1. jason says

    Frank Ocean is now promoting himself as hetero by incorporating female strippers in his videos. Yawn, yawn, yawn – what a let down. I’m not surprised, really. I think his supposed bisexuality was a marketing stunt that sucked us right in.

    Why is it that we keep getting sucked in by the music industry and its manipulations of us? All these “bisexual” female performers whom we supposedly “ADORE” weren’t really helping our causes. They were propping up the sleazy straight guy fantasy – in other words, appealing to the type of men who hate us. Yet there we were worshipping at their female feet and filling up their bank accounts.

    Now we’ve got Frank effin Ocean with his strictly heterosexual image as administered by his record company. Thumbs down to him and all he represents.

  2. Kim says

    This song about strippers was on his mixtape released way before Channel Orange.Frank never said he was Gay the media did.Lil Wayne just dissed him on ,most of the recent comments on youtube are antigay.He is getting more hate than love so how is this helping him.He took a risk in putting that letter out.To the haters you were never fans so whatever.Stay strong Frankie

  3. says

    I’m so glad to read others who say they applaud the guy for coming out but they still don’t ‘get his music’.

    I don’t either. SNL was the first time I saw him perform and I was disappointed and perplexed. I didn’t know what to expect but I certainly didn’t expect what he gave us. Had the guy walked out and knocked me over with a great ballad and a beautiful voice I’d be much more supportive.

  4. Dan Cobb says

    Jsaon, didn’t this guy come out as gay?!
    And he’s playing a ROLE in that video. It’s not family movies for Pete’s sake!
    Just like when Robin Williams plays gay, it’s not a “marketing stunt”… it’s the ROLE he’s PLAYING. That’s what entertainers do. Boy, bud, you’ve got a lot to learn about the world around you.

  5. GregV says

    @Dan Cobb: No, he didn’t come out as gay (or as bisexual or as heterosexual).
    As another commenter (@TomBardwell) mentioned above, after Frank Ocean mentioned that he had on one occasion had feelings for a man, various blogs and articles pretty much put words in his mouth that he never did say.
    I agree with you though, that a music video tells a story and it is not necessarily a non-fiction account of the singer’s life. Jason probably also believes Lady Gaga really was born hatched from an egg.

  6. Caliban says

    Add me to the list of those who don’t “get” Frank Ocean. I tried, I really did. I downloaded a few songs but every time they come up in the shuffle I usually skip to something else within a minute or two. I like his lyrics but his voice and arrangements don’t do much for me. I haven’t deleted them yet but probably will at some point.

    It’s true that Frank Ocean didn’t come out as gay or bi, but it’s also not quite accurate that he just said he had feelings for a man one time. Reviewers who got advance copies of Channel Orange noticed that some of Ocean’s songs used male pronouns instead of the expected female ones. He was singing about being attracted to men so they started asking questions.

    In response Frank Ocean released part of the liner notes that spoke of falling in love with a man, which wasn’t reciprocated. Part of what he said was that he THOUGHT he knew what love was from his relationships with women before that but his love for that man taught him what love really is. That certainly implies it was more than a “man-crush.”

    Plus you have to wonder whether a singer wanting to succeed in the notoriously homophobic hip-hop genre would “out” himself over a one-time anomalous event. I seriously doubt it, though only Frank Ocean can clarify that. It’s also worth noting that neither he nor his publicists have come forward to say, “No, no, that’s not what I meant” in the wake of headlines saying he’d come out as gay.

  7. Kim says

    Frank fell in love with a man he talks about that man in Bad Religion and Forest Gump.He may be Gay or he may be bisexual.To most people on gossip sites esp hiphop sites being bi is just as bad as being gay when it comes to or in the case of being a bisexual male.If he ever announces that he is bi he will still get the anti gay slurs from some people.BTW I enjoyed his performance very subdued and poignant like the Fallon performance


    I like the album version of this song better. So, I guess Elton John should no longer sing about Nikita and all gay actors should just play gay roles? Come on guys, some of you are so quick to judge. Btw, I am purely gay and love going to female strip clubs, something about the energy inside the club I find very entertaining. The song is about a strip club called Pyramids.

  9. Randy says

    I don’t get his music either. It’s just not particularly good.

    But I also don’t come to a gay blog to see music videos devoid of gay content, when so may deserving LGBT artists get ignored.

    We talk a lot about pride, but really, where is it?

  10. mikatune says

    I think he is super talented. I just wish guys wouldn’t call themselves bisexual. Bisexual women exist but bisexual men do not. Every guy I have met who first labeled himself bisexual does so cuz he’s afraid to come out as 100% gay. Women have fluid sexuality. Guys as a rule do not (and gay for pay doesn’t count as bi).

  11. DeeperStill says

    @Mikatune. Most moronic comment I’ve rad in a long, long time. You really think it’s easier for people to accept if a guy says he’s bi, and not 100% gay? I can tell you it’s not, in fact it’s the opposite. Partly because of ignorants like you.

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