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How About an Inspiring 'Les Miz' Obama Reelection Video to Start Your Day? - VIDEO


They dreamed a dream:

Broadway and musical theatre performers Sean Smith, David Burnham, Kim Huber, Christina Saffran Ashford, Damon Kirsche, David Engel, Jennifer Shelton, Emma Ashford, Matthew Ashford, Ali B. Olmo, Johnny Pastor, Bubba Dean Rambo, William Martinez, Flora Rubenhold, Takako Gregg, Teri Yates, Mason Keane, and Paula Keane sing from their heart with the lyrics of Don DeMesquita, in a parody of One Day More from "Les Miserables"


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  1. That was simply delightful :-)

    Posted by: st | Aug 15, 2012 8:41:23 AM

  2. Just WOW.

    Posted by: acorlando | Aug 15, 2012 8:43:02 AM

  3. wonderful!

    Posted by: liverpool models | Aug 15, 2012 8:44:27 AM

  4. Wonderful. I love EVERYTHING about this1

    Posted by: arthur | Aug 15, 2012 8:46:04 AM

  5. I especially liked the bit about Romney's assault on the boy at prep school. I hope that haunts him the rest of his life. God, I hate bullies!

    Posted by: candideinnc | Aug 15, 2012 8:48:50 AM

  6. But why the photo of Trayvon?

    Posted by: Rick Roberts | Aug 15, 2012 9:11:15 AM

  7. awesome...i have tweeted it and put it on my facebook page...thanks for posting it here for all to see

    Posted by: mickey squires | Aug 15, 2012 9:24:37 AM

  8. They should play this at the Democratic convention.

    (one snarky comment: "not blinking" when you are being filmed does not make you more intense or interesting. It simply turns the focus from what you are saying into my inner dialogue of "I wonder if they are going to blink?")

    Posted by: DC | Aug 15, 2012 10:46:50 AM

  9. Very well done, once again showing Broadway cares.

    Posted by: Kenneth | Aug 15, 2012 11:20:00 AM

  10. Rick, the Trayvon picture came with the lyrics "locked and loaded". Why not?

    Posted by: Daniel | Aug 15, 2012 12:09:31 PM

  11. Daniel, Trayvon physically assaulted another being.

    Posted by: Rick Roberts | Aug 15, 2012 12:12:12 PM

  12. I stopped watching the moment the image of Trayvon Martin came on screen, and the new lyrics suggested Romney and his tribe are "locked and loaded” to kill more. As horrible his election would be for the country [and world], that's indefensible, as insane as any Birther; right down there with the rhetoric of the Fred Phelps inbreds whose image they flash moments later. As for the idea of using this song in relation to the election, San Francisco's "Beach Blanket Babylon" has been doing that for at least a year—and more creatively: in counterpoint to singers playing Repugs. A few months ago, they inserted the lyrics: “I'm a wealthy Mormon man/ And I live a very grateful life/ I have 12 houses/ But one, hard working wife/ Barack, I think you know your fate/ I’ll be the winning candidate/ One day more.”

    Posted by: Michael Bedwell | Aug 15, 2012 12:36:07 PM

  13. I thought this was kind of embarrassing, but whatever.

    Posted by: Alex | Aug 15, 2012 12:43:50 PM

  14. Greta idea, but the lyrics could have been cleaner, simpler and more fun in places... words like pernicious really bump the average viewer... still an A for effort.

    Posted by: downtownla | Aug 15, 2012 1:20:42 PM

  15. Bravo! Outstanding. We all must turn out and vote on election day or perish.

    Posted by: John Simpson | Aug 15, 2012 1:32:41 PM

  16. We want a jedi, not a sith ... classic

    Posted by: JC | Aug 15, 2012 4:06:49 PM

  17. Never mind that Phelps of the Westboro Church/ hate group is a Democrat who has run for office repeatedly as a Democrat.

    Don't let facts get in the way.

    Posted by: LincolnLounger | Aug 15, 2012 5:15:34 PM

  18. Absolutely great. Fantastic job by all who had any input in this rendition. Let's remember, One More Term.

    Posted by: Robert Giannini | Aug 15, 2012 7:23:27 PM

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