1. noWhoa says

    to WHOA –
    racist? Get over yourself.

    This fool is his own minstrel show.
    He’s the one who said that gay men “give birf to cell phones out they spinxters.”

  2. Strepsi says

    NOM up to its old “pit the blacks vs. the gays” tricks again.

    Any minority who works to disenfranchise another minority’s civil rights deserves all the scorn that can be heaped on him.

    We should really publicize BAYARD RUSTIN, the black gay founder of the U.S. civil rights movement and founder of the million man march. If Dr. King was the heart and soul of the civil rights movement, Rustin was the brains — and was of course the subjetc of FBI blackmail. He should be on a stamp, he’s a national hero.

  3. MAP says

    When is the African American community in this country going to wake the hell up? Can’t they see they are being used by NOM and republican organizations and in turn the republicans want to supress the African American vote of those who can vote.This needs to be exposed and brought out to the main stream media. Al Sharpton, Rachel Maddow,Anderson cooper , Chris Matthews…someone PLEASE pick up on this.

  4. alan says

    Obviously this dupe has forgotten Loving v. Virginia 1967…. A civil rights case involving marriage. It abolished the Virginia law that prohibited blacks marrying whites. As a black man he should be more liberal

  5. Mike says

    This black man would still be a slave today in America if it were not for the gays in the military that fought to free the black slaves in the south during the Civil War, (yes Virginia there were gays in the military in the civil war). Today this black man is free of being a slave to white Christian plantation owners who made them slaves, yet this black man has chosen to be a slave again to white Christian slave masters now known as NOM or the National Organization for Marriage who use African Americans to spew their hate and attack the LGBT minority in America to stop and enslave them so they can not have the same rights and freedoms that gay people fought so hard to free the blacks from.

  6. thevegastyleguy says

    I love how whenever a Black homophobe pops up so many here get all, “and the Blacks should/are/the most…” Sod off.

    I have yet to see the legislation written by Black politicians that specifically excludes Gays from Marriage, housing, hospital visitation, adoption, etc.. I have also never seen Black homophobes string anyone up to a fence in the middle of nowhere to die. Those sure aren’t Blacks protesting at Soldiers funerals with signs that say, “God hates Fags!”. So shut the hell up.

    The simple fact is that homophobes come in ALL colors and religions and genders, etc.. Stop trying to pass your racism off on us as your disgust with our community’s homophobia. Physician, heel thy own damn self.

  7. Derrick from Philly says


    movies aren’t real history. You can’t look at “Brokeback Bull Run” on the screen and take it as factual. People will realize you’re not too bright.

  8. anon says

    Slavery would have ended by the turn of the century (1900) regardless because of economic factors during the industrial revolution. There probably would have been a second civil war over confederate expansion out west though.

  9. andrew says

    They can trot out all the bible thumping bigoted Black Pastors they want. African Americans who are allowed to vote are going to vote about 95% for Mr Obama. The republicans know this and that is why they are trying to keep the Black vote down by requiring photo I.D. to vote. Only time will tell if they will be successful in stealing the election.

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