Cook County Prosecutor Stabbed Defending Couple from Anti-Gay Attack in Chicago’s Lincoln Park


A Cook County prosecutor who has not been identified was sent to the hospital after being stabbed in Chicago's Lincoln Park while defending two men from an anti-gay attack, the Sun-Times reports:

The 32-year-old employee of the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office was walking by himself along the lakefront when he saw two people approach two apparently gay men and verbally assault them, state’s attorney’s office spokeswoman Sally Daly said.

The prosecutor yelled at the men to stop in an attempt to prevent a physical attack, Daly said. The attackers then physically attacked him.

They slashed or stabbed the prosecutor multiple times, including cutting his face, right side and arms, Daly said. Police said the victim was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center with “non-life-threatening injuries.” He remained there Friday afternoon and State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez visited him at the hospital, Daly said.

“He did lose a lot of blood,” Daly said. “He is in pain but thankfully is going to be OK.”

The prosecutor works in the juvenile justice bureau. A police investigation is underway.


  1. Alexander says

    Stories like this both break my heart for what this man had to endure in the hospital but at the same time makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside that a stranger might actually come to my defense in the event that i was about to be attacked.The letter A in LGBTIA should never be an after thought we need our heterosexual allies to create us in the first place by you know giving birth and supporting our equal rights recognition and dignity ^_^

  2. Francis says

    Here are more extensive details of what occurred. The gay couple was being chased after by two Hispanic teenage punks and the prosecutor stepped in and saved them. I’m surprised because Lincoln Park is one of the few places in Chicago where there isn’t much violent crime (let alone hate crimes), but apparently these two teens were roaming around for a while, so they were looking for a problem, probably aren’t even from the area. Hopefully they are caught.

    This man who saved the gay couple is a hero.

  3. Francis says

    Alexander, you’re very right. The silver lining with this story is that it does show that there are straight men and women out there who truly will have our backs. Whether that’s because they’re pro-gay or just because they hate seeing innocent people hurt, but it’s good to see this recent increase in heterosexuals stepping up for us and with us.

    Hopefully the couple that was harassed gives back in some way to the prosecutor who stepped in to help them. Not many people would do so given the circumstances.

  4. snowisfun says

    It’s possible the 2 gays were harassing the men before the 2 men stabbed th homos. It’s bad that the prosecutor was stabbed but it’s possible the 2 gays aren’t the innocent bystanders as the news makes it out to be. Many gays are drug junkies & drugs are gay like METHEW Wayne Shepard. Gay/lesbian groups take the gays side no matter what in alot of cases. In the Stephen Starr case in NC February 2011, Towleroad left out truth about Stephen Starr sexually abusing a 19 year old retarded kid before the retarded kid killed him & Towleroad posters saw nothing wrong with Stephen Starr sexually abusing a 19 year old retard. With this case, it wouldn’t surprise if the 2 gays were harassing the men before the men attacked them such as if the 2 gays were high on drugs but the prosecutor was stabbed after taking the wrong side.

  5. snowisfun says

    Scotsyank, you sure spent time reading this troll which you say to ignore. I’ll tell truth about fact that drugs are gay like Methew Wayne Shepard. I don’t know if the 2 gays here are innocent victims as press made them out to be but it wouldn’t surprise if the 2 homos were harassing the 2 teenagers or if the homos were committing some other crime after which the 2 teens reacted violently but the prosecutor took wrong side and got stabbed. Hopefully proseutor will recover. We know the gay’s side of story which is to be distrusted.

  6. billywingartenson says

    the attackers remind me of the two gay high school girls who were execution style murdered in Corpus christi tx (of all places)

    its time to take the guilty ones and ship them to Putins gulag

    The closest thing to hell without burning them at the stake.

    Some people believe taht there are only 144000 places in heaven (what number base are they using)

    Fortunatley tho its alaways too late, there is no apparent lack of space in hell

    We can thank most of these murders on the evangelicals (maybe a few caths), the same peopel who gave us slavery, the kkk and segregation.

    We shouldnt have had reconstruction in the south – we should have buried all of it. after the civil war

  7. Andrew says

    No one has to tell me to ignore Snowisfun. He is an a$$hole. But, what I want to know is what did the two gay men do when their defender was being attacked. Did they come to his defense or do nothing?

  8. Andrew says

    From what I have been able to google, the two gay men ran from the scene before the police arrived. IF they did nothing to aid this man who put his life on the line for them, it is to their everlasting disgrace. SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Chris says

    Andrew, why are you so focused on the actions of the ther victims, or potential victims? You have no idea what actually happened, or if the victims were even aware of what this man ha done for them, or if they were simply fleeing for their lives, since obviously these assailants were willing to use deadly force. So maybe reserve your outrage for the attackers or wait until you know what happened.

  10. Andrew says

    @Chris: Are you kidding me? ” If the victims were even aware of what this man had done for them”. Weren’t they there on the scene? Didn’t they see their defender being attacked? If they did nothing they are cowards and shameful human beings. The message they send to other would be defenders is: Let the queers fend for themselves. They won’t assist you in defeating their attackers. Don’t you get that????????????????????????????????

  11. Francis says

    Cowards, Andrew? How about a couple running for their lives from two teenage thugs. Especially given where in Chicago this incident happened, they likely rarely have dealt with such blatant homophobia, this happened 7 at night so it’s pretty dark, and they were scared because they were being chased by two guys who, as we now know, had weapons on them. When you’re in such a state of mind, you’re hardly thinking about doing anything but protect yourself.

    Again, the couple needs to seek out this prosecutor and give him their thanks for looking out for them.

  12. Manonymous says

    Everyone is speculating so much about who did what and blah blah… well, let me add to it. Probably happened in a blink of an eye. This guy who got hurt, was just yelling at them to stop, thinking with another person witnessing, it would all stop and the assailants would flee. Doesn’t matter your sexual orientation in this instance, if he yelled at two cowards attacking a straight couple, the same thing would have happened. Take the labels away, and it was all the actions of these losers. Nobody else did anything wrong. I can’t believe I have to write this.

  13. snowisfun says

    With this, we’re only hearing the gays side of story & predictably Towleroad posters take side of gays regardless such as fact Towleroad posters took side of homosexual coward Stephen Starr who molested a 19 year old retarded kid before the kid took his revenge by shooting him dead and then chopping Starr’s body with ax. Gays say nothing wrong with Stephen Starr of NC homolesting a retarded kid.

    With this case, it’s possible the 2 gays were victims of unprovoked attack by 2 gangsters-it’s also possible the 2 gays were harassing these 2 teenagers who reacted violently but the prosecutor intervened and unfortunately got stabbed. If these 2 gays were harassing underage boys then no sympathy for the 2 gays. Many gays have antisocial personalites as homosexual behavior is comparable to drug junkyism and drugs are gay. That is truth just as it’s truth Black lesbian Pam Spaulding farts & shits. Pam Spaulding is also a Black crack drug junky. DRUG ARE GAY.

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