1. jason says

    Sarah’s hair looks awful. It’s too long and has that unkempt, split-ends look about it. It makes her look ragged.

  2. Jack M says

    Sarah the idiot strikes again. Boycotting a company does nothing to interfere with the owner’s right to free speech. Her lack of knowledge and ability to reason are astonishing.

    And that hair. Please.

  3. MarkUs says

    The Boogeyman! Run for your life!
    She loves to push buttons because it never fails for her. You don’t hear so much from Alan Grayson these days, do you. Both are basically ex-politicians.

  4. kpo5 says

    “Well, that calling for the boycott is a real — has a chilling effect on our 1st Amendment rights. And the owner of the Chick-fil-A business had merely voiced his personal opinion about supporting traditional definition of marriage, one boy, one girl, falling in love, getting married. And having voiced support for kind of that cornerstone of all civilization and all religions since the beginning of time, he then basically getting crucified.”

    A – Boycotts are not violations of the First Amendment, that’s a moronic statement

    B – The owner of Chick-fil-A voiced his support, yes, but his company also donated millions to hate groups that try and convince stupid people that gays are pedophiles

    C – Marriage is not the cornerstone of all civilization by any stretch, nor do all religions share your hatred

    “I’m speaking up for him and his 1st Amendment rights and anybody else who would wish to express their not anti-gay people sentiment, but their support of traditional marriage, which President Obama and Joe Biden, they both supported the exact same thing until just a few months ago, when Obama had to flip-flop to shore up the homosexual voter base.”

    A – Again, I don’t know why the conservatives are allowed to read their Constitutions like their Bibles and not get called out for it, but you can’t pick and choose what the 1st Amendment says. Counterpoints and criticisms are also protected.

    B – Conservatives who use the term “flip-flop” to describe any action of the President are just brainwashed into FOX talking points. Mitt is the EPITOME of flip-flopping. It’s devastating to him, because he truly can’t make up his mind on anything, so they try to call out President Obama for a single-path evolution. Sorry, toots, when RMoney changes his mind back and forth and back and forth, THAT is flip flopping.

    Blah blah blah, Constitution, Constitution, First Amendment, First Amendment, Intolerance – just the bigots’ playbook as told by the worst VP candidate, and one of the least intelligent politicians in U.S. History.

  5. Ryan says

    No one is suppressing Dan Cathy’s free speech, Sarah. He can be a disgusting bigot under the guise of a “traditional family” advocate all day long. It doesn’t mean that he is protected from criticism or backlash. Sometimes there are consequences to things we say, even if we have the right to say them.

    Freedom of speech is alive and well in this country, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have to see your ignorant face every time I logged onto Towleroad.

  6. Rich F. says

    ” traditional definition of marriage, one boy, one girl, falling in love, getting married.”

    And here I thought the definition of marriage was one boy knocking up one girl and being forced to be engaged to his baby-momma until her mother is finished with her political campaign.

    I guess I was wrong…

  7. Robert says

    I had to stop the video. Why this woman gets ANY airplay is beyond me. She is so misinformed and stupid. If we just stop paying attention to these people perhaps they will go away.

  8. ABandy says

    It’s a smoke-screen to cover the real issue; CFA gives money to unethical hate groups. Mr. Cathy doesn’t give the money out of his personal wealth; NOPE, Chick Fil A, the COMPANY, gives their money. And if you shop there, you do to. THAT IS THE ISSUE. It is not what he SAID, it’s what he DOES. Personal responsibility is what the Palin Witch is always spouting, now she’s talking out the other side of her witch mouth. Because that idiot Cathy won’t just come out and admit he spoke out of turn and in an inappropriate manner. His PR guy just DIED for Pete’s sake!
    I knew right leaders were going to turn this into an issue about 1st Amand and that is not what this is about. The right lobbyists call for boycotts all the damn time, remember American Cancer society b/c of stem cell research, Girl Scouts, Starbucks b/c they hire trans people, General Mills for their general support of hiring gay people? HYPOCRITES I HATE Palin and her gang.

  9. Roman says

    Wait. Remind me. Who’s this Sarah Palin again? And why is she important enough to post about?

  10. Bill says

    That this ignorant, shoot-from-the-hip, hate-monger is STILL being quoted in the news for ANYTHING is utterly mystifying. Who made this insignificant dolt God?

  11. Mark says

    This is all so wrong. The last thing we need is to turn the 2012 presidential election into a referendum on marriage equality.

    The politicians in Boston, NYC, and Chicago are going to make a martyr out of Chick-fil-A.

    This is the worst time for this fight. The Fox News crowd is going to use this rally the Evangelicals to the polls. The GOP used anti-same sex marriage pleas in the 2004 election successfully.

  12. Rob says

    Odd, then, that she didn’t jump to the defense when equally chilling boycotts were called for against Starbucks and JC Penney. I mean, there couldn’t be hypocricy here, could there?

  13. Michaelandfred says

    God this woman is stupid. The right has been boycotting any and every company in years that supported marriage equality, employee benefits or anything else pro gay. Funny how none of them were bothered about the constitution or worried about the companies bottom line of the people they employed.

    They’re angry because this has caused a public backlash and made the news, where as One Million Moms boycotts are derided and ignored and actually make the company money.

    Go away Sarah, even your own party is laughing at you.

  14. Bart says

    This woman is so flippin’ dumb it’s remarkable she can get dressed in the morning. A boycott has nothing, repeat slowly for Sarah and her followers who troll these boards, N-O-T-H-I-N-G, to do with the first amendment.

    Second, where was Sarah Palin when The Million Moms or whatever those 10 thousand women call themselves when they were going to boycott J.C. Penny for having Ellen as their spokesperson? I must have missed Ms. Palin’s TV interviews with her misguided and wrong first amendment yammering. Where was she when there was going to be a boycott of Starbucks because of their support for marriage equality? Again, she must have had a cold that day and couldn’t rush to the nearest TV camera.

    Hey Sarah, do you know what a hypocrite is? Because if it walks like Sarah and talks like Sarah, it much be Sarah.

  15. busytimmy says

    “Merely voiced”? to the tune of millions of dollars! She is a dangerously deceptive person, and unfortunately is relevant. That CNN continues to give morons like SP airtime is a real problem. Also, why do they address her as governor? SP quit her job, a dereliction of duty to the people who elected her. I think it’s a bad move to underestimate this woman, she is truly a threat, despite her poor command of the language and laughable “expertise” in all things scientific, historical and sociological.

  16. Simon says

    When Christ said not to judge, anti-gay ‘christians’ argue back it’s ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘freedom of religion’.

    When Christ did NOT condemn homosexuality at all, anti-gay ‘christians’ protest that homosexuality is an ‘abomination’ to their ‘god’ and condemn it as ‘sin’.

    When Christ gave the commandments to love God AND love thy neighbor as thyself as the GREATEST commandments above ALL biblical laws, Hate-Fill-AntiChrist organizations like Chick-Fil-A and other anti-gay ‘christians’ strike back again in support and vote for many discrimination laws like Prop8 and DOMA, the highest federal discrimination law above all state laws.

    When REAL Christians and gays go against the anti-gay ‘christians’ , the latter call it ‘intolerant’.

  17. busytimmy says

    Sorry, it was on Fox, strike that part of my comment. Espresso has not kicked in yet.

  18. EchtKultig says

    You are so right about this. I’m F’CKIN’ SICK of the pro-gay left being baited and falling victim to these Republican political black ops. Always just in time for an election! For all we know, Cathy was asked by Republican/Romney operatives to make this an issue again, knowing it would arouse the left with their nonsensical talk of boycotts. The idiotic mayors joining in is just icing on the cake…I can hear old pork-face Karl Rove saying “I didn’t expect that to happen” just as the 9/11 terrorists were unexpectedly delighted by the buildings falling down so quickly.
    ALL this firestorm can do is encourage lard-arse tea partiers who otherwise would not have bothered, to go vote for Romney. NO person out there is going to think “gee whiz, the Republican right doesn’t support gays. Wow I didn’t know THAT before! I guess I’ll switch my vote to Obama.” NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. The ONLY thing this will do is to help Romney. And guess what, that snake doesn’t even have to say anything. He doesn’t even have to wade into the swamp. He’s letting “us” do his work for him.
    Guess what? Fast food is cr-p. Here’s an idea…don’t eat it! Would anybody care if the owner of Waste Management Inc. made anti-gay statements and donated to anti-gay causes. Would we all boycott having our trash hauled away? It’s the same line of business, believe me!

  19. EchtKultig says

    Let me put it this way: a _fast food_ chain founded in and historically most active in the _South_ is lead by an anti-gay bigot. BIG F’IN SURPRISE THERE, GUYS! My waste management example was a bad one, now that I think about it: of course you have much more of a choice on where to clog your arteries with fast food than who hauls your trash, which is contracted at a municipal level for most people. So, let the idiotic CEO make his statements and his donations, and choose to poison yourself somewhere else. Don’t give the reich-wing another chance to paint gays or the people who support their right to exist as “fascists” who want to “deny” people their “first-amendments” right. All BS of course, but for morons who vote Republican but have trouble relating to Romney (as well they should) more than convincing.

  20. Michael says

    Did she actually mention marriage, our constitution and the gay community in one sentence? Has anyone, ever, who is against gay marriage even approached discussing the 14th Amendment?

    The hypocrisy from the cherry pickers never ceases to amaze.

  21. Mitch says

    I am grateful that Mr. Chick-Fil-A’s first amendment constitutional rights to express his bigotry are protected. Helps me know where to vote with my dollars.

    Your constitutionally protected free speech rights are not without constitutionally protected consequences though: no Chick-Fil-A for me, the LGBT community, and an increasing number of straight allies. Thank you for helping highlight that your brand of bigotry and your funding of hate groups is quite simply not good for business.

    Oh, and no bigotry pizza from Domino’s for me either…

  22. Gigi says

    There’s more than 10 minutes of this? Yikes! How can anyone call this woman “Governor” with a straight face. Well, it is Greta Van Scientology so she’s probably well programmed, but I digress. Palin served out half of her term because she couldn’t hack it. Now she’s on television 24/7 spouting her opinions with her hammed-up faux drawl.

  23. says

    WHO IS THIS WOMAN (with her suspiciously metrosexual looking husband)?!? She was a fluke four years ago, with dubious accomplishments, and knowledge of mostly nothing outside her state. ANYTHING she seems to know is either a talking point, or something she crammed into her empty head since late 2008! She has no particular area of expertise, and yet is taken as a leading light on the right. I just don’t get her enduring appeal and status.

  24. says

    I watched this nonsense last night. Sarah Palin’s limited vocabulary consists of the same dozen buzzwords (“Liberty!” “Back on track!” “False narrative!” etc.) that she spouts over and over. I kept hoping Greta van Sustern would ask her a follow-up question such as “When you say ‘Obama’s failed policies’ what exactly are you talking about? Can you give us an example?” but that would be real journalism and that’s too much to expect from Fox News.

  25. Tanoka says

    Quote: “…faith-practicing Catholics”

    So nice to see that even though SP is living in her own little bubble where up is down and right is wrong, she recognizes that a lot of catholics do NOT agree with her on the issue of marriage equality.
    But of course, she can’t put herself in the same group as them, so they are categorised as non-faith-practicing catholics. I’m sure she thinks she’s been very clever.

  26. thom says

    Well, well, folks. Let’s keep things in perspective….FoxNews? Sarah Palin? What is so surprising about what comes out of either? They spew crap to people who don’t know crap. They preach to the choir.Sarah Palin is a $$$ highly paid talking head Fu*ksNews, Plain and simple. She is a moron. FoxNews is a cash-cow, using the far right to gain millions of $$$’s. Like the Rush-lovers. His listeners make him richer and richer every day and they still don’t know crap. Rush does, Palin doesn’t. There is a difference. Her jive tribe proves their white-trash roots every day.She is too stoopid to know that she is stoopid. She needs to fade away. She is so not relevant today (or was ever, really)
    Shoo! Beat it sister!

  27. Chris says

    Just to clarify: Not only does a boycott not have a “chilling affect” on First Amendment rights, it is an EXPRESSION of First Amendment rights.

  28. JoeThePimpernel says

    All those people packing Chick-Fil-A today are a sign of things to come.

    Democrats should be very afraid. Especially the Kenyan pResident.

    Chick-Fil-A is just a proxy for the voting booth on November 6th.

    People can’t wait to vote against the Left and defeat them. They are champing at the bit.

  29. Derek says

    Wow after all this years of the palin phenomenon I still can only understand half of what she says…urgh

  30. TJ says

    Cow defends chicken – Perfect!

    Funny how retailers are admonished by the right for getting involved with the “culture wars” and promoting “lifestyles” (e.g., JCP), but Chick-fil-A’s Cathy is defended and a “chilling effect” on free speech is feared when the chicken crosses the road.

    Freedom, apparently, is only for God’s “good” people. Dear God, save me from your “good” people.

  31. milou says

    Typical. Spewing bigotry is exercising your first amendment rights, but speaking out against bigotry is somehow an attack on the first amendment. She uses the constitution the same way she uses the Bible—as a weapon of convenience.

  32. PAUL B. says

    Of course she’s a dumb beach with no brain…but she’s also a “bigot”. Not because of this chicken issue…it’s much bigger than that. She, and her ilk, are jumping on this chicken shat, but in reality they want us gone. Ask anyone who supports Mr. Chick & is against marriage equality and I’ll bet they don’t want us in their schools, parks, families or near their food. They’re one and the same people. That’s why we’re pissed at this…because it’s so much bigger than chicken. This is just the tip of the iceberg known as the christian right. How many of these people do you think support our rights…other than marriage equality? Next to none !