve is not too bad. Certainly not any worse than grilled chicken at B-King. Probably too much salt, no trans fat, but their wraps look quite healthy. Just want to point that out. They are still hateful, however.

    Chargrilled Chicken Cool Wrap
    410 Calories
    10g Fat
    7g Fiber
    9g Sugars
    32g Protein
    4g Saturated Fat 0g Trans Fat 60mg Cholesterol 1070mg Sodium 50g Carbohydrates 20% Iron 25% Calcium 130% Vitamin A 35% Vitamin C

  13. FML says

    I live in Tennessee and it’s the height of arrogance and ignorance for “RHR in TN” to state that “gay couples can be covered by the existing benefit laws as they are written.” There are no such benefit laws in Tennessee. If there are any (such as those passed by cities like Nashville), they are governed and overridden by DOMA, which states that no benefits shall be extended to any relationships that are not one man, one woman. Not only that, but the TN legislature has also passed a separate law on top of DOMA that states that no municipality or locality in TN will have the right to pass laws that contradict DOMA. Also, IRS regs are governed by DOMA — which, again, states that no benefits shall be extended to any relationship that is not one man, one woman. So go back and do some homework, RHR in TN. You’re pulling fiction out of your ass.

  14. says

    RHR- our insurance rep made it very clear that any benefits that would go to a same sex partner would be taxed by the IRS as income for them. In contrast, my straight co-workers get married and get non-taxed insurance.

  15. simon says

    This guy is contradicting himself with his last words. Unless he believes that the “eternal truth of God” is against women and for slavery and he still believes in those words in that story book.

  16. gr8guyca says

    Megan Kelly, in effect, agreed with Martin Luther King’s great statement: “The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice.”

  17. Rich F. says

    @RWG and Homer: You’re missing the point of RHR’s post. S/he’s saying that there would be no need to change current tax regulations to incorporate same-sex couples, as those marriages would still be between two adults. RHR said nothing about the current application of those regulations, which are clearly not applied equally.

    S/he was directly countering the slippery-slope polygamy argument posited by the douchenozzle in the video.

  18. Paul says

    I just hate that I recognize this man on site. He has his hate group should be ashamed. To bad more of these Christian didn’t spend time working at food banks and other charities. There is where we need to see the lines.

  19. BL says


    I think you completely misunderstood his comment. I believe he meant that granting access to marriage to same-sex couples in a court ruling would not require rewriting all of these laws as they are now, not that these laws already grant access to gay couples.

  20. GregV says

    I am so tired of the media, not only in this clip but on CNN and all over the place, FLASELY stating this as a case of Dan Cathy being “blasted for his support of traditional marriage.”

    NOBODY IS BOTHERED if he supports traditional marriage! My own parents have a very traditional marriage, which I fully support! They also fully support same-sex couples’ right to likewise be married.
    Dan Cathy’s marriage is NOT the problem.

    The problem is that he has given millions of dollars to bona fide hate groups that support disenfranchising gay people by denying them human rights. Some of the groups he’s contributed to have even lent support to the horrific “Kill-The-Gays Bill” in Uganda.

    As far as the polygamy issue, that is a total red herring and a completely unrelated issue. Couples can in every practical way be covered by exactly the same laws regardless of traits like gender or race or height or weight. The same can NOT be said for “number.”

    In fact, though this guy did not mention the name of the case he vaguely refers to, I remember when someone in a different interview made a similar claim about a polygamist case being tied to same-sex marriage. I looked at the website of the polygamist group that was making that case, and they stressed EXACTLY the opposite. They said it is totally unlike same-sex marriage because same-sex couples are seeking the same rights and responsibilities as any other two-person couple while polygamists realize that is logically impossible for groups who are not couples and they only want their situations decriminalized. (For example, they know that they cannot expect to pay the same to socal security as everyone else does and then get death benefits checks sent to 15 different spouses when they die.)

    Journalists need to start pointing out that these two situations are in no way tied together.

  21. Bart says

    Jeffers quotes the Bible in Matthew 19. Unfortunately, he gets it wrong. Jesus doesn’t espouse one man and one woman. He’s ASKED A QUESTION about a man divorcing his wife and he answer it in that context. I won’t even get into historical context of Jesus’ life, the time and place in which he lived etc., which the pastor ignores. If they want to live that life, I suggest they all move to the Sinai penninsula,give up their cell phones and their 500 dollar suits and, I would wish them well.

    What these ignoramouses all talk around is the fact that when you’re supporting a negative, supporting inequality, your beliefs are anti-Christian. There is simply no way around that. Their views are antithetical to everything Jesus Christ as a historical figure stood for. Whether or not you believe him to be the Messiah isn’t the point…look at his life, look at his words, look at his actions. These people are the Pharisees which he challeged every step.

  22. says

    I understood RHR to be saying what RICH F. explained, above. The IRS, SSA, or any other agency would not require [expensive] software changes to implement equality today. And if somewhere there is a database that requires Husband/Wife designations… just toss a coin.

    This isn’t a Y2K-scale conversion project.

  23. Tessie Tura says

    If gay marriage becomes the law of the land, doesn’t he realize that he, and any pastor of any denomination who believes as he does, WILL NOT BE REQUIRED BY LAW to perform these ceremonies? Civil marriages and marriages in gay-affirming churches will be the norm.

  24. GregV says

    @FML: I think you mistook what RHRinTN meant. Gay couples COULD be covered by existing rules and regulations of marriage simply by removing the discrimination (just as inter-racial couples have bee nin the past and as same-sex couples already are in countries where their rights are respected). The rights and responsibilities and calculations don’t need to be in any way re-written for a male spouse vs. a female one (just as they don’t need to be altered for a black spouse vs. a white one or a tall one vs. a short one).
    That doesn’t mean that gay couples already have such rights in places like Tennessee, but just that current formulas that apply to mixed-sex couples need not be altered in any way when a jurisdiction chooses to stop discriminating against gay couples.

  25. anon says

    It’s pointless to argue about biblical interpretation. Rather it’s more important to point out that it provides no basis for US Law interpretation, nor has any singular interpretation that scholars can agree on in today’s world. All biblical arguments are a time-waster. Just say the Bible has no bona fides and move on.

  26. RHR IN TN says

    wow! I just checked back in to follow up. I apologize for not stating my case more clearly.

    If DOMA were to be overturned and marriage equality was the law of the land, the IRS would not have to restructure any of the existing programs, as they are all set up for two people already.

    Thanks for having my back in my absence, guys!

  27. John says

    I’m still unclear about what the goal of the boycott is. Someone above said that the boycott is about the money that was donated and not about what Mr. Cathy believes. If that’s the case, can we start eating there again if the company makes a pledge to no longer donate to those groups?

  28. Kenneth says

    John, you can still eat there now if you wish, just know that you are spending your money against your own best interest. Of course, if he were to pledge, and actually follow through on his pledge, to stop donating to those groups, then we could eat there if we wish without contributing to causes that would harm our interests. His personal beliefs are NOT the issue. The issue is and always has been, the organizations to whom he contributes. Equality has nothing to do with whether someone else agrees with us or not, only whether we stand equally in the sight of the law. There will always be those with whom we disagree.
    In the late eighties, the gay communities in the South boycotted Philip Morris for their support of Jesse Helms. Not a small feat considering their products were the number one sellers in gay bars at the time, and may still be. Helms still won reelection, but Philip Morris took note. They now donate a great deal of money to gay causes and reap the benefits of their support.

  29. Alex says

    Chick-fil-A only offers domestic partner health benefits in places that mandate such coverage. It IS a civil rights issue for their employees. That’s the crux of the issue. They do discriminate.

  30. says

    Kelly didn’t get it right either.

    Again, the point isn’t that he’s expressing his right to free speech, it’s that (and I’m sorry, but I have to use all caps to make this point because no one seems to be getting it)


    Is anyone getting this right? Rachel Maddow? Anderson Cooper? Thomas Roberts?

    Hello? Is anyone there???

  31. cj says

    Magen Kelly has supported gay adoptions, transgenders, and very vocally Chaz Bono in the past. I REALLY believe she is in actuality a big champion of our community but can only say so much on the network. Every now & then, it slips and you realize she’s an ally.

  32. Max R. says

    Megyn Kelly has in the past defended us before. I saw a segment last year while flipping the channel and was surprised by her comments, in a good way.
    I personally like her.

  33. LincolnLounger says

    With friends like Emanuel and Menino, who needs enemies? They have done enormous damage.

    Love Megyn Kelly. All the condemnations of Fox News are just knee-jerk reactions to O’Reilly and Hannity.

    Where was the outrage when Obama had exactly the same opposition based on his Christian beliefs?

  34. albertam says

    omg i must have read the wrong bible, what are they reading the crazy hidden scriptures that we don’t know about. what else are the hateful bible thumpers going on bout now.

  35. says

    everyone who thinks this is an issue of “the first amendment” is not only completely unaware of what the first amendment actually IS but also has no idea about what this whole chick-fil-a thing is.

    it aint about speech, folks. attempt to understand the facts.

  36. greg says

    Wanting to limit speech/expression of religious views you don’t agree with is not a liberal play book thing. Conservatives have made long practice of that – like that drummed up stupid controversy they made over the so-called “ground zero mosque” and trying to have it forbidden.

  37. says

    This explains why are Americans are fat and unhealthy. The rally around fast food but don’t protest The NRA still trying to get rid of gun laws after the movie theater killings.

  38. Ken Owen says

    If one is Not a Believer, it is no wonder he/she dismisses the Word of God. The Word says, “We ought to obey God rather than men.” Leviticus 18:22…”Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman–that is detestable.” I Cor. 7:2 “Let every MAN have his own WIFE, & every WOMAN have HER own HUSBAND.” I Cor. 6:9 “Do you not know that the WICKED shall not inherit the Kingdon of God?…sexually immoral, homosexual offenders…” BUT…such persons can be saved. “And that is what some of you were”–These homosexuals were saved by ACCEPTING Jesus Christ as their personal SAVIOR. Megyn, it really doesn’t matter WHAT I THINK…IT IS WHAT GOD SAYS IS RIGHT AND CORRECT. Yes, God is very narrow-minded…a man and a woman make a marriage….Kenneth Owen, a Christian from Amarillo, Texas…I don’t thump the Bible–I read it! AND…I believe it…

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