Gay Republicans Deride Barney Frank’s ‘Uncle Tom’ Double-Down

Here's the gay Republican response to Barney Frank's statement yesterday doubling down on his "Uncle Tom" remarks.

CooperLog Cabin Republican executive director R Clarke Cooper responded:

"Congressman Frank, of all people, should understand the importance of perseverance when working within a party to achieve change – after all, it was not so long ago his party was indifferent at best when it came to respecting gay families. Leaders committed to LGBT equality know that every victory our community has achieved has required bipartisan advocacy and bipartisan votes, and winning support from Republicans will only be more important in the days ahead. Come January, Republicans will maintain a majority in the House and likely secure a majority in the Senate. Without Log Cabin Republicans working with fellow conservatives, LGBT Americans would be left without a credible voice within the GOP. Barney Frank's denial of Log Cabin Republicans success, particularly on 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' repeal and the freedom to marry in New York, is sad but unsurprising. It is time for him to pass on the baton to leaders better suited to a world where equality is not a partisan issue."

GOProud executive director Jimmy LaSalvia:

"I don't give two shits what that asshole thinks about GOProud. We don't represent him. We represent gay conservatives and our allies. I'll just be glad to see him out of office because his policies have hurt our country. [Frank is an ] embarrassment to the gay community."


  1. dbaudit says

    Once again GOProud does its self proud (pun intended). Jimmie LaSalvia follows the wingnut meme. When you can’t add something intelligent or persuasive to a conversation, launch a personal attack. When these fools realize they don’t represent true conservative members of our community any more than the teanuts represent the Republican majority, then maybe they’ll accept what pathetic, self hating people they are.

  2. Diogenes Arktos says

    “Without Log Cabin Republicans working with fellow conservatives, LGBT Americans would be left without a credible voice within the GOP.”

    If they are really a credible voice within the GOP, why are they NOT on the homepage with the Coalition Support groups of Blacks, Hispanics, and Women? (Of course, neither is GOProud.)

    I do, however, believe that they should keep working in that extremely homophobic environment. Just as long as they vote Democratic.

  3. Name: says

    It wasn’t too long ago that Frank was on TV saying it wasn’t the right time for gay marriage in Massachusetts, or too long ago he went running inside the Fairmont Copley Hotel when he went out for a cigarette and saw a lesbian parade coming by, or too long ago he had prostitutes working out of his home, or too long when he use to come into my friends barbershop with his six pack (of beer) at 9AM to wait to get a hair cut. He never represented me as a gay leader. He is not a leader but a complete failure.

  4. walter says

    how come the repuks used a homophobic bigot to write the plank on gays.LCR may have worked on
    repeal of DADT but it democratic votes with very few repuks help and their arms had to be twisted. if you wallet means more to you than your human rights by all means vote for the party of exclusion, but always remember they still hate you. witness how many anti gays speakers and who romney is courting.

  5. Caliban says

    What Cooper says is true about the long game of changing a political party from within. However, that all falls apart the moment you ENDORSE a POS candidate like Mitt Romney who is opposed to any and all of your rights. At that moment you become a quisling, a kapo, siding with the enemy against yourself!

    And GOProud is as usual just delusional and idiotic.

  6. Michael says

    Wait a minute… Gay conservatives have allies? Other gays? Other conservatives? Who in the f#ck does Jimmy think he’s fooling?

  7. Jonathan says

    Which demonstrates why Log Cabin Republicans may just not be the Uncle Toms that Frank is deriding and GOProup absolutely is.

    However, once we dismiss GOProud from the conservation and send them back to the kiddie table where they belong, both Frank and LCRs have very important points. You cannot work toward the election of universally anti-LGBT candidates and claim to be making decisions as an LGBT organization. You are a Republican/conservative organization made up of gay people dismayed at your party/movement’s despite of you.

    Yet, the march of time is the march of time, and there will be a time that the Republican core will shift in attitude and policy, and it’s important to have people there to shepherd that transition who have credibility both within the party and as LGBT individuals. That’s what made the DADT lawsuits so important to the LCR and the future of their existence within the party.

    But, again, as long as they’re actively working to elect a virulently anti-LGBT slate of candidates, they are not functioning as an LGBT entity.

  8. kp05 says

    It makes me squeal in delight to watch these self-loving, community-loathing queens get into more hissy fits over gay Democrats than actual policy. They are IRRELEVANT when it comes to Republican politics because the only time they write up a press release it’s something anti-Dan Savage or anti-Obama for supporting gay marriage.

  9. kp05 says

    “Leaders committed to LGBT equality know that every victory our community has achieved has required bipartisan advocacy and bipartisan votes…”

    Yes, 99 Democrats and one socially moderate Republican.


  10. Fenrox says

    @Name, People change, I’m sure if you asked Barney about his stance he would admit his wrong statement. You don’t have to be a pure person to do good.

  11. says

    exactly. they don’t represent LGBT people. they represent gay republicans, and by that they mean they slander “liberals” in order to be barely-tolerated by the conservatives they’re still desperately begging to be accepted by. and it’s not happened.

    they should be less angry at the “uncle toms” comment and more angry at the FACT that the GOP is, once again, running on a campaign of anti-gay bigotry and prejudice.

    but, uh, that would require them to be honest and live in the real world. gay republicans can’t do that.

    they’d have a point were they actually working to build bridges and show republicans that LGBT Equality poses no threat to american conservatives. alas, they don’t have the spines to actually do that.

    yeah. you’re uncle toms.

  12. says

    The LCR’s, after decades of trying, have no clout within the Republican party. They’ve failed, and they continue to be dishonest about their failure and the failure of the mainstream Republican party–with anti-gay Romney/Ryan topping the ticket–to move one inch forward on gay rights. If anything, their beloved party keeps digging in its heels even as the culture leaves them and the LCR’s and GOProud behind.

    The small inroads with individual pro-gay Republicans (who deserve credit for bucking their party platform) have been mostly the result of non-partisan lobbying and of out family members. More often than not Republicans who see the light see it because someone they love is gay and out.

    As long as the LCR’s see their fellow Repub’s through their delusional rose-colored glasses they will remain all but useless.

  13. ChristopherM says

    Cooper is delusional. What he says would make sense if there were any sense in the national party it has a snowballs chance in hades of working. Clearly it doesn’t and in fact they are making things more extreme. LaSalvia, meanwhile, is like school in the summer: no class.

  14. says

    Of course the main reason Barney Frank is hated by the Republicans is because he is gay and outspoken. If he was straight and outspoken he wouldn’t get the degree of hatred that Rep. Frank has faced.

  15. says

    here’s the thing – as an unabashed liberal, i don’t know any non-LGBT liberals who oppose equality for LGBT people. i have no straight male friends that are in any way nervous around me, uncomfortable around me, or think i’m a lesser being.

    gay republicans, it seems abundantly clear, have no such stories. despite being Gay Republicans, they’ve yet to convince their own chosen allies and “friends” that they’re human beings of worth.

    every anti-gay politician claims to have “gay friends” – it’s these gay republicans they’re talking about.

    thus, gay republicans are the reason the GOP refuses to embrace LGBT Equality – all the gay people they’re exposed to make it clear they’re not deserving of it

    we gay liberals don’t have that problem.

    at some point you’ve gotta listen to Dr. Phil – “How’s that working for ya so far?”

    there’s a reason we gay liberals keep doing what we do – we’re living proof that “our way” actually works.

    it’s amazing the respect you will command when you finally show people that you have a spine.

  16. Cecilfirefox says

    Log Cabin and GO’proud’= fail political groups with no success, no influence, and logical rationale for supporting individuals who oppose them on EVERY issue they support(or, in the case of GOproud, ‘claim’ to support).

    Gay Republicans are secondhanders, leeches who profit off the activist work that other gays have accomplished, and have almost entirely been put into place by Democrats. I reject them in the community. They are not a part of us, they don’t represent me, they represent their own interests over the immediate interests of their own community.

    Get off the float, dickwads, you don’t get to be in the godsdamned parade.

  17. PAUL B. says

    I think it’s impossible to really understand the gay republican…in today’s rep. party.
    There’s some deep disconnect going on, probably motivated by $$$$ but who knows for sure. I would love to know how many members goproud and lcr have. Are we talking any real numbers or just a few rich ones? I don’t have a single gay republican friend…straight republicans that I tolerate…yes…but gay republicans? My husband & I are both 60, lived in S.F. for many years and have long time gay friends…none of them republican. Where are these freaks?

  18. says

    Paul B. more and more i’m thinking it’s guys who will be denied inheritance if they become Democrats.

    political identity is MASSIVE in the USA. you’re born into a GOP family or a Dem family, mainly. the identity politics, for some astonishing reason, are more important than the actual policy of the party.

    liberal minded folks tend to have very specific and backed-up criticisms of GOP policies.

    conservative minded folks tend to dislike democrats “because they’re democrats”. it’s puzzling.

  19. PAUL B. says

    @Kiwi…you’re so right on this. Yesterday I was talking to a client…woman, straight, married, Nevada. I really like her. But out of nowhere politics came up…never happened before yesterday. She hates Obama…he’s not christian, hates america, ruined the US…all these are quotes. Reasons? NONE. I couldn’t even ask, just listened….and wondered how she & I ended up on the same planet and in a business transaction together. Is that identity politics? Help me understand how some people can be so hateful and not even know why…or be able to back up their hate with real facts.

  20. says

    Paul B, i have family like that in Michigan. They hate Obama because “he’s a Socialist” (ugh, i WISH he was….) and “he’s a democrat”

    when pressed as to what policies of his they take such issue with? SILENCE.

    they loved bush. they love palin. when asked which policies of theirs inspire such love? AGAIN – SILENCE.

    it’s identity politics. nothing to do with policy. and that’s pathetic.

    it’s not quite the same in Canada – my entire family has voted for various parties over the years, it’s all about the specifics of policy in that election year. we tend not to get this “born into an NDP family” sort of thing up north. it varies. and it SHOULD.

    but gay republicans? trust fund kids who don’t wanna be left outta that will, it seems.

    i literally know people who have said it was harder to come out as LIBERAL than to come out as GAY.

  21. PAUL B. says

    Well Kiwi…I must admit I love $$$$$ too. I wish I had more of it…lots. My curse!
    BUT…I won’t sell my soul for it…end of story.

  22. epic says

    @little kiwi…they certainly do identify with the other racists they identify with, because essentially that is the conservative position on Obama and his policies…the spout nonsensical sound bites that have no basis is reality and reason…they are just racists, ignorant and holding the country back from progress…as for the topic of the LCR and GoProud why are we even talking about them…if the left would just ignore their idiocy like the right does their fate would be sealed. As I see it the republican party wants nothing to do with them, why do we keep adding fuel to their fire. how about we just stop paying attention the the preschoolers kicking and screaming in the dirt.

  23. Fahd says

    The “uncle Tom” analogy is apt. Perhaps Nancy Pelosi said it more politely when she said gay republicans had sacrificed their dignity for their pocketbooks. Same thing.

  24. Bernie says

    uhhhhhh, where is that “voice”?????? I don’t see it nor did I see it at the Republican convention in Tampa…, where is it? Mitt Romney states marriage is between one man and one woman; Ann Romney states that she won’t answer about gay marriage because it is a hot button topic; Paul Ryan states the USA is based on god and nature; not the law or constitution; so where is this voice? please enlighten me

  25. Socal says

    The Logs and GoProud are a threat to gay equality. How about some old-fashioned shunning? Do these two groups march in the Nationwide Pride parades? Why?

  26. scott says

    Look at the difference in responses- one totally crass and disrespectful, the other, forcefully dissenting yet calm and reasonable.

    Behold the two types of gay Republicans. At least R Clark Cooper serves his country as an openly gay man in the military- I fail to see how Jimmy LaSilvia and Chris Barron have ANYTHING in common with most gay people- people who need rights, and especially, middle- to lower income gay people. Log Cabin Republicans might have helped some, but GOProuders have stood AGAINST marriage equality, workplace protections, etc.

    God knows why they bother being out…. oh, yeah, cuz their entire membership is comprised of paid hacks for the RNC to trot out to independents and moderates to say, “See we’re diverse, we have gay friends.” Please.

  27. MaddM@@ says

    You know the really sad thing is that gay repubs do have a legitimate angle, however they never work it- that angle being they need to get the “religious right” the hell out of politics!

    Ever since the american taliban started gaining republican influence the whole concept of the republican party being about greater liberty and smaller government went out the door. Modern republicans are about economic freedom but “smaller government” is not the goal of a party that regularly seeks to dictate what citizens can and cannot do regarding reproductive rights and queer issues, period.

    Perhaps they are working within the party to elicit change, but it isn’t working and in fact things are getting worse. I guess it’s possible that if LCR and GOProud didn’t exist they’d already have the designs drawn up for our gas chambers… but that’s not exactly something to get super excited about IMO

  28. says

    I love R. Clarke and Jimmy, two of my favorite people. As you can all see, each man has a delivery style which complements the other.

    Mr. Frank said, “The problem is that it is of no use to us,” referring to a victory by gay Republican congressional candidate Richard Tisei.

    He thus unwittingly revealed nearly the entire white Liberal project: For them, people are only useful if they help further the goals of the Left.