1. Troy says

    you could almost read Ellen’s mind: Ugh, I gotta sit through this wacko’s interview, who’s the producer that set me up on this one!? And why is he got his feet on my damn table!

  2. UFFDA says

    He was a little slow on the uptake…needs some coffee…but he’s our friend (by default?) and a damn good film maker…still. Always a pro. And doing something rather ridiculous on stage this summer doesn’t really change that.

  3. says

    Aww, Clint. Why did you tell Ellen this? And her audience? You were just at the RNC. THAT would have been the time to say “Hi, I’m old and white an rich like most of you people, but you know what? Unlike most of you I don’t hate gay people. So how about we all stop wasting time discriminating against them?”

    But no. Instead he conducted an interview with an empty chair as his bid to become the next charleton heston.

    so, yay?

    dont’ tell US you support marriage equality. tell your fellow republicans, you senile old fart.

  4. AriesMatt says

    Well, I am happy to see this interview clip. I’m a huge fan of his and it’s nice to know he supports (or is not against) marriage equality and gay people in general. He comes from a very different generation and should be commended for clarifying his point of view on GLBT Americans.

  5. MCnNYC says

    Pander to the ladies.
    Still an ass.
    And GOD his movies have been awful to sit though.
    But hey he’s got a “film” to promote ad the Hollywood Brass need him to
    fix the mess he made in his pants onstage in Tampa.
    Still stinks.

  6. Andrew says

    He is just an old rich guy who doesn’t want to make any sacrifices for the common good. He is appearing on some soft interview shows to try to cover up the fact that he made a total fool of himself on national TV.

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