1. Stefan says

    An undecided moderate voting co-worker commented to me last week that he didn’t think gay rights really mattered in thinking about the presidential race or other elected official races–that it shouldn’t be a litmus test and really mattered in the marriage referendum states.

    For anyone still on the fence or still not actively campaigning for or donating to Democrats this year, just remember how many of our rights have been advanced because of the decisions of appointed judges. Elected officials nominate and approve those judges. The President also appoints the Cabinet heads, the solicitor general, and the heads of the many agencies that comprise the executive branch. If you think that those people aren’t a critical determinant of how the LGBT community is treated, think again. As the election draws closer I think we need to re-emphasize as a community that these leaders are not just symbolically and rhetorically important, but also take actions that have a real, day-to-day effect on our lives.