1. Icebloo says

    ENOUGH please about the AWFUL Spice Girls ! They are probably the most talentless, manufactured crap group of ALL TIME yet the gays go crazy over them !

    They were AWFUL. That’s why their career collapsed. There is a reason they are not still recording today !

    The Brits have so, so many great music stars to choose from for the Olympics closing ceremony – why on earth would anyone pick the truly dismal Spice Girls ? What an incredibly stupid decision and a waste of a great opportunity to showcase some real talent.

  2. "The Gay" says

    The article about The Sikh Temple massacre, it’s just plain wrong.

    There’s no evidence that the shooter “mistook” the Sikh for muslims. He lived near them. His job in the army would have exposed him to information about them. White racists don’t care about the religion, what they care about is that they are brown, period.

    If it had been a mosque, there would have been a much more massive public outcry, the news would have hit the story a great deal harder.

    The fact of the matter is, the Sikh are a HUGE threat to Christians and Christianity. I’ll tell you why. They have martyrs that got that way defending other people’s rights to practice OTHER religions. Public service is central tot heir religion. So are the concepts of equality, acceptance, and charity. They do not seek converts, period. They don’t brag, it’s against their religion to. They strive for balance, for moderation. Working hard is also central to their religion.

    I didn’t know much about them until the shooting. That’s how Christians want it to stay. Because they’re better people, period.

    They won’t say it, but I will, they are better people than most of us. And THAT’S why most people still have no clue as to why they are PROFOUNDLY different than muslims. THAT is why muslims are all in an uproar over the shock people express that the Sikh were targeted. Because the Sikh have died for them in the past, and they never return the favor.

  3. jason says

    Please don’t give any more coverage to the Spice Girls. They are garbage. They haven’t sung together for 12 years and are known to be fake singers. Mime act is more like it.

  4. Vince says

    Mel C has done quite well for herself. Emma has had a nice career as well. Scary & Posh not so much but then Posh has fashion and Beckham to make up for it. As for the other one… what was her name again? Ginger? Garlic? Monosodium glutamate?

  5. Paul says

    The Spice Girls are the most important pop-cultural phenomenon of the last quarter-century. However packaged and produced they may have been, their songs made a lasting imprint on British and world culture, revolutionized the use of the English language, and energized a new generation of girls (and, yes, gay men) who helped propel Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy.

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