1. Cam says

    Mitchum is a great roll model. Sure he’s good in sports. But he’s a great roll model because he came out when everybody kept telling him he shouldn’t.

    Good for him!

  2. Alex Parrish says

    Matthew is in a long-term relationship with a handsome guy named Lochlyn. But if these two went into the porn business… well then, all bets are off! (Just kidding Lochlyn) These tow are both exceptionall handsome men.

  3. dan cobb says

    Wow wow wow. This is masturbation material for the next decade for me! MAN o MAN, Leyva is BEAUTIFUL and Mitchum too…. sorry guys, gotta go to the bathroom here at work and rub one out!!

  4. says

    While Micham may be a great baker and roll model, he’s an even stronger role model for athletes and young people – indeed, all people – with integrity, objectivity, humor and adorableness to spare…

  5. says

    I just don’t see the attraction everyone has for Danell Leyva. Mitcham, on the other hand, has that certain appeal.

    @Peter…Matthew Mitcham is openly gay and a diver for Australia. He won the Gold in Beijing.

  6. Icebloo says

    …and even though Americans claim to have the best teeth it’s clear from this picture that Australia’s socialized medicine dentistry is the clear winner ! Danell needs to get his teeth fixed.

  7. anon says

    You’re crediting Australia for Mitcham’s teeth? How about the money he gets from sponsors? He might also have been born with straight teeth. It happens.

  8. Byron St. James says

    Interesting that many of these comments reflect the sad superficiality and hostility of many gay men and are likely predictors of a bleak future spent alone.

  9. luke says

    mitcham is great, i don’t see the appeal in leyva, but in fantasy land i’d probably pick someone a bit meatier than either of them, maybe someone in the water polo team if you keep it olypmics. in reality, hardly likely to end up with someone remotely similar lol

  10. says

    “Mitchum is a great roll model. Sure he’s good in sports. But he’s a great roll model because he came out when everybody kept telling him he shouldn’t. Good for him!

    Posted by: Cam | Aug 7, 2012 9:58:47 AM”

    Dear Cam: Because you said “roll model” twice, I’m assuming that you mean it and it’s not just a typo (“role” not “roll”). If so, then you must mean that in a Mitcham-Leyva relationship, Leyva gets to roll Mitcham everytime. I don’t agree. First of all, Mitcham has the advantage of having achieved fame first before Leyva, and therefore holds more of the strong cards than the dark beauty. In the porn movie in my head, the script requires Leyva to be the stern top and Mitcham the cheerfully submissive bottom. But after several rounds of beta-testing this scenario in my mind, I am now inclined to seeing them switch roles from time to time. For variety and to ward off tedium I suppose. So, go ahead, roll him as often and in as many ways as you can. Just make sure he has as many costume changes (basically swimming trunks) as he has porn positions.

  11. Absolute Ten Myself says

    Levya? Looks like an escapee from the simian exhibit at the Havana Municipal Zoo, with that flat, wide nose. Gross.

    And the shorn fur? Son….live with it. You’re never going to be smooth, short of a burnoff, so….make furry sexy.

    The face, however, is never gonna work.

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