1. andrew says

    We really need the advice of an adulterer and his piece of A$$ while he was still married to his second wife. She is a home wrecker and he is an immoral lout.

  2. MaddM@ says

    Obama and Carter also won the nobel peace prize 😉

    I too enjoy that Newt was up supporting the party with his traditional [third] marriage. Values! Morals!

  3. andrew says

    @Tom Calderon: The big difference between Bubba and Newt is that Bubba never tried to destroy an opponent by accusing him of doing the same thing he was secretly doing. Also Bubba managed to stay married “until death do us part” unlike Newt who is “in defense of marriage” on wife #3.

  4. stevenelliot says

    another couple of rich old white folk telling us how they know better than you and me. Im sick of my parents running this country. That crowd at the RNC convention was a sea of white. If theyre so smart why cant they get monorities to vote for them. In 10 years they will have to change or they will be irrelevant.

  5. GABE says

    Could she look anymore like a stereotypical 1950’s housewife? Greeting Ward Cleaver at the door wearing her string of pearls with his slippers and pipe waiting for him! Seriously, are all republicans stuck in that era?

  6. i could go on, but I won't says

    Another excellent choice to speak for Romney! Reminds everyone what Newt had to say about him just a few months ago. Way to go Repubs!

    Just goes to show the Repubs have no line-up to choose from and how desperate they are.

    Newt, rejected by his own party while in Congress!

    Did the Dems secretly pick this line-up? Is Prince Reinhart really a double agent? Rinse Preibus? Something like that.

  7. ThomT says

    Newt is such a serial adulterer that Callista (aka Helmet Hair) won’t even allow him to make a speech without her by his side. After all, she knows how she snagged the philander when wife #2 wasn’t looking and she doesn’t want another gold digger jumping on her gravy train.

  8. ThomT says

    @TOM CALDERON … Seems ironic that the Republicans always want us to forget George W (and his destructive 8 years) but they themselves can’t seem to get over Clinton (and the budget surplus he let W and GOP controlled house and Senate). I’d trade W for Bubba any day of the week.

  9. Jakeinlove says

    I saw a headline that said Honey Boo Boo got better rating that the GOP Convention. This is another reason why. At this rate the CW had a chance of breaking some ratings records.

  10. andrew says

    Are they attached at the hip? Had he become president (LOL) would she have given the State Of The Union Address with him? I think he should have had his other TWO wives on stage with him to show us just how strongly he supports the sactity of marriage.

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