1. jason says

    The problem with the music industry is that it is exceptionally homophobic towards male-male sexuality. Even the hint of it is opposed. There are two reasons why this is the case: black culture and female culture.

    Both black culture and female culture block the progress of openly gay and bisexual men in the music industry. Keep in mind that songs by black acts are based on proving one’s masculinity by picking up women. Songs by women are based on making onself alluring to men. Male homosexual acts run totally counter to this paradigm.

    It’s quite astounding and shocking that the music industry – once the domain of progressives – has become one of the least gay-friendly industries around. I think we in the GLBT community dropped the ball and let it happen, frankly.

    How did we let it happen? By subscribing to political correctness. We failed to speak out against a stream of black acts that were becoming popular, particularly homophobic rappers and hip-hoppers. We also failed to speak out against a stream of female acts who used sleazy marketing tricks that appeal to the type of men who hate us – such as Madonna, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Lady Gaga etc.

    Put it this way: just because Madonna said she supported gay rights, it didn’t give her the right to take her clothes off, a paradigm which empowers sleazy straight guys who hate us.

  2. Troy says

    meh, over rated, and a basic yawn; but gawd what a Public Relations stunt team he must have had or was it just some extra money he had laying around and didn’t know what to do with?…

  3. Reppin2 says

    @Jason. Well said. I agree with most of what you say except for performers such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, etc. using sleazy marketing tricks to allure straight men. Straight men do not give a crap about Madonna. These performers do what they do to attract a mostly GAY audience. There actions on stage are for the shock factor and “diva” persona that gay men love.

  4. jason says


    The truth hurts, does it? I don’t resile at all from what I’ve said.

    I maintain that gay male devotion to fake divas like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ke$ha etc have impeded – yes, impeded – the progress of openly gay or bisexual men in the music industry. We gay men were led to believe that we were being empowered by women whose main reason for being in the music industry is actually to make a lot of money at our expense.

    It’s strange and bizarre that many gay men prefer to worship fake female divas – ie women who can’t sing live. We should be clamoring and pushing to have openly gay and bisexual MALE voices heard. We should be DEMANDING that such men get signed to contracts and receive airplay. Worshipping females is simply a waste of our energy and puts us on the track to nowhere.

    Put it this way: we’ve spent 30 years worshipping acts like Madonna etc but, in that time, not one openly gay or bisexual American MALE has had a top 10 hit. Not one. It should be a wake-up call to all you out there.

  5. jason says


    Why would a gay man want to see a woman take her clothes off on a stage? It doesn’t make sense. Besides, taking one’s clothes off isn’t shocking anymore.

    The thing that’s happened is that gay men have been sucked in by the marketing of these female acts. The strategy of these females is thus: claim to be gay-friendly in order to rope in gay men but then take one’s clothes off to get the attention of the sleazy straight guy mindset.

    While I agree that the music of many female acts may not appeal to straight guys, the aim of these women is NOT to make straight guys buy their CD’s but to get attention in the mainstream media which is OWNED by straight guys. Once they’ve gotten this attention, they’ve got their bases covered: gay guys, straight guys, and women who go along with anything gay guys worship.

    Just be aware that it’s a female marketing trick, one which is BLOCKING the progress of gay and bisexual men in the music industry.

  6. jason says


    Black culture and female culture are the two tools that the music industry uses to oppress gay and bisexual men. Black acts and female acts are basically blocking our progress.

  7. Randy says

    Before I listen, would anyone care to tell me WHY I would listen? Are the lyrics of particular interest to LGBT people?

    And Jason, the reason music has failed us is because we’ve been too eager to settle for hetero-normative music, even created by LGBT artists, rather than demanding lyrics that speak to our own existence. That’s evident right here on Towleroad. It has NOTHING to do with (straight) black people or women. I certainly am not likely to criticize any artist who, in their act, promotes and defends my rights.

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