Paul Babeu Wins GOP Race to Advance in Reelection as Pinal County Sheriff

BabeuPinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, who quit his run for Congress and said he would seek reelection as sheriff last May after a scandal in which he was forced out of the closet after threatening a former boyfriend with deportation, won his Republican primary, the AP reports:

Babeu easily bested three GOP challengers Tuesday to advance to November's general election. The victory comes months after he was forced to acknowledge he is gay after stories emerged of a falling out with a former lover and shirtless photos of him on a gay dating website emerged.

Babeu pulled out of the race for a congressional seat after the news broke and said he wanted to keep his current post instead. He will face Democrat Kevin Taylor in the general election. Taylor beat Kevin Millsaps for his party's nomination.


  1. johnny says

    OK, wait…this is in Arizona and he’s a gay republican and he’s winning?

    My brain just tried to fold in half.

  2. Blake says

    A successful openly gay republican in Arizona, this might be what ends the world in four months time.

  3. Joshua says

    illegal immigration is ILLEGAL and will always be illegal. I support him and gay rights 100%. but not illegals. sorry.

  4. Truth2VA says

    Guess Babeu gets the last laugh. His Mexican boyfriend always rubbed me as calculating. Setting him up for a fail just because he’s against the invasion of illegals in our country. It also made the gay community look bad with the ex boyfriend throwing this man under the bus.

  5. says

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