Michelangelo Signorile Challenges FRCs Tony Perkins to Debate Hate

Michelangelo Signorile challenges Family Research Council President Tony Perkins to a debate:

PerkinsPerhaps you recall that in July 2008, a man armed with a shotgun went on a shooting rampage inside a church in Knoxville. The Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church, like many Christian churches and denominations across the country, is welcoming of LGBT people. The gunman killed two people and severely wounded several others. Police said that the killer's motive was to target gays and liberals. "This isn't a church, it's a cult," the killer wrote in a four-page letter he had left behind. "They embrace every pervert that comes down the pike…. [T]he only way we can rid ourselves of this evil is kill them in the streets, kill them where they gather."

I wouldn't claim, as you did with regard to the SPLC, that the FRC gave that killer a "license to shoot." No one knows what's inside the mind of a premeditated killer. But I would ask: Where do people like this killer get the distortions and ugly mischaracterizations that convince them that gay people are evil? More so, where do others who wouldn't engage in gun violence but who do harm to LGBT people in other ways — firing them from their jobs, throwing them out of their homes, bullying them in schools — get their misinformation about gay people? They get it from a wide array of sources that contribute to a culture that demonizes LGBT people. And you and the Family Research Council are among those who feed into that culture.

Not likely that Perkins will have the courage to answer but I hope he does.


  1. Francis says

    The Dan Savage and Brian Brown debate supposedly happened already, a few days ago. This debate sounds very interesting and I hope there is video of Tony Perkins getting schooled.

  2. I wont grow up says

    This guy Perkins is taking an awful lot of time away from the pancake house. He should stick to eggs, bacon and home fries. Nobody gives a flying monkey’s bright red ass what he has to say. Gay marriage is coming bud, get over it.

  3. says

    Off topic : but I have a bee in my bonnet !

    Is Paul Ryan ( or was he ever) a member of Opus Dei ?……………the lay catholic religious pressure secret society.
    I am determined to have this question answered before November.

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