Billionaire Cubs Owner Hopes to Buy Romney, GOP the Election with $12 Million Spend

Another Republican billionaire is about to make his wallet known in the 2012 election, the WSJ reports:

RickettsJoe Ricketts, the founder of what became online brokerage TD Ameritrade Inc., plans to spend $10 million airing ads supporting GOP nominee Mitt Romney and another $2 million to help Republicans running for Congress. The ads will begin airing this week.

The ads stack up as one of the biggest electioneering efforts by an individual in the 2012 election. National cable television spots will feature disaffected Obama supporters talking about why they plan to support Mr. Romney. Other TV ads will run in battlegrounds including Wisconsin, Virginia, Ohio and Iowa—states where Mr. Romney needs to do well.

You may recall that Ricketts made headlines back in May when a proposal to try and smear Obama with Rev. Jeremiah Wright egan receiving attention and was supposedly shot down. We'll see if Wright rears his head in the announced ad campaign.

Politico adds:

Unlike the controversial aborted pitch for a $10-million attack highlighting Rev. Jeremiah Wright, billionaire investor Joe Ricketts’s new super PAC campaign will use themes and players blessed by Mitt Romney and his allies…POLITICO has learned that the team assembled to carry out the campaign overlaps significantly with the one behind the Romney-blessed super PAC Restore Our Future, including election lawyer Charlie Spies, and ad-maker Larry McCarthy.

The other note to be made here is that Ricketts' daughter and co-Cubs owner Laura is a lesbian, a Lambda Legal board member, and the first openly gay owner of a MLB team. Laura Ricketts is an Obama supporter who attended a $35,800-ticket D.C. fundraiser for the President in February.


  1. Bill Lundy says

    Worse still, he is a billionaire who intentionally sells his child’s freedoms and interests down the river in order to elect a candidate that will keep him rich, and likely make him richer if elected (on the backs of the people at whom his ads are aimed).

  2. Strepsi says

    To support the party of hate? And with your own daughter a lesbian?

    Jeez this man seems like a scorched-earth Cheney.

    Hopefully Laura will run for office….

    I bet Thanksgiving dinners are aaaaawkward.

  3. Canadian Observer says

    A humble suggestion: instead of “In God We Trust” how about inserting the line “All The Democracy Money Can Buy”? Oh, and get with the rest of the world and colour code your money.

  4. AJ says

    I cannot believe this is legal. Seriously. Everyone, regardless of what party they are affilliated with, take a step back and look at this. How is this not bribery? HOW is this legal?!!

  5. Mark says

    At this point, I don’t think it will matter. No matter how much advertising they do, they are still marketing damaged goods.

  6. Zee says

    Sickening, if Romney gets in, it’s not because anyone wants him, it’s all his billionaire friends brainwashing voters, lying and buying the election. We can only hope the public is not fooled by the ads, otherwise democracy is dead.

  7. DeeVee says

    I’m not sure what they think all of this money is going to do — I doubt if it will change anyone’s vote. Do they hope to get new people registered and then have them vote their way?

  8. Larry says

    Zee, you’re partially right. If Romney can get elected it’s because of two things: 1) the excessive amount of money being funneled into his campaign, and 2) the irrational racist hatred fueling so many. I honestly believe if anyone else were the Democratic incumbent president they wouldn’t face the vilification that President Obama does, and I really believe it’s because he’s black. It’s a scary world we live in, folks.

  9. oakpope says

    Don’t understand why it is allowed for millionaires to buy an election in USA. Wouldn’t a ceiling on private political funding be logical and democratic ?

  10. Sam says

    Yet you can’t buy the Cubs a World Series Championship? I hope the fans vote with their wallets and not support the Cubs for the crappy team they are from top to bottom.

  11. DVDINORL says

    The only difference in practice between this guy and George Soros, is the side that he is on.

    So if you’re outraged at this behavior, understand it is also happening in the Democrat party.

    Unfortunately, what is going on here is legal, and both parties have been hypocritical in their efforts to stop this political corruption.

  12. DAN says


    “On January 24, 2006, Ameritrade Holding Corporation acquired TD Waterhouse USA from TD Bank Financial Group. Following the acquisition, it renamed itself TD Ameritrade.” – Wikipedia

    Ameritrade is an an Omaha based company that bought TD Waterhouse and renamed the company TD Ameritrade. TD Bank of Canada has a limited percentage of the company. It is majority owned by Americans. So, it really has nothing to do with CANADA!!!

    What was your point about CANADA anyways!!!!??

  13. NY2.0 says

    Like throwing cash into a furnace. No amount of money can save Mitt Romney, he’s damaged goods no matter how you package it!

  14. Graphicjack says

    If he is funneling THAT MUCH MONEY into a political campaign, we can assume that he knows he would save EVEN MORE MONEY in tax cuts from a Romney/Ryan gov’t. that in of itself should make people vote Cor Obama. Who is Romney helping except the 1% Club?

  15. Richard3150 says

    As of today, the Cubs are 58 and 88, playing under .400, and 29-1/2 games out of 1st.

    So much for Ricketts ability to build a winner.

  16. says

    He looks like a slack-jowled fat cat, a stereotype cartoon figure of a 19th century robber baron, and his ethics and politics are similar, too.