1. ratbastard says

    The same. This question should be directed at the tiny ‘elite’ at the top, who’ve managed to consolidate and increase their wealth and power. But overall the economy really hasn’t improved and I see our society becoming dangerously stratified socioeconomically and politically.

    There should never have been ANY bailouts by either Bush or Obama. Those in trouble should have been allowed to collapse and/or declare bankruptcy. It all would have sorted itself out in the end, minus the MASSIVE debt.

  2. kp05 says

    Let’s see, when President Obama took office, the unemployment chart looked like the up-escalator at the local mall. The stock market trend and GDP growth looked like the edge of the Grand Canyon. Sure Mittens, let’s go back to that place.

    Have we rebounded to sub-5 percent unemployment? No. And trust me, we won’t even come close with a CEO for a President. When companies fire people to make more money (not to break even, not to get out of the red, but to make *more*) and we have a President who empathizes 100%, we’ll be lucky to keep it at 8%.

  3. gary says

    @kp05 Well said. I agree completely. Corporations work very hard to drive cost out of the business to increase profits. The biggest cost? Wages and benefits. I fear the good paying jobs lost are lost forever.

  4. The Milkman says

    I’m actually not better off, but that’s because the Republicans have cut my state-employee salary by 9% so that they can give more tax breaks to rich people and corporations. They have also passed legislation that states that I’ll never again get a pay raise that’s more than the cost of living adjustment, and even those won’t be available for the next few years. So yeah, I’m not better off. But it’s not because of Obama, it’s because of Mitt’s party and its behavior in Congress and in state government.

  5. Bart says

    By Romney’s assertion, the 1% should then all be voting for Obama. They are all doing far better.

    And for most gay people, in spite of the evangelically insane and the tea party ignorant, strides have been made in positive directions. I have no intention of having the hate-filled take this country over.

  6. gr8guya says

    After a period of not knowing how to respond to this question, it’s nice to see the Democrats fighting back. And the list could go on: GM was on the verge of bankruptcy; the war in Iraq was dragging on;
    and the economy was in a virtual free fall.

    The canard of the Republicans is that the stimulus billed failed,
    but that’s not true. It saved thousands of jobs at a time when no one else could step in to do anything.

    As far as GM, Romney’s solution was the right choice for a businessman; it was the wrong choice for a President. While there could be a restructuring, it would not have prevented the headline, “GM Goes Bankrupt.” That would have had the same emotional impact that the collapse of Lehman did. That impact – in addition to job losses a long the supply chain – would have sent shock waves throughout the country. And, possibly, created another Great Depression.

    No only are we better off now, we will be better off in the next 4 years.

  7. ratbastard says

    The Democrats are just as much responsible as the Republicans for the mess we’re in. It took decades [really since the ’70s] to get were we are today. At the national level, both main political parties are in bed with each other on the important issues, i.e. the issues that involve $. This is a simple fact. And ‘progressives’ at the top level are likewise in bed with big business/finance because it’s all really about personal power, personal enrichment, insider information. There are sincere [if gullible] people at the lower levels who are genuine, but the leadership of our politics, business,religions, and various ideologies are almost all frauds.

  8. Alexander says

    I’ve been saying for a few years now, Obama is the best president we’ve ever had. Until he does something I seriously hate I’ll stand by that statement. ^_^

  9. BobN says

    The closer we get to the election, the better off Americans are, compared to four years ago.

    If you look exactly four years ago, the crisis had started and was getting worse and worse by the day. By the time November rolls around and I look back, I remember walking around downtown and, whenever I noticed a line on the sidewalk, wondering if the run on the banks had begun.

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