Victoria Jackson Loves Her Gay Friends And Todd Akin, Too

VictoriaJacksonFormer Saturday Night Live star and current conservative fundamentalist Victoria Jackson was of course at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, which where Sirius radio host Michelangelo Signorile ran into her and asked the Tea Partier to sound of on Todd "legitimate rape" Akin.

You can be sure Jackson, a woman who thinks all Muslims are terrorists and describes gay kisses as "sickening", had plenty to say.

"The Todd Akin thing was so blown out of proportion — it's a joke," she said. "How many times do people get pregnant from rape? It's point zero zero one percent. It's a joke.

She went on: "I read lots of articles. I know people, because I'm 53. I've know a lot of people, and I've actually never known anyone who got pregnant from being raped."

Jackson also said that if she got pregnant from a rape, she would have the baby.

I think that God can turn a bad thing into a good thing. And that, if I got raped and a beautiful baby who was innocent was born out of it, that would be a blessing. The DNA of a baby is individual. It's not the mother's DNA. It's not the father's DNA. And that's why I believe abortion is murder, because it's not the woman's body. It has it's own DNA. If there's a boy baby inside of me, he has a penis. That's not my body.

Signorile later asked Jackson to respond to former friend Dan Steadman's public claim that Jackson turned her back on him because he's gay. "I love my gay friends," she told Signorile. "My best friends who are gay, I've actually never seen them with a boyfriend. It's like — we've never talked about sex. I don't think people should identify themselves by their sexual life. My identity is in Christ… But I don't think people should make their identity about their sex life. That should be private."

Would it be inappropriate to point out here that it was a self-professed "normally sexed" person, Karl-Maria Kertbeny, who first used the word "homosexual" in print, forever making sex part of straight and LGBT people's identities alike?


  1. says

    The country needs a new name for these crazy assholes, because they are NOT EVEN CLOSE to being “conservative” in any way – they are extreme, stupid and dangerous.

  2. Ricco says

    I love how Hollywood and the entertainment moguls of SNL talk about and mock the idiosyncrasies, lunacy, and downright hypocritical stances of politicians but seemingly when it comes to one of their own, an SNL alumnus, who, as is the case with Victoria Jackson, with her funny, high-pitched, nasally voice, and her delusional life perspective would make great comic fodder, is apparently off limits.

    Come on SNL. Lorne Green, if you can’t mock one of your own lunatics, then shut up about the rest of the crazy world, and shut down production on your outdated show.

  3. Bernie says

    Victoria Jackson is one of the most unenlightened persons I have heard spout her poison. I did not see one statement she said that made sense or had any logic, reality or rationale basis to it. And this scary woman has a talk show. Her identity is Christ, yet gay peopel should keep their identity private. The only gay friends she could possibly have may be gay republicans.

  4. woodroad34d says

    What a Doofus McGurk — What if the baby isn’t “beautiful” is abortion alright, then, after a rape? If the baby is a girl, does that make the baby “part of her”? A baby is part of both of the parents, just a different mixture than either one of them. So tumors, that most likely have different DNA, are not to be excised either? Her statements are something of a drug induced addled mind. She’s an excellent representation of the GOP.

  5. Mike says

    So much wrong…

    You’ve never known anyone who got pregnant from rape, so it doesn’t happen? I’ve never known anyone who has talked to God, so he doesn’t exist.

    Your best friends are gay, you’ve never seen them with a boyfriend? Do you not want to be part of their lives, their families, share their happiness and love? Or is it just that the gay men who are your “friends” are too embarrassed of you to introduce you to their boyfriends.

  6. GABE says

    “My best friends who are gay, I’ve actually never seen them with a boyfriend.”

    Ummm maybe because they are afraid to bring a boyfriend around to meet a judgemental, religious windbag! I have a feeling if your “best friends” who are gay
    haven’t introduced you to their partners, they ain’t your best friends (who are gay).

  7. GABE says

    @RICCO: SNL makes fun of these people ALL the time! They probably haven’t made fun of her specifially is because she is a washed up has-been who was on the show 25 years ago and wasn’t even that memorable when she was on to begin with. The point to comedy is to poke fun at someothing relevant, not have the audience go “who?”. Other than the religous crap she has been spouting off about, what else has she done in 20 years? So, it is not a grand conspiracy by Hollywood, they certainly make fun of people of her type all the time. If they did make fun of her you would probably complain about the “lame stream left wing media” are picking on stars who are conservative. So give it a rest!

    BTW,speaking of being outdated: it’s Lorne Michaels, NOT Lorne Greene who died 25 years ago and was on Bonanza.

  8. Dana says

    “Karl-Maria Kertbeny, who first used the word “homosexual” in print,forever making sex part of straight and LGBT people’s identities alike?”

    Belonsky, you are as dumb as Victoria Jackson. The use of the term “homosexual” has nothing to do with transgenders. Sex is not a part of the definition of transgender identity because gender is not the same thing as sex. Transgenders can be asexual, heterosexual, bisexual or gay. Most are not gay.

    All this should lead you to the obvious conclusion that the term “LGBT people” is nonsensical. There is no such thing as “LGBT people.” Every time you use that term, you are telling a lie.

  9. Ricco says

    @GABE . . . you are right, of course. It is Lorne Michael’s, not Lorne Green. LOL . . a slip of the tongue, but of course you are the kind of person who recognizes a slip of the tongue, and does not feel the need to make a big deal of it to puff yourself at the expense of someone else, to accentuate your own sense of self-importance, the feeling that you are right, and your opponent wrong? Yes? No?

    And what makes me your opponent? WE must both agree about how insane Victoria Jackson is.

    You made some valid points, but whether or not she is a has been, one of their lesser known alumni, she is is the news now, and think how much wind Lorne MICHAEL’S could knock out of the wind bag if he did write some skits onto the show?

    But lets agree to disagree on that point.

    And I think it was you, not I who used the term grand conspiracy. But I will point something out, and it is not a grand conspiracy, it is the history of Hollywood, and the current face of Hollywood, that they re much better at pointing out the hypocrisy of Washington D.C. and forgetting the fact that almost everything they write, for the small or the large screen, has a white face, with a token Black, Asian, or Mexican.

    In police procedurals, they cast a Black actor as the boss of the lead white character. They6 cannot even tell a Black persons story, or the story of a Native American character with somehow making it all about the white man.

    This is not a conspiracy . . . this is fact of cinema, forever etched on billions and billions of miles of film.

    And GABE, dude, a slip of the tongue on a name, a disagreement on how valid it would be for SNL to mock one of their own has-beens, and whether or not SNL is an outdated show, and you think you know my political leanings?

    LOL – seriously, man, save your energy for a real opponent, a real enemy, because I’m not your enemy. Chill out!

    Peace Out.

  10. Bart says

    She’s just too easy to make fun of. Stop sticking a microphone in her face because you know she’s both insane and stupid. Leave her alone and she can go back to yammering at her friends and family and leave the rest of America alone.

  11. jason says

    Victoria is actually right about rape-induced pregnancy being very rare. The female body shuts down in such circumstances, and does not allow fertilization to occur. Occasionally, it will, but it’s very rare.

    Let’s focus more on the fact that women would abort children for all sorts of reasons. If a woman was opposed to having a baby with a gay gene, she’d get support from the feminists.

  12. jason says

    Can I also point out a fallacy in Andrew Belonsky’s thinking? There is no such thing as a LGBT person or people. What is it? It must be some new abbreviation. Are they from the planet known as LGBT?

    I beg to know who or what is LGBT. How about BLGT or TLBG? Or BGTL. Heck, why not add a Q too. QLBTG or GQLBT, anyone?

  13. JD says

    That was so bizarre. It’s like she’s implying that if gay people try to live a normal life, they’re making their life about their sexual identity. If she saw straight friends with their lovers, I seriously doubt she’d “think” they were making their whole identities about their sex lives.

  14. jason says


    You make a valid point but the problem with the male-male paradigm is that it combines two high sex drives. It is defined by maleness and the high sex drives that exist in men. This manifests as highly sexualized social scenes.

    Hetero’s have sexualized social scenes too but it usually involves payment of money from men to women. In other words, men have to purchase sexual activity from relatively lowly-sexed women. This payment notion has a curtailing effect on promiscuity in the hetero paradigm.

    It’s why you don’t see heterosexual equivalents of the stranger sex scenarios that are common in the male-male paradigm.

  15. Tothepoint says

    I am not a believer but we need to pray-en-mass that this crazy b*tch does not get raped because the “point zero zero percent” chance of her getting pregnant as a result is terrifying.

  16. PAUL B. says

    “The female body shuts down in such circumstances”…giggle, giggle. You know, come to think of it…I did see what looked like a red “stop sign” in front of a vagina once but stupid me…I just thought it was that time of month.

  17. Tothepoint says

    Someone here spouts what he think is an intelligent repose but alas, he hath no intelligence – may have studied at the same higher-learning institution that the subject of this article attended. The not-so-rare occurrence of pregnancy after rape has nothing to do with a woman’s body shutting down – been reading too much into Akin’s oratories. A rapist does not pick his victim based on when they are fertile, they just want to attack at that moment. Women are only fertile for about 5 days a month, so the rape has to be coincidental with the victim’s cycle for even a chance at pregnancy. Just common sense here. BTW, the pregnancy rate of rape victims is 5-6% and not the “point zero zero percent” our honorary subject seems to think.

  18. PAM says


    Why don’t you save your energy for the real enemy!! Guess what? It isn’t SNL and it isn’t feaking out on people who have the nerve to comment on one of your sermons to us. You want the show shutdown because they haven’t made fun of this loser. How do you know they haven’t? Do you watch the show every week? Then when someone points out why maybe they haven’t you freak out. Chill out man.

  19. Ricco says

    @PAM . . . SNL is not my enemy. I simply made a point, one that was neither directed at you or GABE . . . yet both of you felt the need to go on the offensive. Yo are the one freaking out, and of course I recognize you, we all recognize you as the HAG who writes anti-gay pretending comments pretending to say something meaningful.

    No one was talking to you, yet here you are shoving your oar in.

    LOL – It is you who needs to chill out Brother . . . Sister . . . whatever you are.

    Peace Out

    I am

  20. GABE says

    You made a point. I made a point. You get all bugged out. I guess no one is allowed to comment on your posts. They are untouchable. I’m sorry O great one! Geeze.

    There are bigger fish to fry than Ms. Jackson. Saying a TV show should shut down over her makes no sense. Priorities.

  21. vann says

    Why is it important for us to pay attention to the ramblings and spouting of ignorant crap from a person that became a wee bit famous for spouting off ignorant crap that others wrote for her every week?

  22. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Jason: According to the CDC, the probability of conception due to rape is 6.5% and the probability of conception due to consensual sex is 5%. The contention that the probability of conception due to rape is very small is promulgated by right to lifers who don’t want to seem ogres by forcing a woman to carry to term a pregnancy due to rape. The figure is based on a specious statistical argument based on 1970s data. The contention that the woman’s body has such a miraculous ability to shut down conception due to rape is pure science fiction.

  23. jamal49 says

    Uh, Victoria, honey? Typically, you got your science facts just a little, tiny bit screwed up (not to mention your logic, but we’ll save that for another post).

    Uh, sweetie, how do you think they can prove paternity if it wasn’t for DNA testing? I mean, I’m just sayin’, ya know?

    Oh, and, uh, Vickie? Here’s a little-known (to you) scientific, reproductive fact: do you know what the primary function of the placenta is during pregnancy, honey?

    Well, the fetus is viewed by the woman’s immune system as an alien organism her entire pregnancy, and if it was not for the placenta filtering out the killer white cells of a woman’s blood, they would attack and destroy the fetus and it would be purged from a woman’s body.

    So, uh, Vickie, I guess your woman’s body ain’t very, um, “pro-life”.

    Oh, yeah, another thing. As a gay man, I do not identify myself by my sex life. I never have. It’s what I FEEL inside, Vickie, my HUMANITY, my, well, QUEERNESS, that’s how I “identify” myself. Sex got nothin’ to do with it, OK?

    Oh, and to the author of this piece: Karl-Maria Kertbeny did invent the term “homosexual”, true, but he was attempting to provide a psychological classification for the entirety of “same-sex” attraction.

    His intentions were benign and many people rejected his hypothesis that “homosexuality” is not an aberration but a psychological state as natural as opposite-sex attraction. He never intended it to be a blanket description for gay people because he felt that sexuality is a very small component of the overall psychological make-up of a human being.

  24. bobbyjoe says

    Hey, Victoria, you should know that your old pal Toonces,the Cat Who Could Drive a Car, was gay. He had a long-term relationship with Morris the Cat, the Liberace of the feline world. I know you think that because he was once married to Hello Kitty that he must be straight, but everybody knows she’s the cat equivalent of Kelly Preston.

  25. Artie_in_Lauderale says

    Hey Jason!

    You’ve spotted a problem, have you? From your comment:

    “…the problem with the male-male paradigm is that it combines two high sex drives.”

    So the male-male paradigm is a problem for you? Is the problem theoretical, or is the problem that you don’t get laid?

  26. OKEYDOKEY says

    All males have high sex drives? Gee, you could have fooled me! I didn’t know every guy is just a sex machine. I guess when you know everything like Jason/Rick does, you can make such broad statements.

  27. Mick says

    Blah, blah, blah! Is this all that you fart knockers have got to complain about? Your elders braved police batons, pink scares, and bald faced intolerance, and you sit now sniping at anyone who dares to have an opinion you don’t like. The bullied have become the bullies.

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