1. jejery says

    Ulster Unionists consider themselves British, not Irish. Many of them hold the same fundamentalist Christian homophobic views that many people in the American south do. The majority of Irish people are progressive and very accepting of gay people (they’re also far less religious). FYI.

  2. Joey says

    Interesting juxtaposition of Hank Jr. and Assange. Obama is the focus of one person’s fear and hate and the other is the focus of Obama and the American government’s fear and hate. Both assumptions are totally irrational and not supported by facts.

  3. says


    I agree; the Unionists have been universally homophobic forever; witness the rabib anti gay statements of the First Minister’s wife,(whose name i have momentarily forgottten……maybe that’s a good thing !).

  4. Fahd says

    @ Edward-Stout football story:

    I’m the father of a son, and I think switching teams is not a very realistic approach to dealing with such an embedded cultural stereotype or norm.

  5. johnny says

    Lovely. Now terrorists and criminals the world over can simply print out their guns in huge quantities.

    No need to buy illegal arms anymore, just print ’em up.

    In spite of all our technological advances, we’re regressing as a species.

  6. gregory brown says

    Of COURSE Rep. Akin is ignorant about both “morning after pills” and the realities of rape. Nice, decent people don’t concern themselves about such things, and knowledge is not germane to any effort to pass a law banning something. That’s a corollary to the fact that actually knowing somebody is likely to make it harder to hate him (unless, of course, the person you know is worthy of disdain).

  7. Billy says

    Sometimes I think politician like Todd Akin dumb them self down to get that rural vote. At least I hope he’s not that dumb, or should I say uninformed?

  8. Jack says

    The photo of Julian Assange looks to me like Mr. Humphries(John Inman) in the British series “Are You Being Served.” Looks like he’s about to call out, “Captain Peacock, are you free?”

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