Tony Perkins Says DNC With ‘Small Minority’ Supporting Gay Marriage: VIDEO


Conveniently ignoring national polls showing a majority of the nation supports marriage equality for same-sex couples, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins claims the Democratic Party, in contrast to the GOP, is aligning itself with a "small minority" of people who back same-sex nuptials.

"I think this is the year of contrast. This is the year of contrast when you look at the party platforms. The Republican Party has very strong language as it pertains to natural, traditional marriage," Perkins told CSN News at the Republican National Convention.

"The Democratic Party [is] going the way of a very small minority in this country and embracing same-sex marriage, which undermines the 32 states that have voted on this – the 30 states that have constitutional amendments. I think that's in your face to those states that have constitutional amendments."

Watch video of Perkins' remarks, via On Top, AFTER THE JUMP.