1. NeverEclipsed81 says

    Statistics are, at least one of them is keeping their same sex attractions hidden inside their magic underwear. I can’t ever tell any of those kids apart, and they all seem slightly effeminate anyway.

  2. Poof says

    hmm.. didn’t know that was our anthem. glad I read it in comments because video isn’t available in my viewing area, not that I care.. I just wanted to see the pretty boys.

  3. Joseph Singer says

    Why is it that Repubs think that they can use any music they like without consideration that it’s a violation of copyright not to mention that the person’s music being used might consider the Republicans vile excuses for human beings.

  4. i could go on, but I won't says

    Well, well, well, I just finished watching the boys interviewed on the national news, by Diane Sawyer, I think it was. All five of ’em.

    And you know what popped into my head? When asked if gay men should be allowed to marry, Mitt said, Yes, they should be allowed to marry women.

    What have we got goin’ on here! Each one is gayer than the next.

  5. gr8guya says

    @josephsinger: the music choice is by Fox News, not Republicans. (Yes, there is a slight difference.) As a news show, they can use theme music without having to get approval – as do so many other news shows.

    @guest: If you are serious that one of the sons is gay – and you can prove that – then do it. I don’t like outing people, except when it has an impact on politics. Look at the difference Cheney’s daughter made on him. (The only thing about Cheney that I didn’t dislike.)

  6. Gast says

    No I’m not Tom, Alejo. I’m only joking about the looks. I sympathize with the Romney Ryan ticket in policy too. Taxes can only get us so far. Government is unsustainable as is and anyone who ignores that is doing a disservice to himself and to our future.

  7. dpbfeb says

    #GAST. I have to admit that I’m afraid as I’ve some of my Gay friends comment on how “hot” this Romney/Ryan ticket is and all the wonderful shirtless pics we may be able to see if they are elected.

    I hope they are joking but there’s a small part of me that thinks that a lot of Gays vote on looks and not their interest and lets be honest. A Black guy and an old guy is not ususally seen on the Gay radar.

  8. i could go on, but I won't says

    As to the scary deficits, they are just a PR tactic used by the Republicans to get rid of social programs they don’t like on principle. With the stroke of a pen all the scary deficits can disappear if Congress sends the right legislation to Obama.

    We did not have scary deficits during the Golden Age of Clinton; they only came about by the manipulations of the Bush/Cheney team.

    The Republican view is that the Federal gov’t should be starved of money. Unfortunately the wars they are so fond of starting cost money. What a quandary — love wars, hate taxes to pay for them.

  9. Mike says

    More than one is gay and I doubt that he is not having gay sex, even if Mormons say they don’t have sex when they are gay. The gay Mormons are in the deep closet and wear that special sex underwear when they do it or is that the religious sheet they use with the hole in it?

  10. Chris says

    @joseph….every once in a while reality must enter our awareness of the world. You claim that republicans are violating copyright using music. I have just couple of points.

    A. It wasn’t republicans playing the music, it was Fox News. While there may not be much difference ideologically, there is legally.
    B. Fox news pays huge royalties and rights fees for each and every song it plays, as do all news broadcasts. So NO no one stole anyones music.
    C. Just one technical point, it wouldn’t be a copyright violation, it would be a usage rights issue, but that’s way too technical.

    We expect to be taken seriously but the spew truly idiotic fantasies about st9olen copyrights.

  11. bd says

    That song choice is hilarious! WTF? Obviously some gay in the editing room was having some fun. (and if you don’t know that song is a “gay anthem” you must be living under a large rock.)

  12. Jerry6 says

    Interesting comment about boys with older brothers more likely to be Gay. My Father’s Father was the second male born; and was Gay. My Father was the second male born and was Gay; (I met his Boy friend by accident when I was 23.) I was the second born boy and am Gay; and my second born son was also Gay. None of my three sons have had any children.

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