1. shane says

    i wanted to dislike him…but i kinda think he’s got a good message, with an ‘eclectic’ delivery style.

  2. TampaZeke says

    Stepping away from meth and steroids would be a more effective and long lasting way to overcome depression.

  3. Bob says

    Anything is better than shock treatments or the drugs the doctors and psychiatrist give people that end up killing them or they snap and get guns and kill people, when you hear about these people who get guns and kill people are on psychiatric drugs or treatment. Anti-gay psychiatrist work with the anti-gay Christians to torture LGBT children and adults to the point they kill themselves, these people are the enemy and need to be put in prison for their crimes against people around the world.

  4. Kucklehead says

    He sounds intelligent, rational & sane in the 2nd video. His method might actually work for some. But the delivery in the first video was way a little scary.

  5. redball says

    1st video: he needs to be committed. that was a hot mess. i just want to see his buns as i’m sure they’re just my type 😉

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, I’m very disappointed. He kept shouting, “shake your balls,” but he never showed his.

    I think he looks sexy. But to spend a night with him you’d have to keep a baseball bat under the bed.

  7. Alberto Del Rio says

    Go to pos. 3:20 where he jumps up and down shouting “SHAKE YOUR BALLS!” I just about had an orgasm at that.

    Oh God, I want his pee-pee real bad.

  8. shine says

    God bless his ingenuity, since Vin Diesel stole his first career idea, at least he came up with a plan B.

  9. Buckie says

    Everything he’s saying int he first video, it’s true, it’s the reality of somatic expression, of self.

    The funny thing about it is, you can tell who’s the most damaged, what he’s talking about, people that suppress themselves and repress themselves, by often just looking at them, the way they move.

    This isn’t crazy, it’s not opinion, there’s a large body of research that supports it, and applying it works.

    Or you can just keep being exactly what he’s describing, stuck. Stuck in your own head, rigid, muted, dulled, twisted, bitter, repressed to your core.

    Go ahead and take drugs and be a loser, after all, that’s what drug companies want from you. They ant you dependent, unable to feel and think for yourself, and to live with the self imposed diminished capacity that you hate so much, but make no effort to do anything about.

    He’s not crazy, he doesn’t need to be drugged. YOU’RE crazy, YOU’RE repressed, YOU’RE drugged.

    Just calling it the way it is, and let me tell you one more thing, it’s not hard to peg you by just watching you. It’s that obvious how damaged you are.

  10. Daniel says

    I was waiting for him to say,”but relatives didn’t KNOW….that they were dealing with a staunch character…”

  11. TheDude says

    Oh, I’ve heard of this; I once saw a therapist that specialized in this stuff, it’s actually pretty amazing.

    Randy: I didn’t see anything even remotely “homophobic” in either vid.

    Daisee : Did you feel better after trying it ? Dug your vid, BTW. Yer so huggable…