UK Group For Some Reason Thinks Marriage Equality Leads To Abortion


The UK-based conservative group Society for the Protection of Unborn Children has launched a propaganda campaign claiming that same-sex marriage will lead to a surge of abortions.

According to a flier they've sent around, "Statistics show that unborn babies are four to five times more likely to be aborted outside of real marriage." They do not cite a source, naturally.

Jamie Lee Curtis Taete from VICE called up the group to get the scoop on their spurious claims. It's pretty hilarious:

VICE: Hey! Great news, I looked into the abortion rates of countries where same-sex marriage has been legal for five years or more and, with the exception of one country, there hadn't been any rise in the abortion rates. 

SPUC: Right.

VICE: In Spain it rose, but in Canada and South Africa it fell. And in the Netherlands and Belgium, there was no significant change.

SPUC: Right… Well… I don't think anybody would expect any difference after five years. That's no time at all to make a judgement.

VICE: Well, it's been legal since 2001 in the Netherlands, so that's quite a long time.

SPUC: Eleven years is not a huge amount of time to expect a big rise in the abortion rates.

VICE: But, it's been 11 years… How long is it going to take before straight people start saying, "You know what, I don't want to get married because it's been weakened too much by gays"? Like, 20?

SPUC: It could be. When people do get married, the whole legal structure built around the child-rearing nature of marriage is removed. That may have consequences for the unborn, because the unborn, when it comes to the weakening of the definition of marriage, suffer most.

Some may say that the people who have to listen to such arguments suffer most, but, you know, it's all subjective.


  1. Jack M says

    They should go one step further and advocate for protecting children who are already here from abuse and neglect. But it seems as though they are just like American Conservatives – they want to protec the unborn, but after you’re here, you’re on your own.

  2. Alex Parrish says

    Well, I think the whole mixed-(Male/Female)-marriage debate was lost when it became illegal for husbands to beat their wives. It’s been all downhill from there. (/sarcasm)

  3. says

    When you have to lie, your argument is over. Although it is interesting to see the sheer stupidity, ignorance, cowardice and bigotry is not just limited to the good ol’ U.S. of A.

  4. gregory brown says

    It obviously doesn’t occur to these folks that hetero couples might choose not to get pregant in the first place, or to do it with better planning and intnetions to carry through to term. That would eliminate abortions. I suppose some zealots harbor a secret notion that “life begins with the thought of sex”.

    Large scale abandonment of hetero baby making would be disastrous for the Mormon Empire, of course. Those spiritual children conceived by the God and Goddess of this planet wouldn’t have anyplace to go.

  5. Jay says

    HA – the conversation was brilliant!!!!

    That said, I know I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but…

    I still wish someone can explain to me the logic of:

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away; all oranges are not applies; therefore an orange a day will make you have to see the doctor all the time!

    They keep bringing up research that has been conducted SOLEY within the context of heterosexual unions and extrapolating a F-ton of “Facts” that have nothing to do with the study…for example: “There was a study that showed that children did better when they grew up with both biological parents around!” Yes, based upon that study that was true… children do better when there are two parents in the house and both parents were present from birth. The study however was not done comparing childrens outcomes from hetero versus homo parents. Another study was done where the conclusion was: “Even a father in prison is better than no father.” Yes, based upon that study that was true…but lesbian couples were not included in that study, so they were only evaluating children who at least knew where their father was as opposed to children who had no idea where their father was.

    I guess I will be forced to continue to believe that eating oranges causes people to have to go to the doctor more often…I just wish someone can tell me why?

  6. jamal49 says

    Uh, yeah. Right. The disconnect that evangidicks have from the realities of life is astounding. It’s that damned JesusDrug. It just messes with yer brain and makes it impossible to think rationally. Like crack, ya know?

  7. Dan in MO says

    If someone can get the address, I’ll call Mom and see if she still has her copy of “Where Do Babies Come From?”

  8. Michaelandfred says

    I thought I was pregnant, we thought shortly about an abortion but then realized it was only the chili……

  9. Diogenes Arktos says

    “…aborted outside of real mariages”

    Doesn’t he realize this is the “fault” of heterosexual couples in nonmarried relationships — where is the proof that this development has anything to do with marriage equality?

  10. Mike says

    This is another example of antigay Christian black propaganda to destroy LGBT people and their civil and equal rights as equal people.