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Whose Halloween Mask Frightens More, Obama or Romney? - VIDEO


Jimmy Kimmel forces his security guard Adelina to undergo a terrifying Halloween test.


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News: David Testo, Meningitis, Morrissey, Iran, NYC LGBT Center

RoadMitt Romney's favorability lower than George W. Bush.

RoadNYC's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center gets a makeover.

RoadIranian news agency mistakes article from The Onion for actual news: "Not only did FARS miss the joke, they plagiarized the Onion story wholesale, without even crediting the fake news outlet."

TestoRoadExcellent profile on out footballer David Testo: "David had been a permanent resident of the gray area. Who knew; who didn’t know? Who was OK with it; who was judging him behind his back? He had no clue. It drove him crazy. Never once, in all of his years playing soccer, did a teammate ask straight up if he was gay. And he never formally came out to anybody either. But in Vancouver a funny thing happened in the locker room."

RoadCalifornia Governor Jerry Brown signs bill that will provide more supportive homes to LGBT foster youth: "Assembly Bill 1856, authored by Assemblymember Tom Ammiano and co-sponsored by the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, will require existing training programs for foster youth caregivers to include information related to cultural competency and best practices for serving LGBT young people."

RoadMore on NYC's Meningitis outbreak among gay HIV-positive men.

RoadMorrissey was offered a vegetarian Coachella if he would reunite with Johnny Marr as The Smiths: "[I]nterestingly the agents for Coachella offered a 100 percent vegetarian event for the following year if I would agree to headline with Johnny Marr as the Smiths. Fascinatingly they made it clear that they would 'not require' the Smiths' bass player or drummer ... which I thought certainly said something."

RoadNYT on SF's new anti-gay drunk-driving archbishop: "Some expressed hope that in getting to know his followers here, Bishop Cordileone would come to see things their way. Others were more defiant, saying nothing would shake their faith. 'In a sense, I am glad that the church is sending the top guy that they have — the top antigay — because it means that we, as a community of Catholics, have done something good to deserve attention,' said George Woyames, 68, who added that he was raised as a Roman Catholic but became committed to the religion only after joining Most Holy Redeemer in 1987."

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1219

MOUNTAIN CLIMBING IN PAKISTAN: Incredible footage shot by a drone.

DISORDERLY INTOXICATION: Rep. Allen West's hideous attack ad on Patrick Murphy. Murphy campaign responds: “Allen West is shamelessly attacking Patrick Murphy for a mistake he made as a teenager, which he has discussed at length in the media as a mistake he learned from.  West then goes on to discuss his tenure in the military in 2003 while failing to acknowledge that he was criminally charged that year for assault and violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice," said Murphy for Congress communications director Erin Moffet.  "The only reason he was able to escape prosecution is because he cut a deal to retire.  Unfortunately, West's unstable behavior has continued in Congress, and he continues to diminish the office and the people to which he serves.”

ROSS WATSON: The Australian artist has an exhibition opening in London. Ian McKellen speaks.

CROCODILE TEARS: The Obama campaign previews the upcoming debate.

For recent Guides to the Tube, click HERE.

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Minnesota Vikings Punter and Equality Activist Chris Kluwe Wants to Debate Lawmaker About 'Traditional Values'


Minnesota Vikings punter and marriage equality activist Chris Kluwe wants to debate Rep. Mary Franson, R-Alexandria, who opposes same-sex marriage, after she singled him out as an opponent of "traditional values" who was sending money to her opponent Bob Cunniff, City Pages reports:

Franson"Because I am standing on my principles the leftists who oppose marriage between 1 man and 1 woman are now funneling money to my opponent," the post continued. "I need YOUR HELP NOW to counter their attacks."

Franson included embeds of four tweets alongside the message, one of them Kluwe's. Not one to back down from a fight, Kluwe quickly took the offense on his Twitter account.

"Basically, I was pointing out the fact that it is very hypocritical of her to ask for a return to traditional values, when traditional values say she should have been in the kitchen, and not in office," Kluwe told City Pages yesterday. "Traditional values doesn't just mean what you want it to mean. It can also mean some pretty bad stuff."

Kluwe says he's been talking to Minnesotans for Equality -- a group opposing the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage -- about organizing a debate between him and Franson.

Kluwe doesn't think Franson will accept.

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Rupert Everett: Gay Marriage is 'Beyond Tragic', Having Babies is 'Absolutely Hideous'

Rupert Everett clarifies his recent remarks about gay dads to Decca Aitkenhead at the Guardian:

Everett"For me, being gay was about wanting to do the opposite of the straight world, so I think that's where my problems in this particular area come from. For me, personally, the last thing I would like in the entire world would be to go through cocktailing my sperm with my boyfriend and finding some grim couple in Ohio who are gluten-free and who you pay $75,000 to have your baby. To me it feels absolutely hideous. But that's me, just me. I'm not having a go at gay couples who do. I think if Elton and David want to have babies, that's wonderful. I think we should all do what we want. Isn't there a middle way, where you can just say, 'Not for me, but it doesn't matter'? But no, everything's sort of turned into al-Qaida. I'm sure I'm going to be nail-bombed. David Furnish is probably going to send Patrick Cox with a bomb and blow up the theatre."

Everett adds, on marriage:

"Why do queens want to go and get married in churches? Obviously this crusty old pathetic, Anglican church – the most joke-ish church of all jokey churches – of course they don't want to have queens getting married. It's kind of understandable that they don't; they're crusty old calcified freaks. But why do we want to get married in churches? I don't understand that, myself, personally. I loathe heterosexual weddings; I would never go to a wedding in my life. I loathe the flowers, I loathe the fucking wedding dress, the little bridal tiara. It's grotesque. It's just hideous. The wedding cake, the party, the champagne, the inevitable divorce two years later. It's just a waste of time in the heterosexual world, and in the homosexual world I find it personally beyond tragic that we want to ape this institution that is so clearly a disaster."

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Russian Anti-Gay Activists Target PepsiCo for Putting Rainbow on Milk Carton


Anti-gay activists in Russian are going to picket shops that sell a brand of milk produced by PepsiCo's Russian unit, saying it violates laws on "gay propaganda" because it has a rainbow on the label, Reuters reports:

The milk brand is called Vesyoly Molochnik, which translates as Gay Milkman, though in Russian the word vesyoly does not suggest homosexuality. The group said that it was objecting to the rainbow, which it saw as the international symbol for the gay movement.

The group said on Friday that it has asked prosecutors to take action because the packaging violated the law passed in St. Petersburg in February, which makes it illegal to spread "propaganda" that could "damage the health, moral and spiritual development of the underaged". The offence carries a fine of up to 500,000 roubles ($16,100).

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