Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1186

AMERICA'S COMEBACK TEAM? The Romney campaign clucks over its VP pick.

ANTI-DRUG: Stupidest anti-drug ad ever. Maybe the dad should get some help.

A SURPRISE DATE: Vloggers get romantic.

PASS OUT: It's the ultimate fainting compilation.

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  1. Alan says

    I think the point of the Partnership’s advertisement was exactly that. Parents shouldn’t do what that father did, they should call to find out how to deal with their child’s drug use. It seemed pretty effective.

  2. Nat says

    “That Andy said “Maybe the dad should get some help” demonstrates that the PSA was effective. ”

    No it wasn’t. The ad should clearly demonstrate by the end of the commercial what the message is. The fact that there’s any confusion about it demonstrates it doesn’t work.

    In addition, the message to kids is this: don’t talk to your parents about drugs, because they’ll throw your stuff away.

    I know a rational policy towards drugs (i.e. decriminalization, legalization, harm reduction) is an institutional impossibility, but they can get at least get better value for money in their quixotic quest to stamp out human desire.

  3. jayjay says

    whats so hard to get??

    dad=wat not to do

    it even said it at the end “wat u wanna do vs what u should do” call them n u’ll know the proper way..

  4. Nat says

    “whats so hard to get??”

    “I though it was kind of effective….you have to do something DRAMATIC to assist a friend/family to break free of addiction. ”

    “Stupidest anti-drug ad ever. Maybe the dad should get some help.”

    What may be apparent to you may not be apparent to others.

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