Bullied Gay Student Sues Indianapolis Public Schools


Darnell "Dynasty" Young was expelled from his Indianapolis high school in April for brandishing a stun-gun at bullies. Mr. Young, who occasionally wore a purse and women's jewelry, had allegedly been bullied, attacked, and threatened with violence on numerous occasions before the April incident. His fellow students at Arsenal Technical High School, he said, spat on him, attacked him with rocks and bottles, and promised to beat him up. Eventually, concerned for her son's safety, Mr. Young's mother bought him a stun-gun. Now, Mr. Young is suing his school school district for discrimination, restriction of free speech, and negligence.

From NECN.com:

Darnell "Dynasty" Young, 17, and his mother, Chelisa Grimes, filed
their suit Friday in federal court in Indianapolis. It seeks unspecified
damages over a series of alleged bullying incidents that led Young to
fire a stun gun at Arsenal Technical High School in the spring,
reportedly to scare away bullies …

"Rather than take effective measures to protect him, school
staff told him that he was to blame for the [previous incidents of] harassment because of his
appearance and told him to change his dress and behavior to conform to
stereotypical ideas of masculinity and to be less 'flamboyant,'" the
suit says.

Mr. Young's expulsion from the Indianapolis school system was to have lasted until January. Last month the penalty was reduced: Mr. Young will now be able to attend the full school year, though he will not be allowed to return to Arsenal Tech. He's currently enrolled in a charter school.

You can see an interview with Darnell, and his twin brother Darrell, here.


  1. Mike says

    Dynasty is a beautiful person who wants to look beautiful and the anti-gay people, students, teachers and others attack Dynasty by spitting on and throwing rocks and bottles and telling Dynasty to “conform” of they will beat Dynasty up, just because Dynasty wants to look good. The other students should all stand up for Dynasty and wear women’s jewelery and purses. Dynasty has every right to protect himself if the authorities will not protect people like Dynasty and carrying a stun gun is legal. I know I carry a stun gun and sometimes wear women’s jewelery too. Not too many people bother me as they know I can protect my self. There needs to be more talk going on about LGBT people of all color so we can overcome the haters who stir up other people to make trouble for LGBT people young and old. The anti-gay hate group NOM or the National Organization for Marriage who are really a group of anti-gay Christians much like the KKK are using blacks and Hispanics to attack and make trouble for LGBT people. God Bless Dynasty for taking a stand, if only more people took a stand for these gay children instead of bashing and torturing them they might have a good future ahead of them where all God’s children can live together in peace with love and equality and Civil Rights for all.

  2. Why on earth... says

    Why on earth do you keep calling him “Mr. Young” here? This site doesn’t generally use a standard honorific, certainly not after the first reference. Don’t you have a style guide? It seems highly, if implicitly, condescending.

  3. andrew says

    I would suggest that besides lawsuits which are fine after the fact, they should enroll in good MMA or self defense classes. There is nothing that bullies fear more than a would be victim who might be able to hurt them. In case you haven’t noticed bullies want to hurt others without being hurt themselves. Take that security away from them. REFUSE TO BE BULLIED.

  4. jamal49 says

    Good for Dynasty. Every LGBT teen should carry of stun-gun and zap the butts of any bigot until they fry. Good for Dynasty that he is suing the school district. Kudos to his Mom for getting him the stun-gun.

  5. millerbeach says

    Good. I hope you get a settlement that will keep you in the green for the rest of your life. What a bunch of rubes…they deserve to have the pants sued off of them. (no pun intended)

  6. ratbastard says

    Ya know Lil’ Canadian, it’s an interesting thing when observing the black ‘elite’ here [we have a lot more black folks than you guys up min the great white north] that they invariably look, talk, and act ‘white’. When interacting with [for example] young people from good schools [public or private] here, the black kids among them talk/act ‘white’, definitely not ‘ghetto’ or ‘black’ like the black kids I grew up with.

  7. reality says

    I went to Arsenal Technical High School. It is a rough school with some ugly students in it, but it is also an amazing school with wonderful teachers, coaches, directors, and administrators who will mentor and guide you. I’m sorry he didn’t have time to see the good side of this inner-city urban school. It can be tough.

  8. Akira K. says

    Regardless of bullying, you CANNOT BRING A WEAPON TO SCHOOL. There is nothing regarding rights here! If you relent and say yes to this, where’s it going to end? Guns? Knives? Jesus people. You’re not even supposed to bring scissors to school so why in all hells should you be able to bring stun guns?! If it’s allowed in “self-defense” it won’t be long before the aggressors begin bringing them and turn them into weapons for “aggression”. If you wanted to sue, you should’ve sued when the bullying was happening, not because your “precious baby” was caught doing something illegal.

  9. andrew says

    Young men you don’t need a stun gun if you have been trained in MMA classes to defend yourselves. Just bring your fists to school. The bullies will see that they are in danger of being hurt and will retreat.

  10. George says

    As a conservative person, I do not hate gays. I found out 6 months later a recap on CNN that the poor Dynasty was bullied so very bad and I felt emotionally very bad for the poor guy. Bullying and hatred will never be the answer. They create more problems. About the poor kid being gay, let God be the judge. God from Heaven wants to see love, not hatred. I am very proud that Dynasty sued the Indiannapolis Public School. The IPS defended more the bullies than the poor Dynasty. I, truly, hope that Dynasty will win the case. I am with you, my dear friend, Dynasty.