1. Randy says

    While I agree with what Obama was trying to say in response to the comment by the idiot Akin, I do not agree with what he actually said.

    I’m sure any couple aged 17-18 years living near certain state borders is at risk of finding out the hard way that “rape is rape” is not true. Particularly if they are gay.

  2. anon says

    He doesn’t go near the discussion of rape on American military bases in Afghanistan, but okay.

  3. VDUFFORD says

    Akin and Yoder a gift from the Gods!
    I live this way Akins is really bad news a major mother f——r!
    Yoder is being groomed for GOP big wig party position around these parts.
    They will be forgiven because these voters around here are…STUPID!

  4. Wavin' Dave says

    Work this meme until it pants: women are objects of scorn and manipulation by the endless, disgusting rants of old, white, rich men – sometimes wearing dresses (see: Catholic bishops.)
    If men could get pregnant, abortion would be the 8th sacrament.
    Keep hammering the GOP on their extreme sexist worldview.
    “It’s the economy, stupid?” NO, it’s revisionisim, stupid.

  5. ludovico says

    Sorry to disagree with the President, but according to Whoopi Goldberg, there is rape, and then there’s rape-rape.

  6. Opinionated says

    Why are democrats now calling for his resignation? just sent a petition to be signed. WHY!?!? For ONCE in a very LONG time Claire McCaskill actually has a fighting chance with this fool so please, lets keep him on the ballot. The petitions should be to remove him from the Science commitee he is on.

  7. CPT_Doom says

    @Opinionated – I think this is an example of the Democrats hoping Akins is one of those “if the Democrats are for it, I’m agin’ it” Teabaggers, so he’ll be prompted to do the exact opposite of what he thinks Dems want and stay in the race.

  8. andrew says

    Do not call for his removal from the ballot. Akin as the republican candidate may be the only way Claire McCaskill and the democrats win that Missouri seat and mabye keep control of the senate. So shut up unless you want a repubican controlled senate.

  9. Diogenes Arktos says

    It wasn’t that long ago that due to ‘marital duty’ laws, women in marriages could be raped by their husbands with no legal recourse. Perhaps that is what Akins was thinking about…

  10. says

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