Towleroad Guide To The Tube #1190

BACK OFF: Word of advice, don’t try to touch Lady Gaga.

BACK IN THE DAY: A look at Fire Island, circa 1976.

‘KEEP THE LIGHTS ON': Trailer for Ira Sachs’ autobiographical film.

FALLS-A-COMING: Kings’ debut single, “October”.

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  1. GUEST says

    These mental cases who worship someone because of what they do/sing. So sad.

    My life is much more important than to wait around for some entertainer/singer to come out of a hotel.

  2. gregory brown says

    I saw KEEP THE LIGHTS ON at the Kansas City gay/lesbian film festival in June. It’s a hard one to watch. I think it’s an honest look at relationships and how drugs or other addictions impact on them. The experiences of the characters are happily outside the range of my own but they resonate with what I’ve seen with friends.

    This is a film worth seeing and talking about. One of the great things about it is the ending: no happy tunes, no easy answers, no clear cut outcomes, no definite clues about what will happen to the main character. That’s fine.

  3. Gordon says

    Am lost on fire island, fat queens & fuckfaces with penises, watched it throughout, walkin the dogs, vintage but not, so everyday… the poltics of gay isn’t represented – people still get hanged, shot, ostricized from families & percentage of presidential vote still rests in that?

    In a united queendom, scots are close to accepting marriage & then dealing with the divorces ,)

  4. Craig says

    Re: the Gaga video – For some reason I think the first woman who walks out (in the obnoxiously high heals) is Gaga, the crazy dressed one after her is a decoy. Just a theory.

  5. C says

    “Keep the Lights On” looks excellent.

    Re: Gaga, the bodyguard was just doing his job. Also, it looked F-ing awsum!! ; p

  6. redball says

    CRAIG–i totally thought the first woman was Gaga too…because, well, she was the only Gaga-like thing visible at first.

    However, it looks like the “2nd” Gaga is the one who actually stops to sign autographs at the very end, so I’m thinking that is the true Gaga.

  7. says

    rock ON, KINGS!!!

    So proud of my Brooklynites 😀

    gorgeous song, directed by the equally gorgeous and incredibly talented up-and-coming artist Richert Schnorr.



  8. gr8guya says

    Why can’t the guy hit by Gaga’s security staff sue them for assault?
    He has no visible violent intent. He is not armed. She is not a government official protected by the Secret Service.