1. says

    i had a similar one but it was my tenth and it involved me acting out every single line, lyric, move and choreographic *beat* of West Side Story.

  2. Peter V says

    I would have been so in love with him! Growing up in Skokie, I had a thing for Jewish boys.

  3. Alan says

    I’m kvelling. My Bar Mitzvah wasn’t that exciting.

    Is this someone we (I?) should know?

  4. B2Chicago says

    Shaun is fantastic! He’s a new lawyer in Chicago and does tremendous work with local AIDS charities.

  5. Paul Bunion says

    Shaun’s parents are to be commended. He obviously has balls of steel, and they did not stand in the way of his flexing them.

  6. bendskier says

    Perhaps I have too much Olympics on the brain… standing there by the corner of the square awkwardly dancing, I was expecting him to start a flipping and flopping gymnastics floor routine.

    I was sadly disappointed.

    I hope he is a better lawyer than dancer.

  7. shane says

    wild. i loved the early 90s. but the video should be under the heading “when everybody else knew/sort-of-suspected/didn’t-want-say-it, and when i thought i was simply being stylish”.

  8. Derrick says

    What a cringe-inducing embarrassment. A 13-year old boy mimicking a woman on the day that he supposedly became a man.

  9. Nick Name says

    @DERRICK What exactly is cringe-inducing about this and how is he exactly mimicking a woman?? The kid is having fun and so is everyone else in the room. Something your uptight self loathing ass seems to be incapable of having.

  10. Diogenes says


    Social construct gender role rubbish. It’s for that reason that we have homophobia.

  11. MateoM says

    Derrick, another Rick/Jason/Ratbastard alias, again bringing up how awful women are in the exact same wording they always use.

    How tiresome.