1. shle896shle says

    Are you kidding me? In today’s political climate, that man wouldn’t bat an eye to flip-flopping on that issue, just as he has countless others. He will say ANYTHING in the moment to gain political points. He’s simply too much of a pussy to OWN his positions. He’s a spineless ninny with no convictions. He’s loyal to one person and that’s himself.

  2. melvin says

    If this gets any broad coverage, that poor etch-a-sketch will be in meltdown within minutes of Limbaugh, etc, demanding retraction. If you think that this is the one issue on which Rmoney will maintain a principled stance, . . . . .

  3. John B. says

    The most effective campaign ad the Obama team could come up with would be a commercial or series of commercials showing all of these clips of Romney, one after another (perhaps even subtly implying it was one of Romney’s own campaign ads). The Romney campaign would be forced to disavow it and say Romney disagrees with HIMSELF on all these issues.

  4. anon says

    Poll tested and mother approved!

    Romney could try to evoke a bit of Ross Perot, the populist billionaire that ran in ’92 and took 15% of the vote and a good chunk of the youth vote. No one minded that Ross was a billionaire because he was spending his own money and believed in things. Unfortunately, he was a bit loony. Romney is the classic privileged child, always playing it very, very safe. The alpha male that lets everyone else take risks on his behalf. The leader of bullies that doesn’t take the blame for their actions, but takes all the “credit”.

  5. Icebloo says

    How can Romney be taken seriously on anything ? He changes his mind with the change in weather, he has a terrible history of destroying American businesses and jobs, he lies about his tax issues, he’s a Mormon who claims he wants to “uphold christian values” etc etc.

    Why aren’t the Democrats having a field day with all of this ? They can DESTROY this loser so easily if they let more people know about it.

    Guys, Romney is out-raising Obama by MILLIONS which means we have to give money to the Obama campaign or we will end up with Romney.
    PLEASE give time and or money to the Obama campaign. A few dollars right now would mean the difference between having Obama or the oil companies controlling our lives.

  6. Wyane says

    1. After reading this, I’m understanding that Romney didn’t flip his position on this issue… right?

    2. He’s raising a whole ton of money simply because the economy is still in the tank. The sad truth is that a President has never once been reelected during a recession. Sucks, but those are the statistics.

    (John McCain lost because the Republicans were in power during the beginning of the Recession… if people are fat and happy, they don’t look for change, or hope, or whatever…)

    The LGBT Americans might have the most opportunity for equality under Pres. Obama, but we are a small group. As long as the economy is sputtering, my hunch is that Mitt Romney wins…

  7. Michael says

    The fun never stops with Mitt the Twit. So he was against the Scouts banning gay men but was on the board of the Scouts but didn’t want his personal opinion,,, um, huH?

    My neck is hurting from so much whiplash trying to keep track on which side of ANY issue Mitt is on since he can go from one side to another to the other in just once sentence.

  8. says

    Romney’s position isn’t much of a position, but it’s a defensible one. He personally believes gay people should be allowed to serve but also thinks the Scouts should be able to decide. (The only defense of that is that they are a private organization and as such they’re allowed to be bigots–not that Romney would put it truthfully.) But you know if the rightwing pressured him just a wee bit on this, he’d cave, as he always does.

    And his position is irrational considering that he thinks gay parents would be ok as Scout leaders but, at the same time, believes that the constitution should be amended to rip up the legal marriages of those same parents.

    @Wyane: Any hunch that Romney will win is defied by current electoral predictions and the utter flaccidness of Romney as a candidate, but we shouldn’t take anything for granted. Karl Rove’s shady “super PACs” will be going all out cause they can.

  9. jason says

    Thank goodness we have a true gay-friendly person like Mitt Romney, unlike the fake gay-friendly person in Obama. Obama’s pro-gay stances are merely political calculations.

  10. Booker says

    Personally, I would have expected this to be one of those issues on which Romney did a little sidestep from his original position and tried to make it not look like a flip-flop, so I’m pleasantly surprised and respect him for not doing that.

    As far as being “meek” in affirming his stance, it isn’t the public figure who decides how much space the press gives to a statement; if the New York Tims, LA Times, Wa Post, etc wanted to they could have made this a banner headline.

  11. thanks for the memories says

    That Romney clip was almost twenty years ago! When he was running for governor in liberal Massachusetts. A state he probably won’t carry come November.

    He should be back pedaling on THAT position by tomorrow night.

    Hey, John B, excellent idea.

  12. AC says

    Let’s face it, the Repubs have decided to focus on 2016 and throw the mormon under the bus. It’s clear they aren’t serious about this election, so there’s no need to sweat it. I say let’s also focus on the Dem candidate for ’16.

    That said, Romney was and still is so damn pretty I’d hit it HARD.

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