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    once again, the GOP reinforcing a devastating lie – that being anti-gay makes you magically immune from having LGBT children.

    these ads should end with the parents walking into a kid’s bedroom to find them hanging by their neck in their closet, because that is the reality.

    congrats. you don’t like gay people and hate the idea of them marrying. and your children are hearing this message.

    something i’ve never heard in more than 10 years of LGBT Youth outreach is some kid calling us up on a support line to say “I don’t know how to come out to my parents, they’re really liberal and I don’t know how they’re going to take it.”

    never. happens.

  2. Mary says

    Yes, she’s right. President Obama is forcing gay marriage on us. In fact, I received a letter from him yesterday telling me in no uncertain terms that I can only marry a woman. I keep telling the President that I’m straight, but he won’t budge – only woman-woman marriage. Guess it’s a good think I came to Towleroad and eventually changed my position on marriage equality!


  3. Jesie says

    Wow, just incredible. Listen up GOP. I’m from Oklahoma. Around here we have an insurmountable number of children born out of wedlock, kids that have the worst kind of drug addict meth head parents, kids whose parents believe in such a lop-sided faith that they let their sick children die of horrible diseases because of the evils of ‘modern medicine’ ,etc. My list of Oklahoma atrocities could go on all day, but my point is if you want to start making families whole again, allow us ‘gays’ to get married! There will be no unwanted children or children parented by crackheads! There will be stable relationships! If a bible thumper or republican walked up and said I was lying about being monogamous, I’d spit in his/her eye. That’s the biggest load of horses**t.

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    Looks like the jig is up. The GOP discovered Obama’s super-secret plan to force everyone to get gay married. The next step was to make everyone convert to the Muslim faith and become card carrying Communists. Now that Obama’s plan has been uncovered, he will go back to the planet of the lizard people that he came from and try a different tactic to take over the planet.

  5. Scott says

    I have to say I’ve seen much better from the anti-equality folks. Lousy script, unbelievable lines and really. And really bad acting- not to mention the fact the fact that it’s a lie- typical Repubs.

    If Romney wins- and tho I’ll be voting Obama, I have a bad feeling Romney will- I wanna find one of these gay Repubs and ask them after two years is things are better for them. 10 to 1 they won’t be- Romney’s from a business class that doesn’t actually care about America or US jobs- they’ll make it easier to ship jobs overseas where people are paid sh*t so the companies have higher profits. And to keep the social Repubs happy- who aren’t always on board with financial issues, they’ll throw them bones in the shape of decimated civil rights for gay people and others.
    Theyll reinstate DADT or worse, instead of overturning DOMA, they’ll try to add that to the Constitution, and ENDA will be totally dead.
    Hope these gay Repubs will be happy then. I’m all for being independent, open-minded, and free-thinking- id liketo think I am as much as I can be- but sometimes there just common-sense and stupidity.

  6. StevyD says

    Posted by: Artie_in_Lauderdale | Sep 4, 2012 1:05:53 PM
    “In this ad, parody becomes reality.”

    May I suggest a small edit?
    In the Republican Party, parody becomes reality.

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    @ANON – but the typical republican voter doesn’t understand the economy. that’s why they vote against their own best interests every election by casting a vote for a republican.

    this is NEEDED by the GOP to get votes: “Hey, dontcha just hate gays?”

    YES! screams their base. and thus they vote against the gays and also vote to continue to their own economic decline.

    as i said to a family member in michigan, who votes for “whomever is most against abortion”, “Yes, and that’s why you had to mortgage your house again to pay for cancer treatments”

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    Gee, what’s going on in the husband’s head during that uncomfortable pause? “I better clean the cookies from the computer before my wife discovers the porn sites I’ve been looking at. Could she use my cellphone to find out which parks I’ve been cruising?”

  9. Shelly says

    So, wait, is the US a girl or a boy? And what country is the US being forced to gay-marry? Kenya? Will Rev. Wright be officiating, or the evil mullah-mastermind using this whole gay-marriage schtick as a way to force shariah law onto this country?

    I’m so confused!

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    Obviously the GOP is getting their “actors” from failed drama club family members.

    This is HYSTERICALLY bad and would turn ANY anti-gay voter into a Marriage Equality backer.

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    Religious groups and the GOP have suppressed the rights of the Gay and Lesbian community for FAR too long. It was about time a public official like Obama stood up for this human rights issue while Mitt Romney hides behind Red State Religion and his Magic Mormon Underwear. See Mitt in his sacred undergarments praying for enough money to buy this election so he can spread his bigotry and homophobia at

  12. andrew says

    But Mitt Romney told the people of Mass. that he would be a better friend to gay people than Senator Ted Kennedy, who was the champion of LGBT equality in the Senate. Has Romney also changed his views on this as well as on Choice? LOL LOL

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