1. Malaysian Ho says

    That is not fighting back. Petitions and signatures had been done before. If you can`t fight with lawsuits, then learn to use semi-autos and stock up on ammunition.

    If you`re gay, you`re out. No need to beg. My dog has more dignity than that.

  2. UFFDA says

    Another sweet gay guy who’s not only overwhelmingly justified in his efforts to be treated properly but a fresh example of the simple decency of most gay people. Love to Greg.

  3. UFFDA says

    Another sweet gay guy who’s not only overwhelmingly justified in his efforts to be treated properly but a fresh example of the simple decency of most gay people. Love to Greg.

  4. Kieran says

    Dear gays, like the Mormon church, the Boy Scouts are just not that into you. There are so many other organizations that will accept gay people as leaders and will allow you to work with and inspire kids who need an adult with moral values in their lives.

  5. UFFDA says

    Go back to Malasia Ho, this is the way we fight in America. We are all quite familiar with how well guns and ammunition work in the Muslim world. Allah…ak ak…ak ak ak. With dignity of course.

  6. edwin says

    “With the scandal about hiding pedophiles in their midst, the BSA and the public probably will not thrill to this effort, and the timing probably could not be worse.”

    That’s exactly what I was thinking.

  7. GregV says

    @Anonand Edwin: I’m with both of you about the bad timing. The uneducated and more homophobic masses are easily confused about sexuality issues. They never seem to notice that it is the anti-gay leaders of organizations/churches with homophobic policies that always end up as the perpetrators in child-abuse scandals. Then they scapegoat and double-down on efforts to get rid of openly-and-honestly gay people who have NOTHING to do with any of it.

  8. Finisterre says

    This is so sad. Another opportunity lost for children to realise that gay people are just people and that homophobia affects real, living individuals.

    Also sad to see racism going unchecked in the comments… “hiw guns work in the Muslim world… Allah ak ak ak”? Really? And this from someone who’d just commented about the ‘decency’ of so many gay men. For shame. We will never win a fight against discrimination unless we fight it in all its forms.

  9. homogenius says

    The clock is ticking for the BSA. They are increasingly isolated and out of step with other major American youth organizations and other Scouting bodies in our Western peer nations who do not discriminate.

    Now that DADT is gone in the US military, the BSA stands alone. Only the unyielding anti-gay positions of their conservative religious sponsoring bodies (most notably mormons and catholics) keeps this outdated discrimination in place.

    Several things can eventually happen–a future SCOTUS decision could overturn Dale (which went against SCOTUS’ own precedent), LGBT supporters in congress can challenge BSA’s congressional charter, or a future President of the USA may decline to become honorary president of the BSA.

    But BSA leadership knows that time is against them–they are just powerless to do anything right now with their conservative religious sponsors squeezing their balls.

  10. JaysonJ says

    What needs to happen is this. Let every troop withhold their support of the BSA. Demand to the head office, that things change. Someone start a new group named Young Scouts of America and take all the children and move them to a new group. Just like the BSA but with a more evolved view of what is right. Let them know that the members of this organization do not agree with the policies.

  11. homogenius says


    The problem is that the BSA’s congressional charter grants them a monopoly on the name “Scouting” for boys in the US and the International Scouting grants them exclusive rights to operate in the USA. Girl Scouts can’t start admitting boys, nor can an inclusive Scouting body from another country open chapters in the US.

  12. Laura says

    I would urge Greg to look into an existing chapter or starting a new chapter of Navigators USA. They are a Scouting organization that does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or religious affiliation (or non affiliation).

  13. Andrew says

    If every gay Boy Scout leader was forced out, their entire program would come to an end. Does anyone think that straight men would dress up in those childish uniforms and go hiking in the woods? “Come on boys, lets look for some wild mushrooms”. No straight guy would be caught dead messing around with all those silly merit badges etc. I remember that as a row house kid growing up in an old industrial town outside Phila, boy scouts were considered nerds or dorks. Just sayin.

  14. Amo says

    The Boy Scouts cannot differentiate between hidden pedophiles and openly gay people. There is a BIG difference. As long as the Boy Scouts (which is NOT a “Mormon” organization. My Lutheran husband spent many years in Boy Scouts.) can’t figure out the difference, the problem will continue.

    Homosexual does not equal pedophile. Pedophiles are pedophiles.

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