1. Beef and Fur says

    @ Alexis:

    Parts Unlimited in Vinton, Advance Auto Parts, Moon’s Auto Body, Rice Toyota, Val’s Automotive in Vinton, The Rod Shop, B&C Exterminating, Twists & Turns, AJ’s Landscaping, and Sunnybrook Auto Spa.

  2. James says

    I was raised in Roanoke but have lived in CA for 20 years. It’s a great city with great people but had I been out and proud I suspect my experience would have been very different. I had to come to CA to find my community. Nice to see Roanoke is on it’s way….. gay people should not feel it necessary to leave the places they love to find acceptance.

  3. Dback says

    How totally cool. I hope they get a ton of business and publicity out of this. (Yo, gays in Virginia and the D.C. area, give these guys some love and support!)

  4. says

    Thank you all so much for your support! We never thought it would gain this kind of attention but we’re stoked to see it doing so well!

    Spread the word! Pay it forward!

    We’re thinking of making overhauling a deserving person’s car an annual charity so stay tuned in years to come 😉

  5. Jack M says

    Wow. We need people like this to step up to all the hateful idiots in this country and tell them we won’t stand for others being abused. Wonderful.

  6. I wont grow up says

    There ARE good people in the world, you just have to look harder for them. This is truly the act of people who know what Christian love is, not made up biblical based hatred.

  7. Chuck Mielke says

    We know of the shootings. We know of the hatred. We know of the ugliness.

    For the good of our mental health, our spirits, and our general motivation, we also need to know of our allies, the goodness of people, and the generosity of those quiet folks who don’t live in the light of the media.

    The majority of people in Roanoke, like the people of Billings, MT, have compassion for the unjustly victimized and they can rise up in original and wonderful ways.

  8. Joey says

    These are the kind of people who really change the world. You don’t have to be rich or powerful or talented; you just need to follow the goodness in your heart.

    Thank you for being the best of what we are.

  9. Red says

    I’m impressed, this is the kind of community spirit and support we need. My wife and I are moving to Roanoke for her new job, is there any way you could list the other supporting businesses (with their permission of course) so we can show our appreciation? They’re the kind of people I want to do business with!

  10. David says

    Spoke to Richard Jr today, and thanked them for doing this. He was excited that I called and thanked me for the support. Remember to support businesses that support you!!!

  11. David says

    Spoke to Richard Jr today, and thanked them for doing this. He was excited that I called and thanked me for the support. Remember to support businesses that support you!!!

  12. Francis says

    Beautiful. Richard Jr and the other supporting businesses involved are awesome in being so selfless and generous. And I feel great for Jordan too as this shows him that not everyone in his city is a bigot and there are a lot of good people in Roanoke, and that he’s not alone. I live in VA so I’m going to tell everyone I know throughout the state about this act of kindness from these businesses.

  13. Francis says

    Beautiful. Richard Jr and the other supporting businesses involved are awesome in being so selfless and generous. And I feel great for Jordan too as this shows him that not everyone in his city is a bigot and there are a lot of good people in Roanoke, and that he’s not alone. I live in VA so I’m going to tell everyone I know throughout the state about this act of kindness from these businesses.

  14. says

    Thanks again to everybody for their support! But again, this would not have been possible w/out the support of our vendors. Below is a list of the vendors and how they contributed.

    -Advance Auto Parts – $250 Donation
    -Aj’s Landscaping – Body work
    -Moon’s Auto Body – Paint
    -James T. Davis – Supplied the paint
    -Press Press Merch – Donated/printed our Bully Project T-Shirts!
    -Rice Toyota – $200 Donation
    -The Rod Shop – Window Tint, Alarm and Stereo system instal
    -Anchor Sales – Vent Visors
    -Sun Solutions – All “Quality” related decals/stickers
    -B&C Exterminating – $220 Donation
    -Twists & Turns – Powder Coated the wheels
    -Sunnybrook Auto Spa – Full detail
    -Twisted Image Pin-striping – Hand Painted the human rights campaign symbol.
    -Parts Unlimited – CD Player
    -White Tire/GCR – Tire/mount Balance & Alighment
    -Mike Newcomb – Suspension Install
    -Chad Thomas – Reassembly
    -Adom Lyon – Reassembly and comedic relief
    -Jamie Horst – Reassembly & Electrical
    -Gavin Macbrien – Interior
    -Valley Automotive Excellence – Reassembly
    -Val’s Automotive – Offered to do all mechanical work and give it a tune up but we never had time to get it to her :(
    -East Coast Auto Salvage – Donated a master window switch
    -John Cassady – My right hand man in all my mischievous endeavors 😉
    -Richard Henegar SR – Helped with the finishing touches and allowed me to take on this project in HIS shop.

    The most important thanks of all goes to my wife, Jamie Henegar, who never gives me a hard time because i spend more time at work than at home 😉

    Im sure i forgot somebody! And if so, i apologize but thanks again everybody for their support!

  15. sparks says

    Way to go Richard and Quality Auto! If I was near Roanoke I’d definitely throw some business your way. I’ll let me brother know, though.. he’s just under an hour from there. :)

  16. @z0mKi says

    This kind act overwhelmed my 37 year old heart. I feel so truly grateful for the allies in Quality Auto Paint and Body who have shown there is no place for Bullies. We will not back down. We have always been here and always will be.

  17. Randy says

    It’s great news, but have they thought this though? When this happens to the next person, are they going to be able to afford to do this for them too? If not, what is their explanation to that person going to be? I’m all for doing something, but it needs to be of a size that you can repeat.

  18. Miao says

    I love this. I applaud the people of the auto shop for doing such a wonderful service to Jordan, and hope for many, many happy returns for all involved in making this happen.

  19. Brent says

    A great story and what’s even better is the website for their business shows it’s a family-run business and they tout their “core family values”. Now THAT is what values are all about.

  20. Jayson says

    What is wrong with all of the negative people? This is a great thing, they did. So what if they can’t do it for everyone? If you can only help one person, should you not help anyone? Get real people. If we would all help just one person, the world would be a great place.

  21. MSquare says

    That’s a wonderful story. It resonated with a lot of us in a very similar way. We can probably all identify with something nasty done to us 4 times in 3 months. And this is what we all dream happens in the end.

  22. David says

    I’m four states away, Richard, so you can’t see me, but I am standing and applauding.

    Thank you so much for being an upstanding Roanoke resident and doing the right thing. And a HUGE thanks to all the other businesses that helped on Jordan’s car.

  23. StarGem says

    I sent them a message of thanks. I wish I could do more. I hope their act of kindness comes back to them a hundred fold. I think it will. And, yes, I’m a bit verklempt.

  24. jsb says

    You can’t possibly imagine how happy watching that video made me. If I wasn’t on the other side of the country, I would definitely try to patronize those businesses.

  25. Greg Barton says

    I went to school with Richard Henegar back in the 70’s and he was a great guy then and shounds like he did a great job raising his son, congracts to the henegars and i hope business booms !!!

  26. Mitch says

    The news reporter says that the smile on Addison’s face is priceless. I’d say the smile on Richard Jr.’s face is just as priceless. There’s great happiness in doing good and offering kindness. Awesomeness from everyone involved – I hope it comes back ten-fold.

  27. Darrell says

    Nice to see there most Americans are truly accepting in helping a victim of homophobia. It would be nice to here if the University where the vandalism actually happened will police, catch and prosecute the scum that victimize people like Richard for just being “who they are”

  28. Joe De Hoyos says

    Wow. I love it! A story that doesn’t involve scandal, or a fame whore, or some wretched over-exposed flavor-of-the-moment. Oh, wait. They’re both the same thing.

  29. Shocked says

    Richard Jr., mere words can never convey the depth of my amazement and gratitude for what you and the others in Roanoke did for that man. It’s really breathtaking. Thank you so much.

  30. jamal49 says

    Next time I need some auto work done, I’m going to drive down to Roanoke from NYC and give those kind people my business. An amazing gesture of compassion and goodwill. Makes me think that America isn’t all hopeless in this age of republicon bigotry.

  31. Jonathan says

    Richard Jr – Thank you. For all of the rotten stories we hear this one makes up for 100 of them. You are a good man with a good soul. Thank you again.

  32. bobby says

    That’s pretty awsome of those folks, it’s about time to live and let live, the punks that did this most likely have a skeleton in they’re closet and if someone knew it maybe the same would happen to them so lighten up “haters”.

  33. Faresalis says

    @ Rick

    “Gay men treating each other like crap–what else is new in the world?”

    I don’t doubt that Klein is gay. But how do you know that the boytoy is also gay?

    Don’t heteros treat each other just as bad after a terrible breakup? And above that, whatever Klein had with this likely-heterosexual opportunist was hardly a “relationship” by definition of mutual feelings. That person was a sex worker, and the relationship was “professional” in nature. If Klein chose to foolishily taking it personally, he is entitled to be personally stupid & self-deceiving.

    In the hetero world, it is said that woman is man’s greatest weakness. In the gay world we are more objective by saying that a man’s weakness is his lack of wisdom, and excess of money LOL.

    This story is so “Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil”, and the term to describe Klein is “guilty by association”. He thought he had bought a manly package of handsome face and wellbiult body, but he got more than he bargained for after knowing that the “merchandise” also has brain to a degree and can write. So why shouldn’t Klein be happy about it LOL?

  34. millerbeach says

    What a wonderful story. See what happens when Christian values are used for love and not hate? A lot of stuff gets done… Special thanks to Mr. Henegar…you a one-in-a-million, sir. Jesus would be proud.

  35. Michael Mitchell says


    I tried to find individual contacts for all the auto places in Vinton that made this happen, so I could send a “thank you” for stepping up and doing the Right Thing, but can’t seem to find any. Wow, this gives me a whole new outlook on the people of Virginia. It’s so great to see that with all the crap in the world, there are still good people everywhere!

    MM, Madison, WI

  36. Giuseppe says

    To see that look of joy on Addison’s face after knowing he endured a series of painful and humiliating hate crimes, it is nice to see both his property and dignity restored thanks to the help of loving folks within his community.

  37. Ladislav says

    Great to hear a man like Richard Jr exists. I hope all the GBLT community in his business area respond by giving him business. You did good Jr. Thank you.

  38. says

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