Tucson Man Fired After Video Critical of Chick-fil-A Goes Viral: VIDEO


Adam Smith, Chief Financial Officer of medical supply company Vante, was fired after a video he made criticizing Chick-fil-A went viral, KVOA reports:

Vante's CEO Roger Vogel was quick distance himself and his company with Smith because "the social media aspect of this has created a very fast viral response." Vogel inists that Vante has a diverse workforce with a diverse range of opinions surrounding the Chick-fil-A controversy.

Says Smith in the video, to a Chick-fil-A employee at the drive-thru window: "You know why I'm getting a free water right now? Because Chick-fil-A is a hateful group...I don't know how you live with yourself and work here...I don't understand it. This is a horrible corporation with horrible values. You deserve better...I’m a nice guy, by the way … totally heterosexual. Not a gay in me, I just can’t stand the hate. It's gotta stop.”


In related news, graffiti at a Chick-fil-A in Torrance, California is being investigated:


Here's his full video:

Posted August 3, 2012 at 2:45pm ETC by Andy Towle
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