1. LauraLoonie says

    OMFG! More of the North Carolina Cacalackies! The only time I flew into Raleigh on a plane with 20 people on board they lost my luggage! I never returned…occasionally I make it to Assville via Atlanta–I know my limits!

  2. says

    Where were they when it’s OUR gay kids being told that saying gay is a crime in schools? When politicians, elected officials, cities, AND parents were petitioning to ban people from saying the words gay and being allowed to discuss being gay.

    Where was God, or blessings, or American values then?

  3. Lazerlightbeams says

    They are amazing at attempting to limit OUR rights, our freedoms and our speech…

    Yet, they play martyr when we boycott them for spending millions toward organizations that work to eliminate gays. YES, WE’RE PROTESTING YOUR PRECIOUS COMPANY NOT FOR STATING AN OPINION…but for donating millions to DESTROY gays overseas, notably Africa. That’s where we’re up in arms about and have every reason to be

  4. says

    Here’s what I never understood about this debate:

    Anti gay people are esssentially rioting because they claim they can’t exercise their first amendment rights……


    then they tell us we’re wrong for boycotting and exercising OUR amendment rights for doing so.

    You have every right to free speech but gay and our allies don’t have a right to boycott?

  5. Scott Johansen says

    @ USC Trojans Fan

    That basically summed it up perfectly.

    I haven’t heard a single gay person argue Dan Cathy should not have the right to voice his opinion. Not one person I’ve seen on here or my gay friends have stated “Dan Cathy should be stripped of his rights to express being anti gay” I HAVE seen the gay community infact uphold and celebrate the beauty of the constituition by also using their freedom of speech to give Dan Cathy a rebuttal. And also not patronize his establishment.

    I constantly see conservatives take issue with gays boycotting Chik Fil A (isn’t that a right in the law of the land? it sure is) but then cry a river over not being able to voice their opinion. So you want to take one of our rights away (boycotting) to practice your right (freedom of speech)?

  6. says

    I was listening to the conservative radio host Michael Medvel today and his entire hour was devoted to how flawed and fundmentally wrong it is of the gay community to boycott Chik Fil A. In his next hour of the show, he devoted it to how right it is for anti-gay individuals to promote their freedoms of speech that they are granted, and say whatever they wish about gays.

    Does anyone else note the hypocrisy of the conservative right in this whole thing? It’s truly stunning.

  7. Ricky says

    They look desperately unhappy – I mean – it is as though the suddenly for the first time they looked around and saw others who think just like them – and are appalled and ashamed – but as always too afraid to do anything about it.

    Yesterday – as they stood like hefty cattle in the Chicago stockyards waiting to get in to buy pickle pounded chicken sandwiches – they must have looked around and realized that – yes, this is what Heaven is going to look like.

    Suddenly, they realized that if they are right – Heaven is going to be a long dull boring endless party full of people who are portly, poorly dressed and with bad haircuts – yes, Heaven is not going to have any of the cool kids in it.

    Yesterday – they got a glimpse of Hell.

  8. Real Talk says

    Picture it:

    You’re a 13 year old boy struggling with being gay. The kids at school taunt, tease and beat you on a near daily basis. You overhear your parents make hateful comments about “them gays”
    You then see mobs of people at your local fast food restuarant, cheering and singing “God Bless America” all bonding over how much they resent gays…

    and how would you feel as that isolated teenage boy?

    Do we really wonder why & how our gay children do take their own lives?
    They are made to feel sooo rejected and repulsive that they themselves buy into it.

    We ALL as LGBT have a *duty*….DUTY….d–u-t-y to make our gay youth feel wanted. Because these events above are making them feel more and more lonesome.

  9. Rick says

    You should all be really concerned about the massive outpouring of support we have seen for Chick-fil-a. It demonstrates a deepening well of opposition to gay rights that I have absolutely no doubt is a consequence of the gay movement having aligned itself with the Far Left, thereby alienating a substantial proportion of the population.

    And the snarky, elitist comments in this thread just demonstrate that.

    In all seriousness, if we don’t manage to change the opinions of people like these, then we will never, ever really gain full acceptance in society, but most of you seem absolutely bound and determined to do everything you possibly can to create as much polarization as possible and to make them hate you.

    You just cannot seem to get it through your thick heads that sitting in New York or San Francisco and constantly hurling insults and condescension at people in the rest of the country is not ever going to bring about change, nor is promoting ideologies like “gender-non-conformity.”

    This movement has fallen off the rails because it has been taken over by extremists….and that is a very dangerous development, indeed.

  10. Christa says

    Real Talk,

    Well said. I saw this video and my initial reaction was hurting for every gay child in small towns across the U.S

    This entire episode, and the childish/martyr antics of the homophobes has been ridiculous, and proof that these people will stop at nothing to let it be known how much they have a disdain for us. It’s hurting our gay kids incredibly and they are who my thoughts and heart is with.

  11. Trev says

    Bring me the bigots, homophobes, and racists alike. Bring me false Christians and self-righteous fraught with indignation and spite. Bring me the lemmings blinded by fear, the misinformed holding their beliefs so wrongly dear. Bring me political extremists guided by right wings and narrow-mindlessly straight. Bring me these idiots, so holier than thou, and I shall reap UNGODLY PROFITS from their ignorance and hate.

  12. stranded says

    We’ve now seen Mike Huckabee in his George Wallace moment. Years from now this will be taught in schools as the same sort of dinosaur backlash that happened when southern schools began to integrate. It’s just part of the dying belch of “the way we were” as culture and society realizes that civil rights apply to all people.

    It’s important to keep in mind the perspective of these people. We are not only challenging their sense of superiority, we are challenging their piety as well. They couldn’t possibly concede that they may be misinterpreting the scriptures, much less admit that the scriptures aren’t valid. They really don’t believe that they are bigots. They are simply standing up for tradition. Which is of course the whole point. Their tradition IS bigotry.

  13. Derek says

    @Rick and the likes:

    I wonder is this is the same person that comments this way…

    Give me/us a list of what to do then…would like to know what you are about besides a gay guy bashing gays…or perhaps a gay republican?..

    lets see if its worth anything…


  14. scott says

    I wouldn’t express it the way @RICK has- and I’m not agreeing with his reasons. IT wasn’t that anything was hijacked- it was mishandled by some well-meaning mayors, and it’s a company largely based in the southeast and mid-west- not the friendliest places to equality for gays. But mainly, it was the idea these mayors were trampling on free speech- which they were, before they backed down.
    This is getting to be bad….it DOES NOT look good for the gay community or gay rights… This year could be a banner year of wins-in Maryland, Washington, Maine, and maybe even Minnesota. We could turn the tide of anti-marriage equality initiatives having won EVERY SINGLE TIME- so we just NEED TO DROP THIS THING NOW.
    I hate writing in caps- but the situation is bad. This could really hurt public opinion for us. My bf and I have straight friends who are calling us, friends who support marriage equality,telling us that they won’t be boycotting CFA. Boycott them- we are- but this thing needs to die in the news TODAY. Public opinion is gonna roll us against us- and we need to get this dropped in the news.

  15. Wes says

    I’ve been boycotting them for years simply as a vegetarian, but I’ve known about their socially conservative background for a while. Today I see pictures of tons of people going out of their way to make some kind of statement in support of anti-gay beliefs (which they will call ‘traditional’, as are many forms of bigotry). I’m glad they are cementing their legacy with imagery that will be hard to forget as we continue to become a more understanding and inclusive society. I like to see people for what they are, I only feel bad for the gay employees of chik-fil-a who have to endure this onslaught of negativity to collect what I can only assume is a pretty measly paycheck. My sympathies are with them – let people with nothing better to do have chicken for a day. I’ll take the future, supersized.

  16. Michaelandfred says

    It’s amazing to me. 32 times people have voted to STRIP our rights from the constitution. Not boycott or rail against or picket… Totally strip our constitutional rights away. They even tried to strip those rights from the US constitution. Where was the outrage about constitutional rights then? Where was the crying about rights being denied? Who sang for us? The hypocrisy is so outrageous it beggars the imagination.

  17. Wes says

    Rick, I disagree with your assessment of what we’re seeing. This isn’t a huge growth of opposition, its the squirming yelp of a dying culture. Its no secret the impressive pace at which homosexuality is becoming accepted and supported in our society and around the world. The latest surge, of course, following the unprecedented personal endorsement of the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth. People are following suit at a truly astounding rate – and count me surprised that marriage equality is an official part of the Democratic platform this year. Sure, they are reading the writing on the wall, but the level of vocal support is having an exponential effect as people feel comfortable, even pressured socially not unlike racism, into joining what is increasingly seen as the winning side. There are many problems with gay activists, and there are many disagreements among us. But something we’ve been doing has apparently been working better than anyone could have imagined not very long ago.

  18. TampaZeke says

    Real Talk, you don’t have to imagine it. There were probably hundreds, if not THOUSANDS, of gay kids that were dragged out to Chick-fil-A yesterday for the anti-gay, hate rally. Not only did they watch how their community feels about them, they got to see how their PARENTS and their FAMILY hate them.

    I used to be one of those kids. I know exactly how horrifying and heart wrenching it is!

  19. Robert K. says

    Rick, you really are quite stupid. There hasn’t been a Far Left in this country for decades, and there has never been an identifiable time when the different gay movements have aligned with what you falsely believe is a Leftist gay movement.

    Secondly, the time for politeness towards stupid, ignorant, dishonest, paranoid people is over. They do not use any logic, facts or connection to reality in what they say and do. I do not need to be accepted by them or anyone else, including you. I’m an American citizen and because of that simple fact I deserve the same rights as all heterosexuals. I have contributed far more to people than homophobes ever have or ever will.

  20. Ricky says

    Rick – I appreciate your sentiment – but no, you do not go to these people with your hat in hand and ask for more please – equality will never be given – it must be demanded as a matter of simple justice.

    Letting anyone stupid enough to stand in line for hours for a greasy disgusting chicken sandwich in support of a billionaire — letting anyone so stupid as to not simply go in one day this week – but to actually stand in line like cattle — decide if you should have equality or not is simply not the American way.

    If we have to fight them in the courts, find them in the legislatures, fight them in the streets – fight them we will – and we will win – they already know it.

    If we simply hope for them to give it to us – we will live in constant fear that they will one day take it a way – that is no way to live.

  21. BEAHBEAH says

    Stop being overdramatic Rick. Pretty soon you’ll be bringing race, transgenders and effeminate gays into the conversation. So predictable.

    Equal rights and acceptance have never happened over night. It’s been over 100 years since the end of slavery and we’re still not in a post-racial society. Women still aren’t equal in this country looking at statistics, especially in the areas that these wingnuts flocked to Chik-Fil-A.

    Our movement has grown leaps and bounds over the past 10-20 years. Gay marriage is inevitable and so are equal rights for us in this country. And it’s all going down in the next 25 years. And even when we do get these rights, we STILL won’t be accepted and loved by everyone. But as the older generations die off and the more visible and loud we are, the faster it’s going to happen. So enjoy sitting in your closet and critiquing while everyone else does the work for you.

    For the last time Republicans don’t like you and they aren’t going to. And there is nothing we can do to win them over, GoProud and LCR have proven that time and time again. So put a sock in it.

  22. Trilesd says

    The hysteria by the homophobes over this Chik Fil A issue has been SHOCKING. Truly startling at how calculated they are in playing victim. I have not seen LGBT blow this story up, in actuality, it’s homophobes who have made such an issue out of this that you would think THEY are the ones being persecuted. The Christians in line at our local Chik Fil A told the reporter “these gays think society is for them and they would destroy Christians if they could”
    It’s shocking how immature and childish the homophobes are reacting. But not really surprising

  23. AJ says

    I agree with Wes. This is the last yelp of a dying movement and these people will all be ashamed in about 20 years. They always get crazier at the end.

  24. Steve-ATL says

    With the way the anti gay crowd is literally screaming about how victimized they are:

    You would think it’s Christians who are fired every day in 30 states for being Christian (its gays)

    You would think its 1 in every 4 Christian children who attempt suicide (its gays)

    You would think it’s 1,250 government rights and privliges being denied to Christian couples (nope, it’s gay couples being denied basic rights by their government strictly because they are gay)

    You would think it was Christians who were belittled then made to feel like war criminals and then discharged from serving up until just this year (it was gays)

    You would think it’s thousands of leasing offices and home associations denying living conditions to Christians across this country (that happens every day to gay folks)

    They have no grasp of reality. None.

  25. Jackson says

    Our gay kids should be PUNISHED strongly -and forced out of school- for saying the words ‘gay’ during class, according to bills lobbied in a legislative process. Yet WE are the ones forcing our beliefs on them?
    They spend millions, and collectively maybe billions, to strip us of our rights in every state. We’re stepping on their rights? That’s the scary thing about all this. How deluded the anti gay ilk are. They’ve convinced themselves that we are a road block in THEIR happiness. With paranoia comes horrible actions and part of me does wonder to what extent they’d go to deny our freedoms. They took away civil unions in North Carolina in 2012.

    I believe every gay person owes it to themselves to be politically involved

  26. Matt Ford says

    Ugh! My sister-in-law took my nephews yesterday. Called my attorney this morning to schedule an appointment next week to change my will. I wish I was going to be able to see their faces (hopefully many years from now) when the reading of the will. Remember,if you don’t have support from your family, cut them out. What I do have, I don’t want it to go to that branch of the family.

  27. thanks for the memories says

    …and then, forgetting where they were, they broke out into a chorus of Deutschland Uber Alles and started to look at each other to see who might be Jewish….oh, wait, we lost that battle….are there any yankees in here, bubba?….no, but we lost that battle too…..I like my sandwiches on white bread with mayo, just like my neighborhood…..just like this restaurant….

    (overheard at CFA restaurant today)

  28. Bri says

    Thank you Rick, you are not alone.

    Human rights, gay rights, marriage rights should not be a political stance. Gay Republicans shouldn’t be demeaned and ostracized by the gay community. If anything, they should be fostered and encouraged. Maybe it’s okay to be fiscally responsible, and socially progressive. Change can come only from both sides. All I see from Democrats and Republican is divisive speak, and politics. We align ourselves with one extreme, we accomplish little and risk a lot.

  29. MarkUs says

    The guy from Arizona, Adam Smith, who YouTubed himself going through a drive thru and berating a perfectly pleasant Chick Fil A employee serving him his FREE WATER has been fired according to Brietbart, who have a statement from the company stating while they stand by his rights to express his beliefs and Chick Fil A’s rights to express it’s beliefs, they (basically) do not tolerate douchebags in their organization. Love it.

  30. Anthony says

    You guys, I think we are close to the final (and unfortunately the ugliest) battle for full equality. These people know that their time will be up soon, and if they have to be dragged into the 21st century kicking and screaming, then so be it.

  31. Austine says

    The conservatives in this country are absolutely insane in every sense of the word and they need to be called out for their actions.

    The above display of bursting out into song and dance singing a national anthem is an embarrasment for this country. But Conservatives are consistently shameful in their actions

  32. says

    This made me want to puke. They are sooo over dramatic. They are the ones limiting OUR rights. I am so excited to attend tomorrows kiss in with my boyfrind. To ALL LGBT, be proud of your partners every day. Be proud of your relationships. Kiss when you want and dont be afraid to hold hands. Look at the hysteria above in this video. You dont deserve to be in hiding because of these crazies. They should motivate you to be even more proud to be gay!

  33. jason says

    These hordes of so-called Christians descended on Chik-Fil-A stores to make a point. In doing so, they caused a huge amount of inconvenience for people who were there for the genuine reason of wanting a meal. These political point-scorers clogged up the queues, took up the table space, crowded out the parking lots…you know what I mean.

  34. JohnnyBS says

    Of course these people know that Mr. Berlin’s song is not in the public domain, and they require permissions and should probably pay royalties for their impromptu performance. I of course would expect nothing less than payment of royalties due by the parties involved, which I believe are the Boy and Girl Scouts of America. The song does not enter the public domain until 2034.Stealing from children. Shameful.

  35. Francis says

    Oh, and we’re winning on Chick-fil-A, their brand rating continues to decline. Their reputation, their value in parts of the country not Southern/conservative has declined. We are winning solely by exposing the hate of conservatives for all to see. We are winning solely by having our fight for equality become national news and by seeing so many people, city leaders, legislators, companies, etc. standing up for us. We are winning and now is NOT the time to back down.

    And with hate crimes increasing dramatically outside of basically the Northeast, and West Coast, and as has been said, with LGBT teens having to hear daily the hate that so many have against them solely because of the way they are born, we need to, more than ever, assert our right to exist in American society without being constantly pushed around and denigrated. There are a lot of people who don’t seem to get it, but ultimately, we have the right to be gay without being demonized as a result, and we need to stand up for that right and be proud of who we are.

  36. says

    “I have absolutely no doubt is a consequence of the gay movement having aligned itself with the Far Left, thereby alienating a substantial proportion of the population.”

    @Rick: You always repeat this and it’s nonsense. Today’s gay movement is very centrist, more Democrat leaning than Republican, obviously, since the 2012 Republican party is virulently anti-gay. But marriage equality in particular is a “conservative” issue within the gay movement, yet it dominates. Believe me, I know some queer lefties and they all think marriage and DADT are the last issues we should be working on. They hate how assimilationist the movement has become. You should get out more. Take a look at the people who are working on marriage (the main subject of the whole Chick-Fil-A brouhaha) and you’ll find few Lefties, or few Righties, who don’t care about marriage for a different set of reasons.

  37. Gene says

    It’s horrifying to see all those people with kids – indoctrinating them with hatred. It reminds me of the KKK. Maybe those parents will eat too much of that fatty chicken. One more thing…I agree with Rick who called it a “squirming yelp of a dying culture.” Here’s hoping.

  38. Scott Johansen says

    Seriously, how are these events and people any different than those who went out of their way to celebrate diner stands that refused service to black people? There were staged events in the 60s where some white people had celebration rallies at food courts and estbalishments that denied black people rights. Said white people saw it as a way to celebrate their freedoms.

    History TRULY repeats itself. Gay may not be denied entry. But donating millions to organizations that fund those whom kill our peope abroad is even worse in many ways.

  39. Miaoures says

    This picture and one I saw on HuffPost of people crowding the registers at Chick-fil-A are some of the most offensive pictures I have ever seen (through no fault of those who posted them). The nasty smiles on their faces and the general jovial atmosphere suggest to me that these people are unapologetically PROUD of being hateful bigots or being apathetic about the war Chick-fil-A and its donees are waging on LGBT Americans. This makes me want to f**king punch a hole in the wall.

  40. says

    Can someone on here PLEASE answer this for me. Please. Anyone…

    99.999% of religious people demand you know they are religious. They were religious symbols, decorate their homes with religious reflections, they quote the Bible, and make constant references to Jesus, even in mixed company (*especially* in mixed company) and even in casual conversation. They’ll knock on your door, they’ll hold signs in protests, and they’ll even demand that our countries laws and rules be framed with religion in mind. In fact, most religious people almost *do* literally shove their religion down our throats.

    Why is it then if a gay couple makes it identifiable they are a couple, that is militant gay activism and they are shoving it down others throats?

    Religion has been forced to us, and increasingly so lately, and it’s a CHOICE. Not something they were inherently born with. Yet us celebrating our wonderful gay relationships is something we should dial back?

    I agree with other posters. These homophobic incidents sincerely make me even more proud to be who I am, showcase my relationship, and be more actively involved in LGBT

  41. Icebloo says

    Wow ! The amount of homophobia in American society is astounding. This is really showing the world how stupid and brainwashed Americans are – it’s embarrassing !

  42. Mark says

    Anybody else see what I see?

    This whole Chick-fil-a saga has been a very well organized and executed rally – to stir up the religious voters. CFA has been very content in years past of just doing their ‘thing’ – and they really haven’t been hogs for the media spotlight.

    So, for an organization with verified numerous ties to right wing hate groups – who have (not always) backroom ties to numerous republican politicians – why would they so conveniently step into a national social scandal just 75 days away from the elections??

    Democrats put gay marriage plank. And now this – and the repubs make it all look like they had nothing to do with it.

  43. says

    Ignorant, close-minded bigots standing around for hours like cattle waiting to feed at the trough just to stick it to gay people. Jesus would have been so proud.

    I’ll bet the loonies at Jonestown led a massive religious chant just before they drank the poison Kool-Aid. History repeats itself, except the poison is much slower.

  44. HOCKEYJOCK says

    …what does ‘God Bless America’ have to do with a chicken fast-food chain?

    That’s one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen. Overweight hicks waiting in line like cattle and singing about God for greasy, gut-bomb fast-food, all for the sake of lining an anti-gay millionaire’s pockets.

    Is THAT what they consider ‘patriotism’???

    Wow, this country is just SOOO STUPID sometimes it’s shocking.

  45. andrew says

    Don’t allow these right wing fundamentalists christians to claim our America. I am a 73 year old USN veteran who like my brothers and sisters in the LGBT Community loves this great nation.We are the USA. They might also want to sing “America The Beautiful” which was written by a lesbian. LGBT people wrap yourselves in the American flag because it belongs to you.

  46. maddm@ says

    For those that don’t know or couldn’t tell from the broad strokes used in making points or the giant strawman argument, Rick is a troll of the highest caliber and it is wise not to feed him. As it is with many trolls he doesn’t care about the point at hand, only being inflammatory and steering all conversation back to his points. As Paul Anka once sang… “Just don’t look! Just don’t look!”

    I will add this though- are all of you REALLY so surprised at the hypocrisy playing out in all of this? Have you been in a K hole for the rest of the gay rights movement? this is the same hypocrisy that’s been coming since the beginning of the “religious right.” As long as you’re “us,” everything is kosher or at best needs an apology and all is forgiven, if you’re “them” everything you do is wrong or a lie or from satan/whatever

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