1. jason says

    This is why I find straights to be thoroughly repulsive creatures. Bimbos with long flowing hair and tiny bikinis next to men with big baggy dork shorts who are simply there to ogle them.

    No wonder we in the gay community get the feeling that many women enjoy dressing and acting like whores to please sleazy straight guys. Go away, girls, we’re sick of you.

  2. aneas taint says

    After Harry and Ryan race, Ryan wades quickly through the pool to give Harry a big bear hug!! Haha!

  3. Joe says

    Jason, that has to be the oddest comment I’ve ever read. You mean there aren’t gay guys who dress to please sleasy gay guys? Uh, I’m pretty sure acting sleay, flirting, and ogling are behaviors not limited just to straights.

  4. andrew says

    @Jason: don’t say “WE in the gay community”. Just because you are a judgemental p*ick doesn’t mean that “we” agree with you.