1. Rick says

    Wow, gay men skydiving? Really?

    Wait a minute–please don’t tell me that practically all the 300 members of the club are lesbians (as were all but 3 of the several dozen “out” athletes at the Olympics recently).

  2. Henry Holland says

    Rick, dumb as you are, I’m sure you know how to click links. How about you click the link to their website and check out the photo galleries?

    Seriously cool video! My dad skydived when I was young until my mom threatened divorce after he broke his ankle on a landing, so I’ve been wanting to do it for ages. There’s groups south of here (Los Angeles) in the desert that do skydiving, gotta save up the money to do it.

    Thanks for the video Andy.

  3. Rick says

    Thanks, Henry, I did…. Gay men with actual balls! Impressive.

    I guess the fact that in my many years of backpacking in the wilderness and trekking internationally, I never met a single other gay man jaded me to some extent when it comes to gay men and outdoors activities/adventure sports.

  4. Jim says

    A formation skydive is when a number of skydivers link hands or other grips, and fly joined together in the sky. It requires a high skill level and a significant amount of organization. It was a total blast to be part of!!

  5. Ken/ Chicago says

    As a skydiver myself (3 tandem jumps and 1 static line jump) I can tell you what they are doing is VERY dangerous. My instructor says most skydiving deaths happen from collision in the air when trying to create formations such as this. Awesome formation and very cool video.

  6. DJ says

    Rick, my partner was a US champion formation skydiver when we met 15+ years ago & I’ve done about 70 jumps myself while hanging around drop zones during his competitions. We don’t skydive much anymore but we still travel all over the world doing adventure sports and have backpacked up and down the western US.

  7. Robert says

    I get why skydiving is cool. And I get how it’s dangerous. And I salute any person who has the balls and skill to do this. But honestly, when you talk about a WORLD RECORD for the largest GAY formation…I just SIGH. I wonder…did these people get up in the morning and have a gay cup of coffee, drive their gay cars to a gay airplane and jump out of a gay plane in gay parachutes to set a gay world record? Is it necessary to put a gay modifier in front of absolutely everything?

  8. endo says

    Hahaha, Rick, you are such a fool. Only small-minded individuals like yourself take personal anecdotes and use them to denigrate an entire swath of people.

    And for the record, I am a pretty serious mountain biker. I own a Pivot Mach429 full-suspension bike with a 29-inch wheel set that I ride all over the mountains of Arizona. In all my years mountain biking, do you know how may gay guys I’ve ridden with? Maybe three. All my regular riding buddies are straight. Do I extrapolate that to mean that all gay men are pathetic sissies? Of course not.

    Perhaps consider the reason you’ve never met another gay man while backpacking is because you’re unlikeable.

  9. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    I’m gay and I used to skydive. One of my early instructors was lesbian. I don’t think skydivers really much care about your orientation (or at least no moreso than any other group of adrenaline junkies).

    Side note: dudes look damned good in a parachute harness.

  10. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    In the FWIW department, I have 200+ jumps (which isn’t a lot when you consider how many the really hardcore folks have), was a licensed jumpmaster, and used to get paid to do demo jumps.

  11. says

    Good for them!

    It absolutely IS necessary we let the world know who we are (gay) and what we gays are possible of. The religious wack jobs control all conversations about us. It’s time we actually let people know who is gay and the amazing accomplihsment of gays. I’m thrilled this group of men represented our community in such a thrilling manner

  12. MichaelG says

    It was an honor to be on this and the previous record jump. This one is super special because my partner of over 16 years now jumps, and, joined us on this.

    It is also special as this is the largest all gay formation skydive I know of. This one is 15. My largest this year alone is 100.

    Michael – Also in St. Louis