1. gr8guya says

    1) Amazingly well-produced. Like 14 Super Bowl half-time shows.

    2) What would have they done if it had rained?

    3) You can’t rival the Chinese on precision. Beat them on creativity.

    4) Since when did the Olympics require super-elaborate Opening and Closing events? It didn’t used to be this way.

  2. DeeperStill says

    The closing ceremony was a virtual gay pride parade. George Michael, Pet Shop Boys, Freddie Mercury (well, almost) and other great gay artists. Right in the face of gay-hating nations.

    And this is what you have to report from the ceremony…? Spice Girls “re-united”?

    Ugh… Why even bother…

  3. Rick says

    @DEEPERSTILL Right on. The pathetic gay male obsession with women–and trying to live vicariously through them, in preference to all men, including other gay men, is symptomatic of the deeply unhealthy emotional state of the majority of gay men.

    Sickening, really.

  4. Icebloo says

    NBC = WORST Olympic coverage EVER ! I hope they never win the bid to show it on US TV again.

    First they fu#ked up the opening ceremony by only showing half of it.
    Secondly they only showed events which Americans were in – are Americans really that self absorbed and childish ?
    Finally they only showed half of the closing ceremony.

    AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL. Someone should be fired for how terrible this has all been.

    Spice Girls were blah as usual – overrated and under talented crap. I did like the customized London taxi cabs though and it was funny to see Vitoria Beckham cringe her way through another pathetic performance – she can’t sing or dance so the camera was not on her very much !

    Annie Lennox did the best performance in the closing ceremony. It was great to see Annie put in another of her famous over-the-top theatrical appearances. She makes too few of them these days.

    Very disappointing NBC didn’t show the Kate Bush segment in the closing ceremony.

  5. Rick says

    @ICEBLOO It would be nice if some of you foreigners actually knew what you were talking about sometimes when you criticize the US.

    To dispel your ignorance, NBC broadcast every single event with a live stream on-line, so that anybody with the most rudimentary knowledge of technology could take their pick of whatever events they wanted to watch.

    That is point #1.

    Point #2 is that there were PLENTY of competitions not including Americans, both team competitions and individual competitions, on MSNBC and the NBC Sports Network, as well as on CNBC, all of which are available in the US to almost all cable and satellite subscribers.

    So much so that I almost laughed out loud at times, wondering why any of us would want to see a Tae-Kwon-Do match between a guy from Gabon and one from Azerbajahn.

    Of course, Americans prefer to see events where American athletes are competitive, just as people in all countries like to see their own athletes in competition, so, yes, NBC tended to feature those in its prime-time network telecasts……and I am sure you would have seen the same bias on other country’s networks.

    The only complaint I had about that was that it was too woman-intensive, but a lot of that is ratings-driven….and as long as I could switch the channel and watch a different event from what was on the main network, it worked out fine.

    NBC did a SUPERB job of capturing the breadth of the Olympics, better than any network in history has ever come close to. If you did not experience that, then it is your own ignorant fault.

  6. DeeperStill says

    Well, RICK. Normally I disagree with what you have to say. But you are right about this issue. There’s no shame in liking female artists, I happen to like a lot of them. But I like the open gay (male) performers even more. It takes balls to be an open gay (male) artist these days, and I think they deserve our support, even if we don’t care too much about any particular genre in which they operate. I happen to think George Michael is one of the greatest ever. So is Freddie Mercury and PSB. I would have liked to see them get some coverage here on a “gay-oriented” site. I’m not saying that there should be no mention of the Spice Girls. Some gay people like them, fine. I find them utterly talentless, but that’s just me. But to only mention them, without a single word about actual gay artists in the ceremony… Pathetic indeed.

  7. Grady says

    Annie Lennox was the best. I wonder if all of the vehicles being driven around inside the stadium were electric?

  8. RICK says

    No, it doesn’t take balls to be openly gay. It takes balls to be Closeted unlike those openly-gay diva worshipping limp-wristed fems who live vicariously through females.

    And there is shame in liking female artists. It’s wrong for gay men to like anything a female does because females are fems and fems are bad.

  9. redball says

    have always loved the spice girls but i still dont know what “hi c ya!” means.


  10. Rick says

    @DEEPERSTILL Ignore the last post with my name attached to it, beginning with “No, it doesn’t take balls to be openly gay”…..It was made by Kiwi acting as an impostor.

  11. Rick says

    I’m rather sick of Little Impostor personating me. Just as I was sick of my father forcing me to impersonate females in blackface whenever I performed fellatio on him.

    Everyone knows that us real men don’t need to come out in any way because real progress is made by being closeted and telling people that they’re fem online.

    P.S. If you’re looking for a place to find cheap sextoys I recommend the produce department of your local grocer. I personally prefer eggplants.

  12. Rick says

    Ignore those last two fools posing as me. I’m the real Rick, and they’re just upset because I speak the truth. No self-respecting gay man likes anything that a woman does because we understand that women are the enemy.

    Take my whore of a mother, for instance. Always hogging my father’s cock, barely ever letting me a chance to get at it. Selfish.

  13. MateoM says

    Fake Rick is the best thing ever. Never stop. As long as the Rick/Jason/Ratbastard aliases keep posting their femmaphobic, sexist, and misogynistic dribble they deserve to be impersonated this way.

  14. jason says

    The Spice Girls simply mimed to a pre-recorded track. How talented…not. Girl Power? More like Mime Power….

    The whole closing ceremony was a fake singing exhibition disguised to cover up the fact that most British acts can’t cut it live and are simply manufactured. It proves how far British music has fallen in recent decades. I’m not surprised Adele did not take part.

  15. llm says

    I got ridiculously excited when those taxis rolled out. Far more than I thought I ever would be. Wish they would do another album and major issues with NBC and their coverage, but the Spice Girls and Eric Idle still have me smiling.

  16. Matt says

    Oh, shut the hell up. Worry about the things you can control. Anything else is a waste of time and makes you seem like an awful human being. If your goal is to show us how “awful” you are than that’s just sad. Get a hobby JILL!

  17. sassafrass says

    i love her but annie lennox lip synced the entire thing – all spice girls sang live – except victoria

  18. says

    Ah, the Spice Girls – proof that even in musical form, unbearably painful hemorrhoids can still, if left untreated, pop up every decade or so to ruin an otherwise good weekend. Hopefully this travesty – a bleeding scab I blame on my fellow fags and little girls (circa 1995) – doesn’t turn into a full-blown reunion album/tour.

  19. alex says

    @gr8guya: The 1984 Opening Ceremony in Los Angeles concluded with the song “Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s Hand”. While not the greatest song in history, it still was a brilliant Olympic moment because of who sung it. That singer was Vicki McClure. If you’ve never heard of her, that’s the point. She was a supermarket checker who happened to catch the ear of the organizers.

    Could you imagine that happening today? Sure, the opening/closing ceremonies highlight unknowns…but, they’d never give the final performance of the night to a “nobody”.

  20. tinkerbelle says

    Lame. Thanks for the gif Sam, looks like she probably had a pole up her back just to keep her from falling down. Geez, if this is Britain’s best…